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YGXTAS 10 - The Equationist-0



Abridged Episode 10[]

Cast (in order of appearance): Jaden Yuki, Syrus Truesdale, Chazz Princeton, Bastion Misawa, Professor Crowler, Random student #1, Random Student #2, Chazz Brother 1, Chazz brother 2, narrator, Alexis Rhodes, Zane Truesdale, Director, Hell Bastard, Hell Bastard brother 1, 2,

Date: February 28 2009

Running Time: 7:16

Episode Title: The Equationist

Special Guests: Shadyvox and Xthedarkone


(intro Song: Title Sequence, Jindou's "Rising Weather Hallelujah" plays.)

Syrus: (Singing to himself) Hey batter, batter, hey batter, batter swing! Hey batter, batter, hey batter, batte-

Jaden: Knock it off, Syrus!

Bastion: Hold everything! Sorry about that. I was busy solving equations and I lost track of time.

Random Student #1: What are you, a virgin?

Bastion: No, I'm British, but I guess it kinda the same thing.

Syrus: Hey batter, batter, hey batter, batter swing!  Hey batter, batter, hey batter, batter-

Jaden: Syrus, Shut up!!!

Syrus: .......Swing!!!

Jaden: God Damn it! Seriously, if I hear that again, I'm gonna freakin lose it!!!

Crowler: Oh, how I love "High School Musical." Hey batter, batter-

Jaden: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!

Crowler:(got hit in the eye on the ball and crashed) OKAY, WHO'S GETTING A CROWLER BITCHSLAP!!!

Syrus: Not it!

Jaden: Not it!

Bastion: Not....ugh Bugger!

Crowler: Rabble Rabble Baseball...Rabble Rabble Ancient Gear Golem...Rabble Rabble in my Eye!!!


Crowler: Would you get out of here, you lying stealing Bastards!

Chazz: Ahhh. It feels good to be the best.

Random Student 2: Duh... You're not the best.

Chazz: Who said that?! Who the F**ck said that?! Come on, show yourself!

Random Student 2: Duh... it was me.

(Points at the far seat at the random student)

Chazz: If it weren't for this freeze frame, I might come down there and kick your ass!

Crowler: Shut up Chazz, you little Goth. We'll make duel Bastion for no reason at all.

Chazz: Phhht. I could take him.

Crowler: Oh yeah, let's see you do that with 10,000 floating heads chasing you.

Chazz: What the hell you talkin-

(10,000 Heads floating around Chazz laughing)

Chazz: Oh My God, Oh My God! Someone Help Me! Curse You, Crowler!!!

(At Ra Yellow Dorm)

Bastion: By the way guys, I use my bat to write equations on. How cool is that?

Jaden: Uh... pen and paper is inconvenient because...?

Bastion: Because I got from your mama.

Jaden: What?!

Syrus: Ooooh, no he didn't!

Bastion: Here we are, Chaps! My humble home!

Jaden: Duuuuude, you have so lost your security deposit.

Bastion: The equations on the wall represent formula for cards. Over there is monsters, that's Trap Cards, and-

Jaden: I get it! You have a boner for maths!

Bastion: So what do you say you two help me clean this place up?

Syrus: What's in it for us?

Bastion: You can touch the paint brush.

Jaden and Syrus: I'm in!

Jaden: heheh. Paint brushes are cool.

Syrus: Hey batter, batter, hey batter, batter swing!

Jaden: Knock it off!

(throws a paint brush at Syrus's Face and fell)

Syrus: Oh, it's like tha- get you ass down there now!

(rocks the ladder side to side trying to get Jaden fall off)

Jaden: *Gasp* Syrus, You got paint all over my favorite jacket.

Syrus: What do you mean your "favorite"? it's the only one you wearing.

Jaden: It's still my jacket, you asshole!

Bastion: allo allo. what's all this about then?

Jaden: You stay out of this, limey!

Bastion: Limey? how dare you!

(cues Punch sound punching Jaden)

Jaden: ugh, okay mild-racism got it.

Caption: One trip to the Hospital Later

Narrator: One trip to the Hospital Later.

Syrus: So Bastion, why you dueling Chazz?

Bastion: Well, I thought it would be a good excuse to use my new clean deck. And-

Jaden: Ah. Yeah that's great nobody cares.

Jaden and Syrus: OOoooo, Lobster!

(Jaden and Syrus eating the lobster)

Jaden: oh it has a screw in it.

Syrus: yeah and it's pretty crunchy.

(At Obelisk Blue Dorm at Chazz Room)

Chazz's Brother 1: Do you understand what needs to be done, Chazz?

Chazz: yes.....

Chazz's Brother 2: we cant hear you?

Chazz: I said Money. I mean yes!

Chazz's Brother 1: Good, cause we follow through with our part of the plan. So it's only fair that you follow through to.

Chazz Brother 2: Yeah, you better follow through Chazz, Otherwise us following through what've been pointless.

(both went silent)

Chazz: [ laughs sarcastic ] heheh. You said "follow through."

Chazz's brother 1: Listen Chazz, your brother and I have already taking control a politics and business. All we need now is for you to control dueling and we will control everything.

Chazz: Uh, dueling had jacked Shit to do with taking over the world guys.

Chazz's Brother 2: hmmm. He's right. Alright, well we don't need you anymore. Bye.


Caption: The Next Day

Narrator: The Next day.... toolshed!

Director: ugh, someone give him the watermelon, please!

Narrator: Yes!

Crowler: Are you ready to duel, Bastion?

Bastion: No, I can't find my deck anywhere.

Alexis: Yeah, that was me. I heard from Syrus you want to duel with a clean deck. So I threw your cards out to the ocean to get them clean.

Bastion: Okay Alexis, I have three points to show that make absolutely no sense; Point one, when I said I wanted a "Clean Deck," I meant a new deck of new cards. Point 2, Why? Why the hell would you clean paper cards on water, and point three, even if you made points one and two somehow plausible, Why? oh God why would you clean them in the freakin ocean!!

(Both went silent *again*)

Alexis: heheh. You have a funny voice.

(Bastion takes off his jacket, revealing a green vest with six red pouches)


(Cues Explosion)

Caption: After another trip to the hospital

Narrator: After another trip the hospital, toolshed.

Director Damn it!

Jaden: Okay, Bastion have you calm down now?

Bastion: Yes, I think I'll be fine. As long as Alexis doesn't say anything.

Alexis: Hey, batter, batter-

Everyone: SHUT UP!!!!

Alexis: Uuuuhh!!!

Chazz: Enough with the gay musicals! I summon Hell Bastard!

Hell Bastard: I'm Back! (Cries) And Still don't have a father!!!

(Hell Bastard kept Crying)

Chazz: oh Fine, you want company here. I summon Hell Bastard's Brothers!

Hell Bastard: Hey Bob.

Hell Bastard Bro. 1: Hey Jerry.

Hell Bastard bro. 2: Hey Jim. What's new?

Hell Bastard: Oh you know, the usual.

Both:(Crying) WE DON'T HAVE A FATHER!!!

Bastion: Hey Chazz, guess what?

Chazz: What?

Bastion: You're going to die!

Chazz: What?!

Bastion: (Laughing) I'm just kidding, but seriously though You are going to drown.

Chazz: REACTION SHOOOOooot!!! (Drowns)

Bastion: Water, water everywhere, bitch!

Crowler: Congratulation Bastion, you beat Chazz. that means you're going to be promoted to the Obelisk Blue Dorm!

Bastion: Re..really?

Crowler: Phhht. Fuckck No! (Laughs evilly)

Bastion: You do realize that stuff gets really old.

Crowler: Yeah, well it's suck to be you!

Zane: ( shouting out of no where) Hey!!!

Bastion: Jaden, our duel is one that I look forward to. I know it's going to be life-changing experience.

Jaden: Oh you bet it will buddy, but be warned I'm gonna beat you to a pulp.

Bastion: Oh please, you can only try.

Jaden: Yeah, you just watch me pal I'm gonna wipe the floor with you.

Bastion: Yeah, well I'm going to smash your face in with the brick.

Jaden: Ha! ye- wait what?

Bastion: And then I'm going to set fire to your cards in the pagan ritual.

Jaden: What the hell, man?

Bastion: And then when we play a game of Monopoly I'll taken your turn while you go the bathroom.

Jaden: okay, dude you just had issues.

Ending Caption: Sorry about that delay. The next episode will be up quicker. Crowler is prescribe to wear glasses for 2 weeks. Shady is Currently recovering from the fractured coccyx. Remember Toolshed + Reaction Shot------------------ WHHHHY Yes I am = Trap Card Formula. And High School Musical really really really sucks.

Bastion: Then I'll going to rape your mother.

Jaden: okay, bro. that's-

Bastion: then I'm going to kick you dog.

Jaden: I... I don't even had a dog.

Bastion: Then I'm going to buy you a dog.

Jaden: Well, that's nice of you.

Bastion: then I'm going to kick it.

(Both went quite)

Jaden:...... why the hell tha-

Bastion: And then I'm going to make you "High School Musical."

Jaden: You wouldn't dare!