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Yugioh! Zero Abridged is the first series released by "the bakery" preceeding The Yu Yu Haku Show and Parody X Hunter. The series was invented as a clickbait title, tricking people into thinking they were watching DaJacksterN's critically acclaimed Yugioh Season Zero abridged.


On release, the bakery sold commemorative T-shirts with tag-lines relating to jokes in the episode. These jokes include.

  • Yugi thinking puzzles are puzzling (a pun on the word puzzle.)
  • Joey's shoes
  • Background information
  • a blank white shirt containing an mp3 file of Dr. Phil saying "the only homeruns you're going to be hitting, are in the slammer!"
          • kkk

There are no other jokes in the episode.


The series has received numberous complaints for being "way too loud" by my neighbors. Many critics including myself could not finish the episode due to its 56-minute runtime and nonsensical political rants including a twenty-minute segment where Anzu goes on a rant about the dangers of Islam in a post Magma Carter England.