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The following contains information on Characters from Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged by Lanipator.

Main Characters[]

Yusuke Urameshi[]

The main character of this story forced to become a spirit detective at the behest of Botan. Yusuke's idiosyncrasies are greatly exaggerated in Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged.

Keiko Yukimura[]

In the Abridged series Keiko is very different from her original counterpart. She is somewhat insane, often trying to stalk Yusuke trying to kill people out of sheer jealousy. She has tried to bury Botan alive, and stalked Yusuke's mom for a while asking where Yusuke is.

Kazuma Kuwabara[]

A reoccurring joke in the series is that Kuwabara is in an unfortunate event that occurs where he is seen as gay. He later states that he has a thing for girls with blue hair. Kuwabara is seen as very dim at some points in the show (for example he challenges Byakko twice much to Kurama's dismay).


Kurama is virtually unchanged like his anime conterpart. He often points out the other character's stupidity. His battle skills are not as good though. Kurama was forced to hide as a human after a Naruto cosplay that went horribly wrong. His mother contracted Piccolo-itis, a disease that causes bad guys to turn good.


Hiei is potrayed as more heartless and uncaring than his anime counterpart. A running joke is that Hiei hosts a poem show for DTV called Poems with Hiei. The poems are usually depressing and feature violent or disturbing material. He is also made fun of for being short and for having problems with drinking. The only reason he joins Yusuke and Company is simply to eliminate the competition on DTV to force the executives to bring his TV show back and also appears to be the most funny as him being a sycopath with a feddish for red haird boys

It's also been suggested repeatedly that Hiei has feelings for Kurama.


Botan is the Grim Reaper like her anime counterpart but speaks with a British accent. Botan leaves out vital details for Yusuke's mission (if this is done out of spite or by accident remains in question). She comments on Keiko's power over Yusuke.And is also diregarded as a bimbo to yusuke but only her and kurama actualy have sense


The son of the king of spirit world. Koenma is somewhat portrayed having a hippy complex. He'll send Yusuke on dangerous mission so he will not have to deal with the extreme paperwork. He is also a major gamer who has declared war on Gaara of the funk. If a controversial comment is made, Koenma will often reply with "Dude, Harsh".


She serves as Yusuke's mentor in the series. However despite being a wise and old crone, she who doesnt have any respect for the main characters. Genkai acts in a harsh manner toward Yusuke as in one episode where she forces him to act as a TV Antenna in order to watch the David Carridine marathon.


Rando appears earlier in this version than the original. He hosts a show that replaces Hiei's show on DTV. His speech has been replaced with that of a rapper. Unlike in the original version, Rando is defeated, and persumablly killed, by Genkai. Yusuke makes a remark towards his fighting skills matching his rapping skills.

Minor Characters[]

Yusuke's Mother[]

Like the original version, she is a heavy drunk. The only reason she seems to care about her son is for the welfare money he provides.


Hinageshi appears in The Abridged Movie (YuYu Hakusho: The Poltergeist Report Abridged). She has the brain of a child and annoys the other characters by saying "peep", a sound she believes that squirrels make. Despite this, she has knowledge of the Nether World "Gods" and the "five elemental sites" that are "conveniently located in one city in Japan". However, after she shares this knowledge she will say something useless. An example is when she was describing Majari, "He's a Nether World God that has the ability to copy other people's techniques, much like the demon fugitive Rando. But that's not all. ... He's a meany stinky doo-doo face!" Leading Kurama to label her a "walking paradox". She also calls Kuwabara "Kuwahara" and pronounces the second 'u' in Yusuke's name.

The Blue Colour Comedy Beasts[]

The Four Beasts are fundementally different from their original counterparts. They request Koenma to remove the barrier imprisoning so they can go on tour. Each of them speak with a Texan accent.


The Leader of the Comedy Beasts. He often refers his assistants as Verne.


The third beast that the gang meet. He is parody of Hank Hill and for some reason believes he is a real dragon (so he's a furry). He is killed by Hiei and doesn't realize it for about 20 seconds (because hiei is bad ass).

After the end of the episode he dies in, he is asked why his voice was a bad Hank Hill parody. His responce is, "Because I am a dealer of strict and cold pain!" (Which he said in a manner similiar to Strictland Propane, the company Hank Hill works for).


The second beast that the gang meet. Byakko speaks with a Texan accent and most of the time ends his sentences with "mmm hmmm". Kuwabara refers him as a living LOLcat. He is killed by Seiryu for not acknowledging him as a dragon.


The first beast that the gang meet. Genbu speaks with a Texan accent, has a knack for bad punchlines and a tendency of saying "Get Ur Done" (Larry the Cable Guy's catchphrase). He was killed by Kurama for trying to make another compare to joke(Get er dun mother fu***r).

Genkai Tournament Contestants[]


In Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged, Kibano is potrayed as a parody of King Leonidas from 300, incessantly quoting lines from the movie. Apprently he is much the same with any movie (for example because of Honey I Shrunk The Kids, he decided to become an inventor).


He looks after Kibano like his little brother. He is exasperated by Kibano and his actions. He claims that the Swastika on his forehead is a "Buddhist Swastika."

He later admits that Kibano put the Swastica on his head after watching too much American History.


Nobody cares about Chinpo.