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Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0 Abridged (also known as Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged [Shadow Games]) is a parody of the Yu-Gi-Oh! first series anime (or more commonly known by fans as Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0). It is created by DaJacksterN who voices all characters, with occasional exceptions. Due to DaJacksterN being female all characters are extremelly high pitched. It bears close resemblance to LittleKuriboh's Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged and takes many themes, concepts and ideas from it. As Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0 only aired in Japan and was never dubbed in English, all characters use their original Japanese name. Due to the original anime's dark nature, the abridged series is constantly portrayed as being horror-themed, particularly the opening for Episode 4 where the music was taken from Tales from the Crypt Keeper.



A very young, childish, gullible boy, with extremist international views and is constantly abused by everyone around him. He bears very close resemblance to his voice in the original anime. He grew up under a cannibalistic Grandpa and with little friends. Having found out in the first episode that he and every other character was voiced by a girl, he, Jonouchi and Honda were beaten up by a bully. Upon solving some cheap junk puzzle made out of cardboard or paper-mache a psychopathic maniac called Yami takes residence inside his body and comes out to play Shadow Games with those who dare trespass Yugi and his friends (Yugi had put the puzzle together because he thought he would get a wish and planned to wish for Anzu's panties). Yugi's friends believe him to be gay, although he furiously denies this and states he has a crush on Anzu. He has on several occasions been eaten by the millennium puzzle, in which he says "I just got eaten by a puzzle. I've sunk to a whole new level". During the valentine special he received a letter saying he was a Kawaii (Japanese for cute) but after struggling to pronounce the word he thinks he has been called a kiwi. He seems to be the only character who makes a huge effort to keep up the Japanese theme of the show, such as in Episode 9 he states that Honda needed to pronounce "Jonouchi" with a more Japanese accent. To which Jonouchi responds by pronouncing Yugi's name as "Yuh-gi".


A supposed dumb blonde, with a trace of a Brooklyn accent, and a fear of gothic things. Originally angry at Yugi for revealing to him he is voiced by a girl, he stops picking on him after he says he's his friend. He constantly bickers with Honda.


Stated to be an idiot who still has a voice that resembles Barney the Dinosaur just like in Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged. He has a hopeless crush on Miho, and is willing to sink as low as possible to get her. Miho knowing this manipulates him for her own personal gain. Often times whenever he does something stupid Yugi makes a remark behind his back in which Honda tells him to shutup. Although he at times tries hard to hide this he's quite self-centred and selfish often using other people (especially Yugi) for his own personal gain.


The mother figure of the group that Yugi has a crush on. However, she's only interested in Yami.


A girl who speaks in a very high pitched voice and whom no one seems to notice is even there, those who do notice that she is are either confused as to why she's there or annoyed that she has to accompany them. Honda has a hopeless crush on her.


A psychopathic, sadistic spirit that takes residence in Yugi's body after he completes the Millennium Puzzle. He emerges in times of danger to play Shadow Games, which almost always seem to involve cannibalism either as the objective of the Shadow Game or the Penalty Game for losing. He himself is an extreme cannibal, and will take any chance to try and eat human flesh, usually his opponents. He is renowned for his evil, maniacal laugh that is extremelly popular among fans, to the pointwhere it was requested to be brought back after episode 3. During the Valentines special he received fan mail from fangirls and was rewarded with body parts for him to eat. Has been stated by fans numerous times to have the voice done perfectly, which is Yugi's voice accompanied by an echo.


Also a cannibal


He screws the rules because he has green hair.


Portrayed as being a Russian and is known for saying Soviet Russia jokes. When Yugi remarks that he doesn't look Russian he responds by saying Yugi doesn't look Japanese. Which Yugi answers in disbelief by saying "What do you mean I don't look Japanese, my skin is pasty white, my eyes are huge and I have blond hair. Shadi appears to be scared of Yami and was very uncomfortable when he entered Yami's room of the mind.