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I couldn't find Syrus anywhere, but I hope this is the acceptation.

Abridged Episode 9[]

Cast (in order of appearance): Jaden Yuki, Syrus Truesdale, Narrator, Chazz Princeton, Alexis Rhodes, Zane Truesdale, Bastion Misawa, Chancellor Sheppard, Professor Crowler, Para and Dox "The Paradox brothers", Chumley, Director, Random Student, Gangster Wall

Date: February 17 2009

Running time: 8:20

Episode title: Brothers from the hood


(intro: Duel Academy)

Crowler:(singing to himself about "Staying Alive" by the Bee Gee's) Oh, you can tell by the way I move my walk I'm a Duelist Man, no time to talk. Hating Reds, Especially that Jaden guy, yeah he's a douche.

(Song stopped by Chazz)

Chazz: Hey Crowler!

Crowler: Huh?

Chazz: Were you just singing?

Crowler: Ye.... Ye....u... n... no? No I wasn't... Would you like me to sing?

Chazz: Actually, I'd rather stab myself something cheap, like a pencil or a drawing pen or a Clev-

Crowler: Is it something that you wanted, Chazz?

Chazz: I want you to put me in that tag duel against Jaden, so I can send him packing.

Crowler: That's sounds like an excellent idea of course I can put you in the tag duel.

Chazz: Re... really?

Crowler: *Pffft* F**ck No. HA! HA! HA!

Chazz: Douchebag.

(Title Sequence, Jindou's "Rising Weather Hallelujah" plays)

Narrator: So to clarify, every time I say toolshed I get a watermelon.

Director: Yes, yes you do.

Narrator: Good! Then that's one watermelon, please.

Director: But... *sigh* fine.

Narrator: Okay Then. Let's do this; Meanwhile. In the Toolshed! HA! HA! HA! It's good to be back!

Jaden: And that is how you rid your deck to give you any card you want.

Chumley: *Grunts*

Jaden: No, Chumley. It's not cheating it's just simply tip the odds in your favor to insure you win. And who cares what you think anyway you don't talk anymore.

Chumley: *grunts*...

Sheppard: Attention Everyone, the tag duel with Jaden and Syrus is about to start. So please, drop everything you're doing and come to the arena because card games are WAY more important than actual studies.

Bastion: Damn schools, studies are everything. I'm generically British in the dubbed so I meant to think that. Yes.

Alexis: You're Bath Misawa, a friend with Jaden?

Bastion: It's Bastion, and you are Alexis. Syrus's love squeezed and residents simpleton.

Alexis: Yeah, I like puppies to.

Sheppard: Now, here's to get their ass kicked, Syrus Truesdale and Jaden Yuki.

Chazz: Inappropriate Anger!

Syrus: Well Jaden, good luck. Tell me how it goes.

Jaden: Oh Come on, Syrus. You're my partner.

(both laughing with each other)

Syrus:....Ah, never tough me again.

Zane: Well, Syrus. It's time to see if it really does truly sucks to be you.

Crowler: Now, without further ado. It's time to reveal a lot quite obvious kamyo...!

(Paradox Brothers leaping with intro.)

Chumley: *grunts*!

Chazz: Reaction Shot!

Sheppard: Reaction Shot!

Bastion: Reaction Shot!

Alexis: Green Beans and snot!

Paradox Brothers: Wee!

Crowler:...The Paradox Brothers! No shit!

Para: We are the Brothers; Para and Dox.

Dox: And we love playing children's card games for money and beat kids like you.

Para:....Wow, we are really out of practice.

Jaden: Ha! Ha! They're wearing dresses.

Syrus: Actually, Jaden. I think they're Como nos.

Jaden: Oh, still pretty gay.

Alexis: I've heard of these guys, they're Dueling Mercenaries; not to mention the best tag team in the world.

Bastion: Considering, they are the only tag team in the world. I'm not surprised and Dueling Mercenaries, what are you, retarded?

Alexis: How many sides on the triangle?

Bastion: The- *sigh* women.

Para: Enough talk, it is time to duel!

Dox: And you will find that we can be quite mean.

Para:....Wow, we are really sucking at this.

Crowler: Let's get this going! Now there are few rules in this tag duel; One: no sharing strategies. Two: confirming. Three: No-

Random Student: Would you shut up and get on with it!

Crowler: *sniff* Fine... Duel!

Syrus: I summon, Syroid!

Para: I summon, Giant Spider!

Jaden: I summon, Elemental Hero: Burstinatrix!

Dox: I summon, Kaiser Sea Horse!

Syrus: Huh, that was actually quite straightforward. I think we might possibly have a legitimate duel.

Dox: Now, I play the magic card; Tribute Doll. Which allows me to sacrifice my brother's monsters to summon a level 7 from my hand.

Para: Wait, what? God Damn it!

Jaden: Hey Syrus, check it out. it looks like a giant boobs with arms.

Syrus: Ha, yeah. (oh, man. I'm laughing a Jaden's jokes? I'm losing it!) I play Polymerization! Which I fuse with Steamroid and Syroid to summon, some kinda helicopter plane thing?... yeah. Anyway, Attack!

Para: Oh no!

Dox: Kazejin, give that monster a blowjob!

(the Audience were cheering boo's at Syrus's monster)

Syrus: Wow, my card just got violated. Well at least it can't get any worst.

Para: Oh by the way, I just summon, Gate Guardian.

Dox: and I summon, Gangster Wall!

Gangster Wall: Sup, bitches?!

Syrus: yeah, well I summon, Cycloid!

("Bicycle": by Queen)

Jaden: Huh, I want to ride my bicycle.

Crowler: Excellent, those two are found weakest link and it's Syrus. Poor little Syrus, he would be the weakest link in a plate with sausages... Wait, what?

Bastion: Gate Guardian to attack and Gangster Wall to defend, almost flawless.

("Absolutely Flawless" riff from the song plays when he says "flawless")

Alexis: Hey Batman, do you hear that?

Bastion: No, and my name is Bastion.

Alexis: Bath time?

Bastion: Bastion.

Alexis: Pastor?

Bastion: Bastion!


Bastion: Ba... that doesn't even sound like Bastion.

Alexis: Oooo, look at that. A tag duel.

Bastion: Wha... bu... yo... e... *sigh*

Para: It is starting to look like you're not doing so well.

Dox: Yes, I agree. I can already tell.

Syrus: Stop it.

Para: Hey brother, we seem to be getting better at rhyming.

Dox: If we keep this up, we can perfect our timing.

Syrus: Guys, this is really annoying.

Para: Your skills are pathetic, your style is lame.

Dox: You should never be allowed to play a card game.


(random rap music is playing)

Syrus: Yeah... alright, here at Duel Academy Island. Let's hit it. Now everybody in the DAI, put your hands in the air to show come and die.(x2) Syrus Truesdale is here in the mic, here to put you boys back on the bike. You flippin' in here and your rhymes so lame, claiming you have come to play a card game over what you guys to think of is how it is, but take a step back a bitches love my Drillroid. Now I understand you guys think you're tough, so here's my friend Jaden just to finish you off.

Jaden: Yeah... it's me, Jaden Yuki, and great at... playing cards?

Syrus: Okay, bad idea. I guess I take it back, as far as rapping goes, Jaden has no tag, But remember these laws and remember it well. me and my Roids are sending you guys straight to hell, what do you think you can't rhyme, but let me tell you what's up? Sit down, relax, and Shut the f**ck up!

(Cues Explosion)

Crowler: Alright! Alright, that was tight. Okay, now raise the roof if you thought the Paradox Brothers win that round?

(All went quiet, except one random student cheering)

Crowler: Okay... now, raise the roof if you thought Syrus's team won?

(All Cheered)

Crowler: Well then, it seems it's a facial; Syrus win, The Paradox brothers was the worst cameo ever, and Jaden can't rap for sh**t!

Jaden: By the way, Syrus. What does DAI mean?

Syrus: "Duel Academy Island," man, Jaden you're so white.

Jaden: What?

Syrus: Word.

Caption Ending: In this hood is where it's at, yo! Remember to wear protection when you wish to ride your bicycle. Syrus currently hosts the new rap battle at the New York underground every other Friday. he goes by the name of 'Sy-True' and is making a very arrogant lifestyle.

Alexis: So let me get this straight, your name is Billy Bob Jones III from Ashton Town.

Bastion: *sigh* Yes. Yes, I am whatever the hell you just said.

Alexis: Hey Bastion, look! The episode is over!

Bastion: Yes, I'm sur- wait, what?