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Zorc and Pals is a "show within a show" in the parody series Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged. It is regularly used as a joke of Bakura, and small bits of the show have appeared both in the main series, the first Christmas Special and on the first Abridged Movie. As part of LittleKuriboh's 2008 April Fool's Day Joke, he created a full episode as proof that he was canceling the YGOTAS and engaging a the series.

Zorc and Pals is a parody of sitcoms about odd pairings. It stars Yami Bakura and Zorc. The show mainly deals with Zorc's efforts to destroy the world, often adding common plot devices from television shows (visiting mother, late for dinner, adopted daughter, etc.) and a laughter track. The characters also make quotes of famous sitcoms like I Love Lucy ("You got some explainin' to do") and Diff'rent Srokes ("Whatchu talkin' about?").

The show was first mentioned in Episode 9 of YGOTAS, "Juegos de Tarjeta". Bakura envisioned the show as a replacement of Yu-Gi-Oh! once he destroyed Yugi/Yami, complete with a theme song. Yami's response was that it would be canceled immediately. Zorc and Pals continued to be referenced as a running gag in the franchise. Mokuba is seen watching the "Zorc and Pals Christmas Special"in YGOTAS's own Christmas Special. Also, a commercial for a "Very Special Episode" of Zorc and Pals was shown on Episode 17, "We Interrupt This Broadcast". In Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Movie, Yugi mentions that Bakura was filming the "Zorc and Pals Movie", where Zorc finally destroyed the world... then went to Disney World... so that he could destroy it.

Fans of the series have expressed a desire to see a spin-off incarnation of Zorc and Pals, but despite requests and fan-driven projects, nothing concrete has happened. The closest fans have been from a full series was the episode made by LittleKuriboh for April Fool's Day. It is the only show with a title ("The One With the Confusing Circumstances"), a parody of the titling style of Friends episodes. In it, Zorc has to deal with a visit from his mother, and forces Bakura to pretend Zorc is a lawyer (and that they're married). After the farse falls through, Marik appears on the scene ("With science!") to reveal he is the real wife of Zorc. The episode ends in a cliffhanger.

However, Episode 37 shows what was supposedly the final episode: Bakura tells Zork he's leaving him. Zork takes out his anger on the studio audience and destroys them just like he destroyed the world. Bakura says how they "are so cancelled".