Yugioh! Zero Abridged is the first series released by "the bakery" preceeding The Yu Yu Haku Show and Parody X Hunter. The series was invented as a clickbait title, tricking people into thinking they were watching DaJacksterN's critically acclaimed Yugioh Season Zero abridged.

Jokes[edit | edit source]

On release, the bakery sold commemorative T-shirts with tag-lines relating to jokes in the episode. These jokes include.

  • Yugi thinking puzzles are puzzling (a pun on the word puzzle.)
  • Joey's shoes
  • Background information
  • a blank white shirt containing an mp3 file of Dr. Phil saying "the only homeruns you're going to be hitting, are in the slammer!"
          • kkk

There are no other jokes in the episode.

Reception[edit | edit source]

The series has received numberous complaints for being "way too loud" by my neighbors. Many critics including myself could not finish the episode due to its 56-minute runtime and nonsensical political rants including a twenty-minute segment where Anzu goes on a rant about the dangers of Islam in a post Magma Carter England.

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