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ZoidsBN or ZoidsBN0 is an abridger who lends his voice to many other abridgers. For years ZoidsBN, (or BN for short) has kept his privacy secure and protected. Though he has never shown his entire face, he has revealed his full name as a responce to The Sagas Council when showing his Bartending Licence.

His life[]

Though information is limited this much is known. He was born and raised in Florida, being born in April 1991.


ZoidsBN mostly abridge with other people, often being groups. He has only made one solo project, an episode of Zoids Chaotic Century entitled Raven. This one shot is called Raven Abridged. All other abridged projects are with other larger groups.

He started abridging with TruthorDeal in Zoids The Abridged Series. Later landing the role of The Count and Vega in the same project along with multiple extras. This later led to ZoidsBN being a co writer for later episodes along with SilverZeke56 and Meeper454.

Through TruthorDeal , BN has met other abridgers who would later cast him in their series. Ranging from major characters to one liners.

Sands of Destruction Abridged[]

ZoidsBN is one of the few voice actors to be in Every episode of Sands of Destruction Abridged to date, with the largest role being Dr.Elephant. It is rare but he helps write part of the scripts with TruthorDeal, PillowvPillow, and Kenura.

On December 21, 2012 (12/21/12) WolrdParodyCommittiee released a comment special revolving around the Mayan prophecy of the End of the world. Three characters read comments with Dr.Elephant returning from hell to join the team with Sheriff Red and Chief Wardan Insanity Wolf. The script was a team effort between the three voice actors Truthordeal, Meeper454, and ZoidsBN.


BN is a member of PlanetFMEnterprice abridging Megaman Star Force. Being a huge fan of Megaman he approached MrKirby0063 (Now know as CarbonKirby80s) and ZionKraze becoming a voice actor as well as a script writer for the team. The entire team writes the script but only when all three members are online.


Seeing SaviorDragonFTW audition for a Bleach Abridged project, BN was quick to follow. Voicing Isshin Kurosaki and Grand fisher along with extras, this is the one project where he does little to no scripting. It is not well known, but BN was the one who thought up the groups name. However due to unfortunate events happening he has left the group full on and is no longer voicing for the team.

As of June 2 2014 BN has stated on Skype that Getsuga has invited him back to the their group and their differences settled. He is excited to work with the group again.


In December 2012 ZoidsBN was apart of a small group of people. The group decided to make a channel for abridging and other parodies. It was decided the group would be called OneForAllMedia . Within the group BN was offered the role of Barnaby Brooks Jr. in their Tiger & Bunny abridged. This would be the first main character BN voiced in years.

So far other characters he has voiced are a robber, The HeroTV editor, and Mr.Llyods.

The group members each got specific jobs. BN was given the job to create character cards for each member of the group.

Group member Elphie6673 has annouced on their channel a Kagerou Days Manga Dub. ZoidsBN has said he is the strongest supporter of this project, next to Elphie. He even started testing some methods for the group to use for the dub if they need him to edit. Elphie has said she will edit and BN will be a voice for one of the main characters named Shuuya Kano.

Yugioh Arc V Abridged[]

In 2015 ZoidsBN appeared in Yugioh Arc V Abridged by FoxTailed08 & ManaYuGiOhGX5Ds. The Channel name being under [1]Yuya Sakaki. He was introduced to the writers by SaviorDragonFTW who plays Shun in the series. BN started out voicing the Dark Duelist Yuto but quickly moved on with other credits. Thus far he has voiced the following.

Synchro Kid Yaiba (Voice #2)



Odd eyes Rebellion Dragon


Jack Atlas Abridged

Councilman Grey

The team joined in the #TIBA by TeamFourStar entering with Kamen Rider Gaim. BN voiced Kaito Kumon A.K.A. Kamen Rider Baron.


Being a Voice actor BN is in a number of projects as small roles or roles where he is credited but has yet to voice said characters.

  • DoctorChibi740's Another Death Note Abridged Credited as L under the name ZoidsGF. This was the only Main character BN voiced for the next few years.
  • PillowvPillow's Claymore Abridged episode 2 and Demon Lord DerpDerp
  • TheDBGTAbridged's Dragon Ball GT Abridged episode 4
  • SaviorDragonFTW's Yugioh 5D's Abrigded/ Now removed.
  • YuseiAdam's 5D's Abrigded.
  • Robotfan987's Gudam Seed Abridged.
  • TruthorDeal's One Shots including Kanon 2006, Higurashi, Cased Closed, and Zoids Guardian Force.
  • TheTeamKogarasumaru's Air abridged credited for Kaito. (Canceled)
  • Zerosigher's School days abridged and Soul Eater Abridged. (Created the openings for both)
  • PrudenciousBastards's Inuyasha Abridged credited for Naraku. (Canceled)
  • PhatdogStudio's Zelda Abridged credited for Moblin Ted.
  • PhatdogStudio's Sword Art Online Abridged One Shot credited as Kirito 3
  • PhatdogStudio's Soul Eater The CMB Files Episode 2 Credited as Capone
  • PhatdogStudio's Bleach Parody as Urahara, Isshin, and Yammy (Canceled)
  • MoonDreamofA's Teekyuu Ep 2 FanDub [Season 1] Credited as Chef.
  • Lexi Rose's We Are ( COVER/FANDUD) One Piece - Gol D. Roger.

Failed Projects.[]

Starting out on the VoiceActingAlliance BN had auditioned for many abridged projects that never saw the light of day. The only one that made a video was a Naruto Shippuuden Akatsuki Abridged where he voiced Suigetsu in Team Taka. 

In December 2012 Zerosigner invited ZoidsBN as well as many other people into a Pokemon:The Rise of Darkrai Abridged. Though planning started it did not get far. The cast list was created though with ZoidsBN casted as James and Mewtwo. The group was later reworked into a new team for one shots and series that will be surprises to the masses.

Other projects were fandubs. BN was noticed for two voices at the time. Mayuri Kurotsuchi and Rex Goodwin. His name is still listed within a few videos cast lists.

BN was also one of the first people to appear on the Failed Abridged Reactions though it was shortly lived.


Starting his voice acting on The Voice Acting Alliances he was under an different name as shown above. ZoidsGF was his first accout name later changed to BN after the GF was being confused for Girlfriend. He has been noted saying the GF stood for his favorite Zoids series Guardian Force though the BN has yet to be determined.

ZoidsBN co hosted for the E.L.I.T.E.S. Podcast Episode 11 when the regular co host fell ill. The episode was very popular among the Caiminds website. This led to BN becoming the third host and will be appearing regularly in season 2.

Often BN creates AMVs and uploads them. However most of his AMVs have been removed or blocked. He still creates small AMVs though he rarely uploads them to be public.

ZoidsBN has confirmed that he will be taking part in two new projects by the end of 2013. Though the dates of the projects are not known, he has said that he was selected to voice Bruno in a Yugioh 5D's Fandub. According to him he was picked for his imitation of the character that sparked the excitement of the fandubbing crew.