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Years Active:

2011 - December 2017

Specializes In:

Voice Acting, Editing, & Scripting



This article is about the abridger known as "ZeroSigner" (also known as "NovaZeroVA" or simply "NovaZero").


ZeroSigner started abridging in 2011 with an Apple ipod, claiming to have been a fan of VegetaSasuke0's School Days Abridged, & after seeing that series, decided he wanted to take a shot at abridging the same anime. He had gone on to abridge various other projects, on & off again School Days, as well as TheInsaneBadGuys' Soul Eater Abridged.

In 2012, VegetaSasuke0's group known as "The Sagas Council" made videos talking about the state of abridging, but the video that hit the community harder than "Abridging is Dead". Zerosigner got caught in between the drama of The Sagas Council, with a threat of being blacklisted from the community, so Zerosigner would end up siding with the abridged community, causing a bit of a rift between himself and his "mentor" VegetSasuke0.

ZeroSigner also was known for a series known as "Inside The Mind Of A Voice Actor", where he interviewed online voice actors & actresses. Zerosigner was also criticized for his lack of understanding, as well as his inability to take criticism, which allegedly made him somewhat difficult to work with among those in the abridged community.


At some point in time, Zerosigner was a Discord server moderator to help promote other content creators due to apparently getting kicked out of the ABLO server. In November and December of 2017, alleged accusations of grooming kept coming up, once during a confrontation between content creators scanlator and MistaL. Though there is evidence, it is unknown how much of the "evidence" is considered "fact" due to there being a lack of context. Due to backlash and confusion, Zerosigner removed himself from the Discord server, as well from the abridging and voice acting communities. Zerosigner's server has since been rebranded with UnforgivenRonin as the new owner.

Zerosigner's current status is unknown.

Projects & Appearances[]

  • Zerosigner's School Days Abridged - Script Writer, Editor, & Makoto Itou.
  • TheInsaneBadGuys' Soul Eater Abridged - Script Writer, Editor, Jack The Ripper, Don Alcopon, Angela, Specker Guy, & Narrator.
  • TheInsaneBadGuys' Hell Girl Jacked Up Halloween One-Shot - Guys # 1 & 2, News Reporter # 1, Taxi Driver, Fredbear, Nightmare, & Extras (booing people).
  • Prison School Abridged One-Shot - Narrator, Joe, Mama Crow, & Random Dumb Girl # 1.
  • Pokemon Origins Trainer Red - Script Writer, Editor, Red, Youngster Joey, Boy, Burito/Combo Girl, Mr.Fuuji, Fat Rocket Grunt, Strangled Red, & Extras.
  • Pokemon Origins Gold Thunder - Vincent, Attila, Nurse Joy, Eugene, & Professor Sebastian.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V: The Abridged One-Shot - Yuya.
  • Digimon Adventures 02 Abridged - Gatomon & Patamon.
  • Arcana Famiglia Parody - Jolly.
  • Shiki Abridged One-Shot - Doctor # 2.
  • PaRappa The Parody - The Casual "I don't like hip-hop" guy.
  • Naruto The Homosexual Parody - Naruto.
  • Free Parody Parody Parody Hour Promo - Light blonde (Nagisa).
  • The Sagas Council's Dragon Ball Z Parody: Pimp Vegeta, Pimp Of All Saiyans - Trunks.
  • Dairanger Fandub: Kibaranger Debut - KirinRanger (Yellow).
  • HaruhiISM The Abridgement - Fielder 2, & Batter 3.


  • He started abridging on an Apple ipod.
  • He was partially associated with The Sagas Council & was almost considered a member, but due to going back on his word because of a video, he was only considered an associate (now former associate due to predatory accusations towards him).
  • Most of the time he uses Red Hood as his profile picture.