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Years Active:

2011 - Present

Specializes In:

Voice Acting, Editing, & Scripting



This article is about the abridger known as ZeroSigner (also known as NovaZeroVA).


ZeroSigner started abridging in 2011 with an ipod, claiming to have been a fan of VegetaSasuke0's School Days Abridged, & after seeing that decided he wanted to take a shot at abridging the same anime. He has gone on to abridge various other projects, on & off again School Days, as well as TheInsaneBadGuys' Soul Eater Abridged.

ZeroSigner also does a series known as "Inside The Mind Of A Voice Actor", where he interviews online voice actors & actresses.

Projects & Appearances[]

  • Zerosigner's School Days Abridged - Script Writer, Editor, & Makoto Itou.
  • TheInsaneBadGuys' Soul Eater Abridged - Script Writer, Editor, Jack The Ripper, Don Alcopon, Angela, Specker Guy, & Narrator.
  • TheInsaneBadGuys' Hell Girl Jacked Up Halloween One-Shot - Guys # 1 & 2, News Reporter # 1, Taxi Driver, Fredbear, Nightmare, & Extras (booing people).
  • Prison School Abridged One-Shot - Narrator, Joe, Mama Crow, & Random Dumb Girl # 1.
  • Pokemon Origins Trainer Red - Script Writer, Editor, Red, Youngster Joey, Boy, Burito/Combo Girl, Mr.Fuuji, Fat Rocket Grunt, Strangled Red, & Extras.
  • Pokemon Origins Gold Thunder - Vincent, Attila, Nurse Joy, Eugene, & Professor Sebastian.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V: The Abridged One-Shot - Yuya.
  • Digimon Adventures 02 Abridged - Gatomon & Patamon.
  • Arcana Famiglia Parody - Jolly.
  • Shiki Abridged One-Shot - Doctor # 2.
  • PaRappa The Parody - The Casual "I don't like hip-hop" guy.
  • Naruto The Homosexual Parody - Naruto.
  • Free Parody Parody Parody Hour Promo - Light blonde (Nagisa).
  • The Sagas Council's Dragon Ball Z Parody: Pimp Vegeta, Pimp Of All Saiyans - Trunks.
  • Dairanger Fandub: Kibaranger Debut - KirinRanger (Yellow).
  • HaruhiISM The Abridgement - Fielder 2, & Batter 3.


  • He started abridging on an ipod.
  • He was partially associated with The Sagas Council & was almost considered a member, but due to going back on his word because of a video, he is only considered an associate.
  • Most of the time he uses Red Hood as his profile picture.