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Abridged Episode 15:



Cast (in order of appearance): Jaden Yuki, Syrus Truesdale, Alexis Rhodes, Lunch Lady, Yelling Driver, Damion the jungle boy

Date : 7-23-15

Episode Title : Snack Attack


( intro when Jaden and Syrus are running at the cafeteria )

Syrus : Jaden, hurry up it's Sandwich Day!

Jaden : And on the Friday? Friday I'm so excited. Huh, which one should I take?

Syrus : Careful Jaden. There's some nasty flavors in there; you got Fish Butt, Steamed Dust, Grilled Rocks, and yesterday someone pulling a sandwich out of the sandwich!

Jaden : Really? what did that taste like?

Syrus : ( with amusing voice) Nobody knows!

Jaden : ( imagination of actual golden egg sandwich ) The legend has it, there's a delicious golden egg sandwich. And today I feeling lu..

( cues biting a sandwich )

Jaden : Ugh!

Syrus : How was it?

Jaden : It tasted like Alexis's stupidity!

Syrus : Really? That rich, huh?

Alexis : Do you guys say my name? My buns are twitching.

Jaden : Man, those are some huge buns.

Syrus : Yeah, I wanna take a bite out of them!

Jaden : I bet they taste awesome!

Syrus : You know, I tried one once,and they do!

Alexis : You guys are talking about the sandwiches, right?

Jaden : Yes.

Syrus : No...I- I mean yes!

Alexis : (looks at Syrus weird )

Syrus : BOOBIES!!!

Lunch Lady: Good luck trying to pull the eggwich. No one been able to find it for weeks. Someone must've stealing them.

Jaden : That's awful, we should do something about it.

Syrus : But what can we do, Jaden?

Jaden : ( looks at Syrus ) Steak out.

Syrus : Steak out!

Jaden : Steak out!

Syrus : Steak out?

Jaden : Steak out!

Alexis : Steak out?

Jaden and Syrus : Shut up!

( Title Sequence, Jindou's " Rising Weather Hallelujah " plays )

( at the Cafeteria at night )

Jaden : Nnn...nearly there.... I can feel it

Syrus : ( almost out of breath ) please.... Jaden..... finish me....

Jaden : okay buddy, we're doing this together.... ready.....ready?! ( throws a card on the table ) Boo-yah! High card! I win, hey Alexis do you want to play?

Alexis : No thanks, I'm reading!

( both stared at Alexis akeward)

Jaden : (whispered to Syrus ) Did you know she can read a book?

Syrus : ( whispered back to Jaden ) I didn't even know she can hold a book!

Alexis: So my brother is missing... and now sandwiches are missing.... ( she's doing crossed eyed) Brother......sandwich...... (looks at them ) LET'S TAKE A BITE OF THE ACTION!!!

Jaden : ( looks at her odd) umm..... you okay ?

Lunch Lady : Here you go, kids. I made you some rice balls, now you got three different kinds of flavor; Strawberry, Chocolate, and Antifreeze. Now dig in!

Jaden : No. We should draw. I have been lucky all day. I want strawberry ( grabs the rice ball and ate it) I got strawberry.

( A shadow person opens the door gate and tries to get to the sandwich cart)

Jaden: (whispered) It's the 'Eggwich' thief.

(the person reaches out to the sandwiches)

Jaden: I bet he has strawberry

(someone turned on the lights and the jungle man was the one who takes the sandwich)

Jungle man: *Gasp*

Jaden: Stop you thief!

(he takes the cart and rammed to the gate)

Jaden: He's getting away with a strawberry

(Jungle man jumps off the School Dorm roof)

Yelling Driver: MY CAR!!!!

Jaden: We'll run around and cut him off!

Yelling person: He destroy my F****cking car!! I have my one payment left on that thing!!!

Jungle man: AHAHAHAHA-huh?! A-AAAAAH!!

Everyone: Cooooooooool!!!

(Jungle man climbs to the waterfall)

Lunch Lady: Damion you slick bastard, what are you doing?

Damion ( Jungle man): Huh? A-AHHHHH!!!

(fell to the water)

Lunch Lady: Ah, Now you got yourself all wet, you stupid dick.

Jaden: Syrus, look at him Major flip this guy upside down and turned him into a "Beast"

Damion: Actually, you'll find yourself rather fisticated.

Syrus: Christ, he's like a animal!

Damion: I'm not a animal boy, I used to be Obelisk blue student....

(Shows a flash back about his past while doing narrated)

Damion:.... but every time I tried pulling a sandwich, all I pulled was shit.

Young Damion: A Ballacs not sardines.

(shows Damion was dueling)

Damion: As of luck with drawing, even if it affected it did...

Young Damion: Oh no, Not 'Fake Trap'!

Damion: I didn't even lay or touch my deck and yet it was still there...

(shows him training )

Damion: .... I trained, boy. I ran to the snow. and eventually I could draw any card I wanted, when I wanted.

(he snatches few or more cards)

Damion: And I been honing my drawing skills ever since by snatching them glorious eggwiches.

Jaden: I-it's like he's trying to tell me something, I know it!

Syrus: ME, SYRUS!

Damion: I know who you are, you blue haired nungs


Jaden: Syrus, I- I think he wants to duel.

Damion: What are you talking about, boy. I never said nothing about no duel.

Jaden: No. na-ah, you said duel now that's the rules!

Damion: You're cocky lil son, but I like ya. Alright mate, let's play your game.

Damion and Jaden: Let's Duel!!!

Damion: You don't know what you're messing with here, I can predict every cards I'm going to draw.

Jaden: 'Predict every card' *pfff* that's a bluff.

Damion: Is it, is it really? I can predict my first draw will be the magic card. Gives us your Card!

(shows the magic card)

Syrus: No way he got it!

Alexis: This guy means business!

Chumley: *grunts*


Jaden: that's crazy. With those powers, he must be.... using Exodia Deck!

Damion: Exodia what, boy?

Jaden: Exodia Deck, you know? brought up all five pieces win the duel?

Damion: I have no bloody idea what are you talking about, mate.

Jaden: Ooo....O-Oh yeah okay now this is fun. Well you're not the only one who can do 'crazy things' with cards. I to have a power, I never have to use it before, but now I feel like I have no choice.

Damion: Well I.....uh.... you're starting to freaking me out lil bit.

Jaden: Game Over Gorilla boy, watch this!

(Jaden flips his cards over and over for few minutes and Damion just watches)

Jaden: Yeah, now are you gonna do it.

Damion: This is most pathetic thing I have ever seen, son.

(Jaden keeps flipping the card)

Damion: This game is pretty irritating, pal.

Jaden: Oh, I bet it is. You want me to stop, huh? Okay, I'll stop. NO!! I'll just keep spinning!!

Damion: Seriously, not kidding right?


Damion: The Spinning all the cards, AH, please sir never again!

Syrus: Jaden, he has enough.

Jaden: No! he hasn't learned yet!

Syrus: Yes, he has Jaden. it's over!

Jaden: Alright, but next time.....

(Stops flipping the card)

Jaden: ..... I'll use two cards.

Damion: I can't take it no more, your pairs are too match for this geezer.

Lunch Lady: Ah, come here ya, blubbering bastard.

Damion: *cries* hold me you fat leg!

Jaden: Today is sure is a crazy day, huh Alexis?

Alexis: Yeah, you're right about that Jaden. Now where's my brother!!!


Caption: Damion was sent to have psychiatric treatment. When given a Rorschach test, he freaked out and screamed "The Spinning." The latest flavored sandwiches including; Pickled Grass, deep fried melt, and baked air. A thank you to everyone for their help in the Dan Green Charity. Chazz is still missing, by the way.