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Zoids Zero Abridged is the name of Truthordeal's abridged series based off of the Zoids New Century Zero anime.

ZTAS was the first(and thus far, only) Zoids-based abridged series to make it past two episodes, with several attempts at Zoids Zero and at least one at Zoids: Chaotic Century/Guardian Force.

After a record breaking seven suspensions due to copyright by Shogakukan Productions, it is now hosted on AManDestinedToBeKingand the ZTAS Myspace Page

Zoids Zero Abridged














October 4th, 2008-Present







The series began in October 2008, while Truthordeal was waiting on lines for Samurai X: The Abridged Motion Picture. The series is still running with quasi-regular updating, usually 1-2 months between each new episode. The next one is scheduled for release somewhere around mid to late February.


Zoids Zero Abridged is written and edited by Truthordeal using Windows Movie Maker for episodes 1-7 and Corel Video Studio for episodes 8-16. The voices are mainly done by Truthordeal, but he does rely on a regular cast to help with the voice acting. As of episode 16, SilverZeke56 has been assisting in the audio mixing portion. He uses Sony Vegas Pro.


Regular Cast[]

z55177 as Naomi Fluegal

Meeper454 as Major Polta, Sigma Stoeller, Pierce, Henchman #24(episode 16)

EvileSeedNaruto as Harry Champ(episode 5 onward).

ZoidsBN as Oscar Hemeros, The Count and Vega Obscura.

Ponoccakay as Chris and Kelly Tasker.

SilverZeke56 as Ned McNair(episodes 17 onward)


SilverZeke56 as Himself, Sam Speed, and Henchman #21(episode 16)

HokageTitan as The Joker.


Episodes 1-12 used "Ladies and Gentlemen" by Saliva.

Episodes 14 on use "Setsunasa Yori mo Toku e" by Siam Shade.

Common Jokes[]

There are several jokes that Truthordeal has used that he later abandoned.

Abandoned Gags[]

  1. DragonForce-Every battle can be won with the power of DragonForce. However, after WMG started posting claims, Truthordeal dropped the joke.
  2. Crazy Cards-The battle with the Elephander in episode 6 was won by Brad using a Crazy Card. Its a concept borrowed from Toonlord of One Piece Abridged. Never to be used again.                                

Recurring Gags[]

  1. "Deck you in ze eye"- Due to a mispronunciation/mishearing, Omari's line in episode four, which reads "I'm going to deck you in ze eye," came out sounding like "dick you in ze eye." Truthordeal did not correct this.
  2. LeonxLiger-Leon Toros is raped by the Liger Zero in episode two, leading two of the cast members to create several pieces of fan art depicting a LeonXLigerZero relationship.

Episode Guide[]

Season One[]

  • Episode 1: Der Pilot

Bit Cloud joins the Blitz Team after an accident involving his truck and Leon Toros' Shield Liger. Hilarity ensues.

  • Episode 2: The Ballad of Leon Toros

"Stuff" happens to Leon, causing him to quit the team. Hilarity also ensues, however, you won't like yourself afterwards. First appearance of z55177 as Naomi Fluegal.

  • Episode 3: When Bit Met Harry

After a verbal thrashing by Bit to Leena, Leena's stalker Harry Champ appears out of nowhere and challenges Bit for Leena's heart. Bit is not very enthused.

  • Episode IV: The Backdraft Strikes Back

Star Wars jokes abound as Major Polta of the Backdraft Group finally moves the plot along and we get a glimpse of the series villains. First appearance of Meeper454 as Major Polta.

  • Episode 5: Jumpin' Jack Flash(it's a Gas Gas Gas!)

Harry Champ returns with some help: A powerful mercenary named Jack Sisco. In his battle with the Blitz Team, a shocking secret about Jack is revealed. First appearance of EvileSeedNaruto1 as Harry Champ.

  • Episode 6: Harrumph!

In a test run for their newest Zoid, the Elephander, the Backdraft Group destroys Leena's DiBison. In the ensuing battle, Captain Sigma Stoeller and his apprentice Colonel Sanders face off against Bit, Brad and Jaime in an epic confrontation! First appearance of Meeper454 as Sigma Stoeller.

  • Episode 7: Mary Champ and the Holy Grail

Harry's sister, Mary, is here to visit, and does not approve of her brother's choice in women. So they battle, and everything is solved in 8 minutes.

  • Episode 8: Ikuzo! Muteki no Tora Chiimu! O mi Nasai!

After a brush with Jesus, the Tigers Team converts to Christianity and goes off to defeat his enemies. Needless to say, hilarity ensues. PROTIP: It's not really Jesus!

  • Episode 9: Valentine's Day on the Champ Base.

Benjamin gets dumped by his boyfriend on Valentine's Day. Hilarity ensues.

  • Episode 10: Zero is Stolen! And That's About It!

The Liger Zero gets stolen. Then Bit gets killed, maybe.

  • Episode 11: Let's Get On with the Show(down)!

The showdown has arrived! Sigma Stoeller versus Bit Cloud round two! Place your bets!

  • Episode 12: Top Star Eagle 64

In this episode, Jaime isn't shot down at the beginning of the battle. First appearance by ZoidsBN as Oscar Hemeros.

Season Two[]

  • Episode 13: Haunting of the Psycho Omen Chainsaw Massacre on Elm Street

In what appears to be a ripoff of a generic horror movie plot, Leena is haunted by a maniacal Chainsaw wielding demon. Bwuahahahahahahaha!

  • Episode 14: La'homme Qui a Aime en Vain Part Un + Deux

Layon reappears after a long absence and wastes no time being creepy. The roots of his dark past are revealed.

  • Episode 15: The Jack Sisco One. About Damn Time!

Jack Sisco returns after his previous defeat with two new cohorts in tow, Chris and Kelly Tasker! First appearance by Ponoccakay as Chris and Kelly Tasker.

  • Episode 16: The Definition of Insanity

Leon returns in a blaze of glory as he helps Naomi Fluegal defeat the Backdraft Group led by Major Polta with his new red Blade Liger. Afterwards he seeks to gain redemption against his greatest foe, through none other than a competitive mech battle. Fun!

  • Episode 17: She Who Pierces the Heavens

All lame puns aside, after suspending Altail, the infamous leader of the Backdraft Group, known only as The Count, finds a replacement in Dr. Layon. The doctor's plans seem to go awry as his obsession with the Blitz Team gets the best of him, leading to the defection of the ace pilot, Pierce.

  • Episode 18: Stoeller's Last Stand

In one final attempt at redemption, Captain Sigma Stoeller targets Bit Cloud with his new highly modified Elephander. Unbeknownst to Stoeller, Bit Cloud has an ace up his sleeve with the heavy powered Zero Panzer unit. The two Zoid face off in one final epic clash to determine...something or the other. Punch was served afterwards.

  • Episode 19: Farewell to the Strongest Man!

Brad leaves over a dispute between Coke and Pepsi.

  • Episode 20: The Treacherous Battle!

Brad returns once he realizes the terrible cost of his defection.


  • Season One Clip Show, Hosted by Bit and Brad

A harsh cop out. That's it.

  • Zoids Guardian Force Abridged One Shot

An entry to hbi2k's speed abridging contest. It was rejected as an entry for not following the "G" rule. A one-shot parody of episode 8 of Zoids: Guardian Force. It was edited by z55177.

  • Zoids Zero Abridged One Year Anniversary

A special video to commemorate the one year anniversary of episode one's uploading. It features the voice acting talents of every regular cast member, plus a cameo by SilverZeke56 as Sam Speed and HokageTitan as The Joker. It was edited by SilverZeke56.


The Blitz Team[]

  • Bit Cloud is an 18 year old(*) blond rookie Zoid Pilot, who is forced to join the Blitz Team after crashing into Leon's Shield Liger. His idiocy sometimes helps his teammates to victory, however recently he has become increasingly savvy, to the point where Brad actually comments on him gaining his respect(he soon after retracts this). He pilots a Liger Zero.
  • Brad Hunter is a 21 year old veteran Zoid Pilot. His origins are unknown, but does mention that he hit rock bottom before joining the Blitz Team. His "asshatery" is a point of personal pride for him. He pilots a blue command wolf.
  • Leena Toros is the main female protagonist of the series. She is a typical 16 year old tsundere, minus the dere. She is more or less the verbal punching bag of Brad, who often wins their verbal confrontations. She pilots a Dibison, then later a Gunsniper, the idea of which she definitely did not steal from Naomi.
  • Jaime Hemeros is the teams 14 year old strategist and aerial specialist. He gets defeated in EVERY. BATTLE. HE'S. IN! He pilots a Pteras, and later a Raynos.
    • Jaime has an alter ego that appears as he's dive bombing. His alter ego is the only one to defeat Brad in an insult battle, by referring to him as a Turkey Bitch, then succeeded in defeating Pierce in an aerial battle.
  • Steve "Doc" Toros is the team's 38 year old manager. He is the father of Leena and Leon and an avid Zoid paraphernalia collector. He pilots nothing, because he's too old. His main function is instructing the team on the battlefield. How well this works, who knows?
  • (*)Ages are estimates made by Truthordeal, except for Doc, Jaime and Leena.

The Tigers Team[]

  • Kirkland (nicknamed "Frenchy" by Bit) is the team's French leader. He hates Americans.
  • Omari (nicknamed "Deutschbag" by Bit) is the team's German resident. He is slightly less hostile towards Americans, but has shown some anti-Semetic tendencies.
  • Lineback (nicknamed "Turtlehead" by Bit) is the team's third pilot, revealed to be Turkish. He is very irresponsible when it comes to fire.

The Champ Team[]

  • Harry Champ is the first son of a wealthy family. He tends to spend most of his allowance on stupid stuff for Zoids, and has a rather impressive collection of Zoids. He has feelings for Leena, which she does not reciprocate. Voiced by EvileSeedNaruto1.
  • Benjamin is the tallest of Harry's gay robot companions. He had a relationship with one of the Judge robots, until he was dumped on Valentine's Day.
  • Sebastian is the shortest of Harry's gay robot companions. He wishes he was a terminator bot.

The Backdraft Organization[]

  • Major Polta is a mask-wearing pilot for the Backdraft Group. He was the first to appear, making a great first impression by killing off one of the Judge robots and commandeering the episode from that point onward. Voiced by Meeper454.
  • Altail is the CEO of the Backdraft Organization, and the second to appear. He is not a pilot and has mainly served as the boss of his underlings. Not one of his plans have yet to succeed.
  • Sigma Stoeller is a former Captain in the Backdraft Group. He has a grudge against Bit Cloud for making fun of him for being old and later tricking him in order to escape. He left the Backdraft Group after Altail threatened to cut off his pension and began working at Sanders Car Dealership, a job he later quit. Voiced by Meeper454.
  • Sanders is a former Captain in the Backdraft Group, often referred to as "Colonel" by Stoeller. He is constantly on the phone, something Stoeller often reprimands him for. Sanders joined Stoeller in his defection and is last seen quitting his job at his father's car dealership.
  • Pierce is the only female member of the Backdraft Group to be seen. She is an ace pilot, and the only person in the Backdraft Group to actually win a battle(against Bit, while piloting Jaime's Pteras) only to be later defeated by Jaime's alter ego. She defected after having to deal with Layon's stupidity. Voiced by Meeper454.
  • Dr. Layon is a creepy old man about Doc and Oscar's age. He went to "Doctor's School" with both of them, where they made his life a living hell, including signing him up for child pornography and telling the FBI about it. He appears with the Tigers Team in order to have them destroy all of his enemies, including Steve Toros and Dr. Phil. He joins up with the Backdraft Group after getting drunk. Yes, that's how it really happened.
  • The Count is seemingly the leader of the Backdraft Organization. An elderly gentleman, the Count has a compulsive disorder in which he must count whenever somebody mentions a number, as well as counting for the fun of it. Voiced by ZoidsBN.
  • Ned McNair is an aerial ace that works as one of Polta's subordinates. He was killed after Bit destroyed his Zoid, causing his fuselage to explode with him in it. He makes a reappearance in episode 17, saying that he "got better." Then he was killed again by Brad Hunter. Voiced by SilverZeke56, his first non-cameo role.
  • Dan "Chung King" Rivers is a lab assistant to Dr. Layon. He is some form of Asian, leading to all sorts of crude generalizations on Dr. Layon's part about his background.

The Lightning Team[]

  • Jack Sisco is a mercenary who makes his appearance fighting on Harry Champ's team against the Blitz Team. It is during this battle that it is revealed that Jack is one-seventeenth African American and accuses Bit of racism, a charge he has yet to live down. He later joins with Chris and Kelly Tasker after getting drunk at one of their parties, proclaiming himself to be the King and Queen of Switzerland and refusing to leave.
  • Chris Tasker is one of Jack Sisco's two female teammates. She can be told apart from her sister by her shorter hair and blue suit. She and her sister are the only people to defeat the Blitz Team in battle. Voiced by Ponoccakay.
  • Kelly Tasker is one of Jack Sisco's two female teammates. She can be told apart from her sister by her longer hair and green suit. She and her sister are the only people to defeat the Blitz Team in battle. Voiced by Ponoccakay.

The Fluegal Team[]

  • Naomi Fluegal is a long range sharpshooting Zoid pilot. She was formerly undefeated until Bit combined the powers of DragonForce and Deus Ex Machina to defeat her. She also stepped in to help Leena when she was haunted by the Chainsaw man. Her family is rather odd: Her grandparents were all stealth hunters, while her mother was a ninja and her dad was a Shadow Elf. Voiced by z55177.
  • Leon Toros was the Blitz Team's leader before Bit arrived. In the second episode, Leon was raped by the Liger Zero, the trauma from which forced him to set out on his own, leaving the team behind. He was last seen occupying a cell in Arkham Asylum, before breaking out and joining Naomi Fluegal's team in an effort to defeat the Liger Zero. Hilarity ensued.

Minor Characters(thus far)[]

  • Oscar Hemeros is Jaime's father, and Steve Toros' friend. Outside of being a living embodiment of Deus Ex Machina and helping to torture Layon during their time at "Doctor's School," little is known about him. He appears inexplicably right after Jaime's first, and so far only, victory. Voiced by ZoidsBN.
  • Mary Champ is Harry's sister. Not much is known about her. She's a one shot character, so who really cares?