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YGXTAS 7 - Sucks To Be You

Sucks to be you

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX The Abridged Series

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Abridged Episode 7[]

Cast (in order of appearance): Jaden Yuki, Chumley, Syrus Truesdale, Professor Crowler, Alexis Rhodes, Zane Truesdale, Narrator, Winged Kuriboh, Dream Duelist, Obelisk Blue Students

Date: January 9 2009

Running Time: 5:34

Episode Title: Sucks to be you


(Into: Dueling Store)

Jaden: I hate these damn submission forms. Reasons why I want to duel Zane? Hmmm... he's a douche, I bet he probably smells bad to.

Crowler: Hey Jaden, can I have a look at that piece of paper? Ah, really I can? Thank you. Ah! See, you don't like that did yeah? You want it back? You cant have it. Ah, I'm kidding here you go. Ah, psych again! "As I open my heart, my feelings are more solemn, my true love is a monster named Ancient gear Golem." That's so beautiful, and yet a little gay.

Jaden: A friend wrote it for me and that's the wrong side.

Crowler: Yes, sure it is, Jaden.

(Flipped it on the other side)

Crowler: Oh, it is. You want to challenged Zane Truesdale, the top student of our school? Sounds like a Marvelous idea, I'm going to approve this right away.

Jaden: Y- Really?

Crowler: F**ck No! (Laughing)

Jaden: Oh God, why?!

(Title Sequence, Jindou's "Rising Weather Hallelujah" plays)

Narrator: Meanwhile. In the... yeah we got that joke already.

Syrus: It's the good thing I found this blanket lying around. it really show my emotions, which is depression and depressed. But I cant still hear Jaden's voice in my head!

Jaden: Come on Syrus, you just need a strategy... You're going to be the best Duelist ever... Chicken strips are better than hot sauce... Hey Syrus, have you seen my Cheetos?... I love you, man. I... I... I so love you right now.

Random Voice: Sir, you are clearly intoxicated you bust me right now!

Jaden: I... Um... fine! it is you, who is cogitate through the cake in!

Random Voice: That's it, I'm gonna get you outta here myself. security!

Jaden: Oh, you have to get your friends to help you, You pussy...

Syrus: Why can't I have things my way for once, I know what that would be like.

Random Duelist: Syrus, Choose your fate; yourself or your friend?

Syrus: That's easy!

(cues punching Jaden)

Jaden: Ugh! No, Syrus. How could you? you've destroy me! Syrus!!!

Syrus: Wow, That would rule!

Obelisk blue Students: Due Die!

Jaden: Oh, come on guys. I just wanna speck to Zane!

Obelisk blue Students #1: Speak to this!

(Dumps water at Jaden)

Obelisk blue Students #2: Ha! you got him all wet.

Obelisk blue Students #1: Come on, let's do rich stuff.

Jaden: Damned Obelisk blues I'm so angry! I have to take this anger out on someone. Oh Syrus, come here you big loveable bastard, Got yeeeaaaaah... that's not you. that's a pillow.

Chumley: *grunts*

Jaden: huh, You found something, Chumley?

Syrus: "Dear Jaden and Chumley, I decide to leave Duel Academy forever. Goodbye, P.S. Jaden I've read one of your poems, it was pretty gay."

Jaden: A friend wrote it for me!!! alright Chumley, it's time to gain some speed and lose some weight. Come on, we're gonna find Syrus.

Chumley: *grunts*

Syrus: Man, am I glad I joined Boy Scouts, who knew that they will come a time in my life when I would actually to build a perfect raft.

Jaden: I can smell blue hair, he went this way! Syrus, Where are you?! Whoa, what's going on my ass? Winged Kuriboh?

Winged Kuriboh: MMmmh!

Jaden: What's that? You know where Syrus is?

Winged Kuriboh: MMmmh!

Jaden: Alright Kuriboh, You lead the way. Hey went there, Chumley! The invincible floating hairball that came from my ass just told me so!

Zane: Standing on this pier and watching the sunset make my fangirls think I have a sensitive side.

Alexis: Hey Zane, boy am I glad to see you. I've been stuck in the woods since Episode 5 trying to find Syrus. And apparently I have been looking for my brother.

Zane: Any luck?

Alexis: No.

Zane: Sucks to be you.

Jaden: Don't you even dare try to run away Syrus, You can't win! I've been playing Sonic all day.

(Leaped to the raft)

Jaden: Holy crap, this raft sucks!

(cues splashing)

Jaden: *Gasp*

Syrus: *Gasp* Damn it, Jaden! Why couldn't you let me go!

Jaden: Get the... Get the hell off of me! No, we're gonna-

(Cues Drowning)

Both: *Gasp*

Syrus: Damn it. I still can't kill Jaden, maybe if I hit him with this!

Jaden: Don't you dare!

Zane: Syrus! So you're dropping out?

Syrus: Yep!

Zane: Sucks to be you.

Jaden: Duel me now, you jerk!

Zane: Deal.

Narrator: Meanwhile. At the docks! Why dueling at the docks? I don't know! pretty cool, though.

Jaden: I'm going to beat you Zane, Not just for me, Not just for Syrus, but for all the little people who had competence room by people like you. You don't care who you walk on, to you everyone is just an obstacles. Well, you're wrong. It's people like us that have helped you get where you are, right now. If it wasn't for us, you would be nothing and I think it's time that you show a little respect and that's what dueling is all about. And another thing...

Zane: Yeah, you lose.

Jaden: I, what?

(Cues Explosion)

Jaden: I... I lost?

Syrus: Jaden lost?

Alexis: Jaden lost?

Director: *Pffffft* Jaden lost?!

Zane: You know, I think you just lost. Later.

Alexis: Call me, Syrus!

Syrus: I haven't got your number, bitch!

Alexis: Yeah, I love you to!

Jaden: Wow, after all that, I'm hungry. Let's go get some grilled cheese.

Chumley: *grunts*

Jaden: No, Chumley. Not you.

Syrus: Yeah, your just a big slob!

(Both laughing)

Jaden: But seriously, dude. You're gonna die soon.

Caption Ending: We told you we would update quicker! A welcome back to Xthedarkone Remember, Jaden for President. "Sucks to be you."

Alexis: Zane, I can't find my brother anywhere!

Zane: Well, You know what, Alexis? That's a shame, but I have a song to make that all go away.

Alexis: Really, What's that Zane?

Zane: It sucks to be you...

Alexis: hey!

Zane: It sucks to be you...

Alexis: That's mean, Zane!

Zane: It sucks to be you and Jaden and Syrus and Crowler to!

Crowler: What?!

Zane: It sucks to be you.

Alexis: You know, Zane. You're bit of a jerk.

Zane: Yeah? Well, sucks to be you.