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Zazusha - Zazusho, The Start of C009TAS

Zazusha started his Youtube venture by creating 'Sprite Battle' animations, that were loosely based on various Abridged Series he enjoyed. After having made contact with a few abridgers, such as Khenpoe, CaptainAwesomePatch, ToonLord, and Zeromaster, he decided to create his own abridged series. He soon started talking with Khenpoe about how to get started and a few other details about his future series. He had a series in mind, "Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier" because he has had the dvds and has been a fan of the show since it came out in 2001.

After finding it difficult to script and voice it all, he asked Khenpoe for assistance, and he agreed. Zazusha announced this team up in a multi-purpose video, aswell as informing that the new account for the project is "Zazusho". AngelElric later joined the project after the release of episode one.


C009TAS(Cyborg 009 The Abridged Series)

Account Name: 'Zazusho'

Group Role: Voicing, Script Writer, and Editor

Voice Roles:

-Cyborgs: 001, 004, 005, 006, and 009

-Various Extras

Other Members of project:

-Khenpoe: voicing(cyborgs; 002, 007, 008. Dr Gilmore, and various extras)

-AngelElric: voicing (Cyborg 003)

BLTAS(Black Lagoon The Abridged Series)

Account Name: 'TheresABulletInMyLeg'

Group Role: Voicing, Co-Writer, and Editor

Voice Roles:


-various extras

Other Members or Project:

DeathnoteL12: Co-Writer, voicing(revy, various extras)

BossTrigger: Voicing(Dutch, various extras)

Whip0fAlchemy: Voicing(Balalaika)

Stokes: Voicing(Rock)

Future Project: SCA(Samurai Champloo Abridged)

Info to be added, after first episode is posted.