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Dec 22 2007 - Mar 30, 2011




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Kiyo's father sends him a violent, dress-wearing electric boy named Zatch Bell as a birthday present. Zatch is actually a being called a 'Mamodo' and together he and Kiyo use violence and a magical spell book to solve all of their problems.


Zatch Bell: The Abridged Series is written, edited, and voiced by Borinyukami, with credits to Whiteash001 & Megami33 for inspiration, credits to Mastren01 for help with editing quality, and credit to Peothra and Fluffy for general advice with the series. From episode 7 onward, miscellaneous credits are also given to Cheesemanjoe, Takahata101, Khenpoe, KaiserNeko and Zeromaster.

Part 1 of a Zatch Bell: The Abridged Movie was released, but was never followed by a Part 2. The movie project was produced under the Council of Boosh and Goodies and edited by Borinyukami, Khenpoe and KaiserNeko, with Megami33 voicing a character in Part 1 and Zeromaster, Cheesemanjoe, Takahata101, Khenpoe, and KaiserNeko to voice characters in the unreleased parts.

Aside from a few guests, all voice acting is done by Borinyukami From episode 2 onwards, Zatch Bell: TAS had its own forum for discussing episodes at http://www.zatchbelltas.co.nr.

Episodes typically run about 4 to 5 minutes in length, achieved by cutting almost all of the fight scenes.


Aside from a few guests, all voice acting is done by Borinyukami

Guest Voices[]

  • Peothra - ??? (ep. 9)
  • Nowacking - Kolulu (ep. 9), vocals on gag opening (ep. 9)
  • Desimaemae - Lori (ep. 9)
  • Zeromaster - Aido (ep. 10)

Episode list[]

Episodes Air Date
Episode 1 Dec 22, 2007
Episode 2 Dec 30, 2007
Episode 3 Jan 7, 2008
Episode 4 Jan 13, 2008
Episode 5 Jan 29, 2008
Episode 6 Feb 16, 2008
Episode 7 Apr 21, 2008
Episode 8 May 20, 2008
Episode 9 Dec 24, 2009
Episode 10 Mar 30, 2011

Running Gags[]

  • Kyo's last birthday present was a serial killer named Jeffry, who lives in the basement.
  • Zatch has a deer-humping fetish
  • Suzie believes that she's Kyo's girlfriend, but actually he hates and tries to avoid her or "forget" to rescue her.
  • 2 dollars
  • "Memoirs of a Bank Robber"
  • Suzie's Mamodo is the T-Rex from Jurassic park. It's name is Fluffy.
  • Megumi sings in heavy metal vocals

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