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"whoo kuabara im here to take your soul whoo"


botan takes yusuke to spirit world to meet coenma in order to give him the ordeal to give him his life back. it turns out coenmas a baby hippie and son of enma. after 3 hours of yusuke laughing at coenmas height and appearance coenma gives him an egg which will feed off his spirit energy until it has enough positive energy to hatch and bring yusuke back to life. but if it absorbs too much negative spirit energy itll turn into a the cliche tentacle monster from evil dead. yusuke takes the egg and returns to earth with botan. as it turns out yusukes body is about to be cremated. yusuke invades kaikos dreams and tells her not to burn his body. she wants to talk to him but he blows her off to go pester kuabara. in the morning kaiko goes to talk to qasuka yusukes mother who had been dreaming of yusukes irish dance. the cremation halted yusuke goes to pester kuabara by making him run around the city.

Episode 2
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date 4/28/2007
Length 7:12
Created by Lanipator
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  • 1:46. Uses the compensating for something joke from Shreik. Both jokes unintentionally refered to the owner's height.
  • Paris Hilton.
  • when botan and yusuke walk into coenmas office the back music is "calafornia dreaming" by momas and popas