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Yuru Yaoi - Episode 2

Episode 2 of Yuru Yaoi

Yuru Yaoi is a Plot MENT based off the anime Yuru Yuri. The main story is about 3 male friends from childhood have to cross dress in order to go to an advanced All-Girl school, while keeping their Identities a secret from everyone. 

Background & Information[]

Yuru Yaoi was an idea that sounded great on paper, but executed in a weird way. The show follows an immature sense of humor, while still pertaining to certain aspects from the original show (AKA Kyoko's Stubbornness, Everyone ignoring Akari, Yui being serious 99% of the time, Sakurako and Himawari's breasts, exc.)

Each episode contains different types of jokes and different approaches to humor, thus never exactly getting boring. There are stale parts in the series, which are not intentional, and heavy criticism guides the show itself.

Credits and Casting[]

YoshinoVA stuck with casting to close friends who can put up with his sense of humor.

Each episode is written via skype call between YoshinoVA & RandomYori

Akaro (Akari) Akaza - DTK (Both Episodes)

Yuu (Yui) Funami, Sakurako - YoshinoVA

Kyoya (Kyoko) Toshino - KujiraShonen

Chinatsu - ShattersofLight

Himawari - Sam R. Garrett

Rise - RandomYori