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This a listing of main characters from Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged.

As expected in a parody, the characters for the series have similar personalities to their original counterparts; however some aspects are greatly exaggerated, as seen below.

For a listing of minor characters, see: Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series minor characters.


Yugi Muto[]

Yugi tends to be sarcastic from time to time. Extremely selfish, he refuses to give anyone more screentime than him (to the point where some characters' names can't be remembered by others, such as Bakura). Also, he doesn’t seem to have forgiven Joey for throwing a piece of his Millenium Puzzle out of the window and subsequently took his revenge by tormenting him with the Prize money card. As hinted in the original series, Yugi likes Tea Gardner (if fact, as revealed in the pilot of the Season 0 Abridged, he put the Millenium Puzzle together due to being told that if he did so, he would be give a wish, and planned to wish for Tea's panties), something she seems to reciprocate, at first. However, it is later revealed that she was just using Yugi to get to Yami. Yugi seems depressed by this and Yami tried to cheer him up mentioning that Mai likes Yugi, though Yugi claims she's not his type, which causes Yami to rant about her boobs being bigger than him.

He tends to think things are "Super Special Awesome". This has become his catchphrase and has started to annoy other characters. In episode 19 Joey says, "Would you stop saying Super Special Awesome? It stopped being funny 15 episodes ago!". Yugi took it very personally. After his duel with Bandit Keith, Yugi wonders whether or not he's the main character, since Yami is the one that wins all the card games. Yugi even remarks he's about as useful to the plot as Bakura, something which Yami feels isn't true at all.

In LittleKuriboh's own spin off parody, Cr*psule Monsters, based on the actual spin off series Capsule Monsters, Yugi has no recollection of the Duel Monsters card game, although he remembers having rescued his grandfather from Pegasus and meeting several other characters as well. He is the only one besides Téa to remember all the other characters, but he still doesn't remember Duel Monsters, preferring to play Capsule Monsters instead. In Yu-Gi-Oh: the Other Abridged Movie, he is well aware that everything looks different due to the movie being based on the original Toei production of Yu-Gi-Oh and he is the only one who can see Miho, regarding her as the strange blue haired girl, prompting everyone to believe he has gone crazy. He is also friends with Gary Stu even though he has clearly never met him before. He also smokes but is thinking about stopping due to his health.

He also seems to like buying and selling merchandise on eBay, going as far as to use his grandpa's credit card in order to buy Duel Monsters merchandise on the site. He also sold the free duel disk he received from the rare-hunter/shopkeeper on eBay.

It has been revealed in Episode 32 that Yugi is a fan of the Twilight series. Yami claims he should never have let him read it after Yugi starts to think he is a vampire (because Yami has no reflection).

In Episode 36 he claims that his face is so cute that he's often mistaken for a baby panda (which seems to have plenty of truth to it, as Yami is surprised to hear that he's not a baby panda, and Tristan spends the rest of the episode convinced that Joey is duelling a baby panda).

Yami Yugi[]

Unlike his counterpart of the original series, Yami Yugi is nasty, childish and sometimes portrayed as gay. Like Yugi, he tends to be sarcastic and disbelieving of the plotlines of the episodes. He often uses Egyptian terms for surprised exclamations ("Holy Ra", "Sweet Mother Of Osiris!", "You Son Of A Sphinx!", "Holy Mumra!"). He has been called Yugi's "Imaginary Boyfriend", Nosferatu (nose-fur-ot-too) and Dan Green throughout this series.

There are occasions where he is stated to be gay. In the episode with the Gay Clown, he says that 'If you're a ghost, then I'm straight!'. In Episode 28, Grandpa Motou seems to acknowledge that Yugi and Yami are a 'couple' and Yami is his Imaginary Boyfriend. Also in Episode 23, he asks to spend time in front of the mirror to apply makeup, to which Yugi responds that he is "such a slut". He has also defended his ambiguous sexuality in Episode 2 when he thought Pegasus was saying they have something in common by being pedophiles.

Despite Téa's feelings for him, he displays little interest in her (even calling her a whore on occasion). However, after Téa admits to finding brainwashing people fun, Yami agrees, saying they have more in common than he thought. In Episode 36, Tea seems to arouse Yami when she's a brainwashed Steve.

A common running gag is that, regardless of being the main duelist of the series, he sees Duel Monsters as a card game that shouldn't be taken so seriously and also mocks the strange plays he made during Duelist Kingdom, claiming to cheat which is possibly referring to the fact that the cards in the show have effects that sometimes are not similar to the ones in real life at all.

Although nobody knows his real name, everyone seems to know he's a Pharaoh. In the Fake series end, he states his real name to be Dan Green (Yugi and Yami's voice actor in the actual series). LittleKuriboh still uses the name Dan Green in a couple of short videos using a stuffed doll of Yami.

In Season 0, Yami is noticibly more dark and sadistic. Following the story from Season 0, he plays very few card games, instead coming up with his own games to deal with numerous people and problems. However, it is quite clear he gets dark pleasure out of this, like in Episode 3 where he watches happily as "Jero the Yellow Spider" burns to death in front of him thanks to his own doing. Joey remarks that this is "Pretty f*cked up," but he just replies happily, "Pretty f*cked up, Joey!" Also, it seems he cheats in some of his own games. For example, in Episode 1 during his game with Ushio, he says he wins by simply having picked the Queen of Spades from the row of cards. Ushio is then promptly eaten by giant, man-eating worms (It is implied this really happened and was not just an illusion like in the original version). Also, whenever Yami appears in this season, theme from the Halloween movies plays in the background, further hinting at his dark, twisted personality. However, in Episode 2, he himself is visibly disturbed by Kaiba due to him being so overly-friendly and even dodging his signature catch-phrase when he remarks about Kaiba summoning three Blue Eyes at once. This disturbs him so much he ends up sending Kaiba away before their duel even ends! He has yet to show if he has any good inside him, though he does seem to have some sanity.

Joey Wheeler[]

Joey is the male personification of a "dumb blonde". In other words, the parody makes him out to be incredibly stupid. For example, while playing Duel Monsters with Yugi in Bakura’s flashback in Episode 11, he exclaimed "Checkmate! I sunk your battleship!". He also apparently hates blonde people (ironic given that he himself is blonde), and he doesn't seem to realize when people are insulting him. He reveals in the first episode that he has a Brooklyn accent, which he considers inappropriate. Despite this, however, he seems to be very able at building good decks. In episode 2, Joey’s deck was so good, Yugi decided to steal it and told him that it was worthless. In Episode 17, he even defeated Bandit Keith by copying his "in America" stunt by playing Copycat.

Another significant difference is that Joey bears no compassion towards his sister. This is shown as early as Episode 3, when he receives a video from Serenity about her blindness, but is more upset that it wasn't from Pegasus to take his soul. Also, though he entered the Duelist Kingdom tournament in order to win the prize money, just as in the original; unlike the original, however, he wants the money for himself, rather than to fund the operation for Serenity and spends most of it forgetting she's alive or blowing off her condition. In Episode 14, when reminded about his sister, he figured he could just use the money to buy a new one. This was debunked rather comically in Episode 19 when he mimicked Kaiba: "Screw my sister, I have money!". In Episode 25, it seems that Joey is excited that his sister is going to be able to see again. In reply, Tristan asks if Joey spent the prize money from Duelist Kingdom on her operation. Joey stated, "Nah. My mom's paying for the operation. I spent the prize money on children's trading cards." Though he does show some compassion towards her in Episode 27 by promising not to let bad things happen to her, when the operation fails, he goes and steals her trading cards.

After his recent defeat from Kaiba, Joey has begun to have some "erotic dreams" about Kaiba in which he himself wears a dog suit, something that he actually seems to enjoy. As noted in the credits of the Abridged Movie, he eventually came to terms with his furriness and makes regular appearances at Anthrocon.

Among his gags is the constant "Nyeah!" sound he exclaims when shocked, startled, in pain, etc. Also he seems to have a liking for crossdressing (as said in episode 9). In episode 28, he began using the catchphrase "Brooklyn Rage" to show his anger, but Yami tells him that it will never be a popular catchphrase and tells him to stop. It is known that Joey's 4Kids VA Wayne Grayson likes the phrase and has repeated it at various anime conventions. In Episode 31 Joey claimed he had "rage of the Brooklyn variety" putting a new spin on the Brooklyn rage catchphrase.

In Episode 12, it is also revealed that he is apparently a fan of both Firefly and Serenity, a TV show by Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series) and its subsequent movie continuation. It is known that Abigail (Safty on YouTube), LittleKuriboh's wife, is a fan of the show. The fact that when Yugi reminds him of his love of Serenity, which Joey took to mean Joss Whedon's movie and not his sister, also highlights his disregard for his sister.

It is vaguely implied that he actually caused the death of 'Tristan Taylor's voice' at the end of episode 8. Whilst he explains that he was "with Tristan's voice when he passed away", he looks himself like he has seen better days, and also gives a somewhat fantastic explanation that Tristan's voice died after running with scissors while drunk, and in the 'Reconstruction' of the event, he reacts to Tristan's voice's death with an obviously nonchalant "Oh no, he's dead."

In Cr*psule Monsters, Joey doesn't seem to remember anything that he and the rest of the gang had encountered before then, not even Mai Valentine. He also tries to claim they're not ripping off Pokemon even though he's riding on Baby Dragon and comparing it to Charizard.

In the Other Abridged Movie, Joey develops a passion for getting into fights with other people, claiming to be much more satisfying than card games (clearly a reference to his Shadow Game series counterpart, who was a rebellious man that always got into fights and showed great strength at them). He also calls his fighting style Brooklyn Karate, names his fighting moves like 'Surprise Buttsex' (grabbing his opponents from the back) and Joey Punch, although Surprise Buttsex is also a way to show suggestive affection (Yami Yugi claims that Buttsex with him is never a surprise).

Ever since he defeated Weevil in episode 31, Joey claims he's going to pick off all the minor season one characters in the Battle City Tournament one by one claiming that's how he rolls (a reference to how most of his opponents in Battle City are minor season one characters). He even goes as far as wanting to duel Kaiba, calling him a minor season one character.

In episode 34, Joey is in a censored fight with Marik's henchmen and ends up getting captured. He claims, in this episode, to love 4Kids fight sequences because you can be as violent as you want as long as no one is watching. During his imprisonment he fooled into signing a "Name Change" contract that legally changes his name to Steve. He is then mind-controlled by Marik.

As of episode 54 Joey may have officially broken the fourth wall the most severely, being the first character to acknowledge a dub of Yu-Gi-Oh! unrelated to either the Japanese or 4Kids dubs, in this case the Singapore dub.

Tea Gardner[]

Like her show counterpart, Téa seems to be very into the ideals of friendship, though doesn't blab about them as often (when she does, though, it seems to annoy everyone, especially Yami). She is a lot crueler than on the regular Yu-Gi-Oh, criticizing Joey for having no chance of winning Duelist Kingdom as he is a comedic sidekick character in episode 5 (though she seems to dislike Bakura and Tristan more, wanting to ditch them in episode 18 and then telling Joey they can't let Tristan breed in Episode 22).

She is obviously in love with Yugi (Yami), and in many occasions have acted very jealous when other people "flirt" with him. However in the Abridged Movie Trailer, she admitted she was only using Yugi to get to Yami Yugi, but in the film she blatantly comes onto Yugi on multiple occasions, and seems to be genuine about it. She officially admits to loving Yami in episode 21, and since then, Yugi has been much less friendly to her, calling Téa "Jezebel" in episode 21 and "slut" in episode 22, where she also was fawning over Duke Devlin for most of the episode. She fawned over Marik in a similar fashion in Episode 34 and 39, saying Marik's lack of personality would enable him to fit "perfectly between my thighs... I mean our circle of friends". In that episode she also gave Duke Devlin a spanking which seems to imply her character is getting kinkier as the show is going on.

She's also a kleptomaniac, having attempted to steal her friends' wallets on two separate occasions, including the marker used in Episode One (and also wanted to snoop through Pegasus' room in episode 19). Among others, she has a Happy Feet penguin, a Sailor Moon, Bubbles, and Jigglypuff cards in her deck. Thrice, she has compared the plotline (Episodes 9, 19 and the Abridged Movie) to bad fanfics. Despite her hatred for all Yu-Gi-Oh related fanfics, it's revealed that in Episode 23 she writes Harry Potter fanfics and is a Harry/Hedwig-shipper.

She despises Mai Valentine, likely due to her liking Yugi, despite the fact that she likes Yami. Among others, she has referred to Mai as "Mai Skankitine", and "Skankity Slutslut".

Due to the fact LittleKuriboh is male, Téa's voice sounds high-pitched and slightly strangled.

Her friendship speeches apparently have started to have a brainwashing effect on people unfortunate enough to get caught in one, as shown in episode 25 when she got Johnny Steps caught in one for a couple of hours, he left saying "must...go...get...friends" in a monotonic voice. She also boasts that friendship is the most powerful force in the world, even stronger than Chuck Norris, to which Joey responded, "Blasphemy!". She seems to enjoy the effects of her speeches and cannot resist the urge to speak one. Tea also admits to being a total spaz which allows her to be really good at DDR (though her life goal is to become a table dancer in New York, something she may have done after the events of the Abridged Movie). In the second episode of Cr@psule Monsters, she nicknames her monster "Friendly McFrienderson III."

In the Abridged Movie, Téa is regarded with contempt; when she attempts to jump into the Pyramid of Light to be with Yugi, Pegasus tells Mokuba and Solomon to "just let her jump". When she appears in front of Yugi, Joey and Tristan, they sarcastically remark "Oh, great," and in a similar fashion, "Oh, no" when she falls. Anubis even describes her as the most annoying character in Yu-Gi-Oh and plans to kill her to do the fans a favor.

In Cr*psule Monsters, Téa is the only character who seems to remember everything about the past events in the series, whereas everyone else has forgotten about every other character, the Duelist Kingdom tournament and even Duel Monsters itself, except for Yugi, who remembers everything but the card game. Tristan claims that she's living too much in the past in the beginning of the second Cr@psule episode and seems to have finally stopped referencing the card game. She and Tristan both believed in the special candy Alex Brisbane mentioned and somehow acquired monsters used to fight other creatures. ("Friendly's" power seems mainly to just be healing people with friendship/magical powers).

Tristan Taylor[]

Like Joey, he provides much of the comedy in the series, mostly due to his clogged sounding voice, a fact that he remarks in the first episode (in Episode 2, Yami states that Tristan is voiced by Barney the Dinosaur). For Episode 8 and the first half of Episode 9, he was given a new voice, similar to what happened in the original series; however this new voice was apparently killed by Bakura's "evil side" in Episode 9, and the old one was revived (Yami stated that he did it because the old voice was much easier to make fun of than the new one). He also claims on four separate occasions that his voice gives him "super-strength", once while fighting Kemo (who then claims his hair lets him defy gravity), once in a cave while being chased by a giant 'boulder', once when assaulting one of Pegasus' guards while wearing a suit of armor, and once while fighting a zombie. In one occasion he claimed that his voice "knows kung-fu" when knocking out Bakura in episode 18 with a karate chop. In episode 15 it's revealed Kemo's hair is Tristan's father, and it has been mentioned Tristan's true strength is in his hair (in a synopsis for one of the Abridged episodes). The parody portrays Tristan as childish and sometimes downright stupid, to the point where no one takes him seriously. For example, he was the only one who believed Kaiba's ghost was real in Episode 7. Another running gag with him is the several complaints about being a minor character and trying to have an adventure while the major characters are sleeping (episode 16). Also, in Episode 60, after Kaiba calls him the "single most worthless being [he] has ever met",Tristan takes this as a sign that he is now friends with Kaiba.

Another running gag is his surprised exclamation of "Holy (censored) on a (censored) sandwich!", first started in Episode 6. It has since been reused and added upon twice to include "with (censored) on top" in Episode 16 and "and a side helping of (censored)" in Episode 20. However, it was only stated in its first incarnation in the Abridged Movie.

Tristan also loves Joey's sister Serenity. At the end of episode 3 Joey mentions his sister and Tristan says "If she's going blind, I might actually have a chance with her." He has called her "darling", "jailbait", and "fine ass" on many occasions, and in the Serenity commentary special tried many ways to get her on a date with him (including changing the comments to say that Serenity should date him, and even threatens to kill the president in order to impress Serenity). Despite not knowing what sex is, Tristan does want to sleep with Serenity (as mentioned in episode 25), although he has also shown a bit of attraction to Téa in that regard (in episode 15 he mentions she should take off her clothes and in 16 states the only way they can survive is if they have sex. He also claims they did it when acquiring their personal monsters in Cr@psule monsters two, going as far as to call his Pikachu-like creature "Tristan Jr"). Yugi and Téa bullied Tristan for loving Serenity. Tristan however did not seem to understand that they had known it all the time and decides to kill them all (which he still hasn't done, since the two are still alive).

Episode 8 is dedicated to the memory of "Tristan Taylor's voice" (who allegedly died after running with scissors while drunk, according to Joey).

In Cr*psule Monsters, Tristan is oblivious to the fact there is a Duel Monsters card game, or anything or anyone else the gang had encountered before then. He also made the first direct Pokemon reference in Episode 2 which made him and Téa get attacked by a Kraken (though despite about to die he claimed the spin-off was still better then Yu-Gi-Oh GX).

Tristan somewhat predicted the game plot of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's as he stated "Because in the future, card games will be played on motorbikes"; which Yugi thought was ridiculous. He also made an interesting prediction in Episode 21 when he suggests that the characters "exist in a fictional universe created by some Japanese guy who likes card games", which Téa believes to be the dumbest thing he has ever said.

Tristan tends to get movies/novels mixed up, he mistaken Lord of the Flies for The Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars for Star Trek.

Tristan has also been shown to have the ability to break necks with his mind (Episode 31).



For the first seven episodes, Bakura was apparently stalking the gang in an attempt to become one of the main characters of the show. When he first appeared to the gang officially, he was accompanied by threatening and evil music from the movie The Omen, implying his apparent intent to become a main character no matter what the cost. At that point, he'd had only a few very small on-screen appearances, so he was barely recognized by the main characters. It is a running gag that no one either cares, likes or even knows of Bakura's existence throughout the series, and always being the receiving end of many jokes and ridicules. On rare occasions characters have appeared nice or showed compassion to him. One of the many jokes is that Bakura is a minor character and that he tries very hard to become the main character, such as following the main characters around during Duellist Kingdom. His alter ego Yami Bakura however serves as a primary antagonist and stated to be a main character by Pegasus, when he detected a main character inside Bakura's Millenium Ring. An example of being thoroughly rejected by the characters is when Téa is talking about Yami Bakura, Joey asks which one she means and she says "the one we don't like" in which Joey replies by saying "I'm sorry Téa you'll have to be a bit more specific than that."

In the abridged series, his father had apparently discovered the Millennium Ring while searching for blue hair dye, and fitted it with a gaydar, allowing it to seek out gay people to prevent Bakura from being taken advantage of because of his appearance. So far it has pointed to Pegasus’s Castle (Croquet, as stated in an episode synopsis), Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle (Yami Yugi), the Paradox Brothers, Marik Ishtar and his Millennium Rod, and Ishizu Ishtar and her Millennium Necklace. This has led the others to believe that Bakura is gay himself, something he denies, explaining it away as just being British. This may or may not be true for Yami Bakura, who confesses to enjoy cross-dressing and later even accidentally voices his desire for a sex-change operation. Furthermore, while Bakura says "I'm not gay, I'm just British", Yami Bakura has said "I'm not British, I'm just gay". In the Serenity commentary special he also mentioned he had dinner plans with Marik. Bakura is eventually abandoned at Duelist Kingdom after the tournament ended. He came back in episode 23 trying to be hip but only ended up freaking Téa out.

In one scene, when Bakura asks everyone to show their favorite cards, Bakura pulls out a card with the picture of Sephiroth (specifically, a picture of the villain from the movie Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children). This implies that Bakura is evil, and may or may not be Yami Bakura in disguise; however, this evidence is inconclusive. According to Yami Bakura, the reason that he's evil may stem from the fact that his parents hated the fact that he was a boy, as he said that they continually made him wear women's clothes and wanted to call him Florence. In the Yu-Gi-Oh Cosplay Challenge segment he claims his parents dressed him as Sailor Moon when he was a child and admits he thinks this is why he's so evil.

Like Bakura, Yami Bakura wants to be the main character of the show; unlike Bakura however, who just wants to be the main character, Yami Bakura wants to turn it into his own series, entitled "Zorc & Pals", a sitcom styled show with a laugh reel. When defeated by Yugi in a shadow game, Yami Bakura says that he will be become a main character, "even if it takes another 200 bloody episodes". This actually is in reference to Thief Bakura being the arc villain of the memory world, which happens in almost 200 episodes from that point in the series. This has become a running gag, as Yami Bakura mentioned in episode 23 and episode 32 that it would take several hundred episodes for him to finally make his move.

Another running gag for the character is that he has paraphrased quotes from the Joker and used them to threaten other characters. In episode 37 when Bakura tries to question a stranger about the Battle City tournament, he can only question Bakura's clothing choice. Bakura then says the stranger sounded nervous and asks if it was because of his British accent before telling a variation of Joker's origin in The Dark Knight, but says His mother tried to defend herself from his drunken father with a teapot only to get scalded with boiling tea. His father then approached him with the teapot before asking 'Why so British?'. In episode 40 he also paraphrased the quote 'Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?', only replacing 'dance' with 'duel'.

Probably the other most notable running gag of Bakura is how exaggerated his British nationality is. For example his common expressions ("bugger," "bollocks," "bloody") as well as constantly calling other people "wankers." Other characters seem to be confused by his accent, calling it "inappropriate." There are other jokes that point to this, such as in episode 18, Yami Bakura was going to find Tristan and Joey asked where he was going. He answered "I have to go do British things, like drink cups of tea, eat bangers and mash...that sort of thing. Because I'm British." This excuse turns out to be a lie, as he later confesses to Marik that he isn't British, he is just gay, but this could just mean that Yami Bakura is gay, while Bakura is just British, seeing as this is the only time Yami Bakura has said that line.

During the parody Bakura is constantly called "Limey" because he is British. He is also called "fruitcake" and "cream puff" by Yami on one occasion, and refers to himself as a "she-male" in episode 12. Joey also makes the remark “Maybe it’s a she-male, you know, like Bakura.” during episode 21. This is apparently because he is considered by many to be merely a "pretty boy" in the anime, and his high popularity amongst the fangirls. He apparently has a 'super-hero' alias as well, calling himself "Limey Man," who is apparently here to kick ass and drink cups of tea, but he is seemingly all out of tea.

Lately he has been trying to sound more American to keep from being bullied as much, but it doesn't work. During Yugi's first duel with a Rare Hunter, Bakura came asking if he could be in the episode, but he ended up getting hit by one of the launched holo-projectors.

In the Second Series, from Episode 28 onwards a new running gag has been created in which he asks if he can appear in the episode, only to be hurt or decapitated in some way, a parody of Kenny being killed in South Park. This gag lasted until Episode 30, with Bakura getting sawed by a Dark Energy Disk (which 4Kids had apparently forgotten to censor).

From episodes 34 to 37, Bakura faked a case of "Wanker's Cramp," described as "the most deadly of British diseases," as part of one of Marik's evil plans.

In Marik's Evil Council of Doom, it was revealed that Yami Bakura has a liking for knives and that they make him feel all 'tingly' inside. Due to his appearance, he was called 'Fluffy' by Marik, stating that he looked like a human Furby, due t. Yami Bakura then tells Marik not to call him that "in public." In the second Council of Doom, he stated that his favorite movie was Cannibal Holocaust and he gives it 2 severed thumbs up because of all the blood, and Rebecca Hawkins and Marik nicknamed him "Kitty." He was also with Marik during the council meeting in the 2008 Christmas special, claiming he usually gets fan girls' sawed-off fingers as presents since they seem to think their blood will make him happy (which it usually does). The final council video is mainly a fantasy of Bakura's which involves Melvin taking over Marik's body and killing Yugi before making Bakura his boyfriend, Zorc & Pals being renewed for a second season, and Dan Green saying Bakura was voted villain of the year and stating that Florence is a much manlier name than the name Dan Green.

Tristan mentioned that Yami Bakura's ring is so evil, that if Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger got married and had a baby, the ring would be the baby. This is when he tried throwing it away like a Frisbee in Episode 18 though it came back at the end of the episode somehow. He is said to be so evil in episode 37 that he actually killed a puppy.

Yami Bakura later is shown to take on more of an anti-hero role, when Melvin (Yami Marik) appears, in episode he duels Melvin alongside Marik to prevent the series from being cancelled and the fourth wall from being broken until he was "given the screentime I was promised." He ultimately fails and as he is about to be destroyed by Melvin's Ultra Mega Chicken he and Bakura sing their version of Stand By Me. In this episode Yami Bakura is revealed to have a red lightsabre just as Melvin has one in his Millenium Rod. Also in this episode Melvin taunts Bakura that Marik is his girlfriend, when Bakura answers "He's not my girlfriend!" Marik answers by saying "You tell him honey." Marik also referred to Bakura as his 'bread and butter' in the previous episode. In a deleted scene of this episode Bakura and Marik's ambiguous attraction is taken a step further, when Bakura says that he hates Marik and Melvin triumphs and the world is destroyed he will not be able to keep hating him, Marik also confesses that he hated Bakura from the moment he met him. Bakura then says that together they shall defeat Melvin so they could go on hating each other all night long. Marik then stops when he realises that Bakura is coming on to him and states that he isn't gay but Melvin is. Bakura then points out that Melvin is him, but Marik continues to deny his ambiguous homosexuality.

Maximillion Pegasus[]

In Kaiba's own words, "Pegasus is ruthless. Camp, yet ruthless". This description is accurate - from his eccentric style of overdress to his foppish, borderline-effeminate style of speech to his incredibly pretty-boy looks (Duke commented in episode 22 that he wanted to be as masculine as Pegasus when stating how pretty he looked, and Pegasus disagreed with Marik who called himself the girliest male Yu-Gi-Oh character). Like this, Pegasus fits the analysis perfectly. He has a habit of declaring everything "fabulous," and he also seems to have a liking for the Spice Girls (Croquet complains about having to see the film Spiceworld over and over again). He also enjoys sponge baths. It is at first hinted that Pegasus is gay, due to Bakura's gaydar pointing toward his castle. In episode 16, however, he remarks that he "can't have people thinking [he's] straight", for reasons unknown, and in episode 18 it was revealed that Croquet used to be in a relationship with another henchman. LittleKuriboh later confirmed that the gaydar was pointing to Croquet, not Pegasus, who is indeed straight.

Like in the original series, Pegasus originally had a wife named Cecilia and used Duelist Kingdom as part of his plan to resurrect her. The reason she is not alive, however, is because she apparently has an odd habit of exploding in front of Pegasus. Cecilia is the second most beautiful person he had ever laid his eyes on (Pegasus himself being the first). According to his notes, Pegasus wanted to use Kaiba Corp.'s technology and the Millennium Items to bring her back (Téa noting fanfics make more sense than that) and being more "confused" than evil in the Marik's Evil Council of Doom short.

In episode 19, after his defeat at the hands of Yugi, he loses a shadow game to Yami Bakura, which involved "Ancient Egyptian Laser Beams." Yami Bakura then proceeds to extract his Millennium Eye, although he runs into trouble as he ends up pulling the wrong eye out. Pegasus is last seen being carried by Croquet, who claims that Pegasus is feeling under the weather, although Yugi believes that he is dead (even though he is alive in the anime series and is shown later in the Abridged Movie) and Tristan even adds, "He died as he lived, draped in the arms of another man," possibly not convinced on Pegasus' sexuality. Because of Yami's LittleKuriboh imposters, Pegasus will never be able to watch the Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged series again.

In the Abridged Movie, Pegasus acts more camp and gay then before, even going far as flirting with Kaiba and asking to make love with him. LittleKuriboh said that he does this in an attempt to psych Kaiba out. Apparently he likes Priscilla: Queen of the Desert and that his favorite dream is starring in it. Even his snoring is girly, he says "Ooooh" when doing it.

In the second Council of Doom, Pegasus begins to show more of his sexual ambiguity by applying make-up, including eyeliner. He also appears to be a pedophile as he wants to show Rebecca his "funny bunny".

"Bandit" Keith Steve Howard[]

Bandit Keith is obsessed with America. Throughout his appearances, he will finish almost every sentence with the words "In America", usually after a brief pause, and makes references to America or being American. His favorite movie is Pearl Harbor. He used to hang around with Bonz, Sid and Zygor, before they blasphemed against Armageddon and other Michael Bay movies.. He also thinks that Hulk Hogan is the greatest American hero of all time.

He tried to get Joey out of the Duelist Kingdom tournament by stealing his entry card, however Mai gives Joey her card. He is later defeated by Joey, who used the Copycat card to copy Bandit Keith's catch phrase. Bandit Keith then snaps and is carried out of the tournament, singing the Star Spangled Banner. When he returned to confront Pegasus, Pegasus had a trap door open conveniently placed under Bandit Keith's feet. Bandit Keith is last seen in Duelist Kingdom screaming as he fell into the sea, pausing only for a second to say "...in America" before hitting the water.

He appears once more in episode 23, stealing Yugi's Millennium Puzzle and challenging him to a card game under Marik's control. Marik chose Bandit Keith since Americans are very easy to brainwash, making Bandit Keith think he was the President. After failing to obtain the Millennium Puzzle, Marik punishes him with the French national anthem, as France (according to Keith) is the exact opposite of America. During this torture Bandit Keith reveals that he is actually Canadian. By the end of the episode, he is back in Canada with a bandanna of the Canadian flag replacing his American one and changing his catchphrase to "In Canada." Marik was able to control Bandit Keith because his middle name is Steve. He verified this using Wikipedia, both a jab at the controversy over the reliability of the site, and at the frequent vandalism the page has experienced due to the jokes within the Abridged Series.

He was last heard recording a song that featured his and other character's voices in "Bandit Keith - United States of America." Every time the other characters speak, Keith cuts them off with "In America!"

Weevil Underwood and Rex Raptor[]

Weevil and Rex appear several times in the first few episodes. They're an obvious parody of Beavis and Butt-head. Weevil is Beavis (the more hyperactive one who transformed into Cornholio in episode 4) and Rex is Butt-head (the more calm and marginally more intelligent of the two). He also tends to mislead/insult Weevil a lot as seen in their comment special and when watching Silent Hill. Both tend to laugh stupidly at regular intervals, as well as try to make sexual innuendos out of everything they or someone else says ("You said region!"). All in all, they're both incredibly idiotic, which, considering how unintelligent they are in the dub, only adds to the parody's humour. Weevil also repeats the word "fire!" in various episodes, a reference to Beavis' pyromania and the fact that all uses of the word "fire" were eventually banned on Beavis and Butt-head. It's later revealed that Weevil somehow saved Kaiba from The Salesman.

According to Marik's Evil Council of Doom, Weevil enjoys Furbies and according to Yugi Gives An Apology, Raptor is one of characters people want to see (which irritates Bakura who was thinking he might get more screen time).

They have appeared in their own videos in which they watch Silent Hill in a manner that parodies Mystery Science Theater 3000, and in another where they responded to comments left by YouTube users. They were also featured in Teaser #2, where they are watching the trailer for Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie (not the abridged movie). Rex later appeared in The Other Abridged Movie where Kaiba defeated him, after which Rex said he was going to dye his hair (which was a different color than in the regular series). They have also appeared as critics of a series of anime music videos, trying to find sexual innuendos and commenting on the women.

Raptor also has a crush on Rebecca, but she thinks he has cooties.

The Big 5[]

The Big 5 compose of the top 5 bosses at Kaiba's company. They have tried to kill Kaiba multiple times but have always failed. The Big Five seem to like standing up dramatically at the same time as a form of celebration. They also were described as 4Kids executives in episode 37. They were also plotting ways of killing Yugi and his friends with Noah Kaiba (Kirbopher) in episode 46. All of the members of the Big 5 are voiced by the members of TeamFourStar. Gansley (HBI2K) Gansley is considered another "freaky fish guy." It is unknown what position he received from 4kids. Krump (Takahata101 A man obsessed with penguins, Crump is the oddball of the 5. He constantly makes a slurping sound when he thinks of sexual things, and has fantasies about being a teenage girl. While taking over Tèa's body, he continually tries to seduce Yugi, but was kicked out of Tèa by Marik, who already had control over her. He was made head of programming for 4kids. Johnson (KaiserNeko Johnson openly admitted to be the one taking out all the abridged series on YouTube, and was desperate to try and ban Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series for the third time. He was made head of the 4kids legal department, and invited several witnesses (even ones not relevant to the current situation, such as Ghost Nappa and Baby Pharaoh) to testify against Joey for copyright infringement. Nesbitt (MasakoX Nesbitt became the head of the 4kids merchandising department. He whole-heartedly believes he is a robot, and fails to comprehend human emotions, claiming that he is superior without them, also including that he had rocket powered fists. After defeating Tristan, he changed into Super Giga Mega Nesbitt, with his own theme music, and challenged Duke to a theme music battle, to which Duke lost after being hit with missiles. Duke then got revenge by showing Nesbitt a picture of Yuma, the Yugioh ZeXal protagonist, which Nesbitt could not comprehend his hairstyle. Nesbitt then took over Tristan's body, claiming to be "Evil Tristan," and continually telling Kaiba to "reconsider," which he told Kaiba to do instead of destroying his research lab. Lecter (Lanipator Lecter can be described as a stereotypical southerner, saying things like "I do declare" and "I say..." Lecter was appointed head of 4kids localization (because only America matters when it comes to translating.) he was defeated by Kaiba when Kaiba posted the new "Lol-colization" meme, which made Lecter's Jinzo backfire, since Lecter entire job was turned into a meme, and Jinzo destroys all memes.

Marik Sebastian Ishtar III[]

Marik is portrayed as the main antagonist for most of season 2, although it is hard to tell, due to his bad planning and confused intentions. Unlike Melvin (Yami Marik), Marik does not intend to kill Yugi (though he has stated he might kill him).

When Marik first appeared sitting and talking to his army, he refers to one of the Steve's as "Binky Boy." This derives from the TV show, Pinky and the Brain as when he says this to the henchman he replies, "Gee Brain, what are we going to do tomorrow night?" This has become a slight catchphrase, as Bakura continually tries to get Marik to repeat it. He also has a habit of being totally unable to hide his true intentions from people, often blurting his plans or saying threats, quickly changing them to cover them up. In episode 34, he says what he is secretly planning outloud in front of Joey and Tea.

A running gag in the series is Marik's unrelenting denials that he is not gay. Bakura keeps hinting in many of his dialogue with Marik that Marik is obviously gay, though Marik seems to catch a few of these. In Marik's Evil Council of Doom 3, Everyone in the council admits to knowing that Marik is gay (Pegasus "defiantly knows"), to which Marik says "just because a guy likes to dress effeminately and hang around with another sexually attractive man and read yaoi and flaunt his sexy abs and stroke a phallic symbol in every other scene THAT AUTOMATICALLY MAKES THEM GAY?" to which both Bakura and Zorc reply "kinda." Marik rebuts and calls everyone pricks, which Bakura then comments that that was the reason Marik liked them so much.

Marik's childhood backstory tells that Marik had been kept underground, forced to continually watch Disney movies and being tortured by his dad, Hank. While exploring the outside world, he developed his love for yaoi by finding a yaoi comic book on the ground, and was slightly hypnotized by the "Kill Your Family" show. After Melvin killed his father and Marik regained control, he swore vengeance against the Pharaoh for his torture as a tomb keeper (Yugi points out that his revenge did not make any sense, because the conditions for it were so farfetched, along with being Marik's family's fault instead of the Pharaoh.) According to "Marik's Evil Council of Doom", Marik is the only villain willing to follow the show's plotline and defeat Yugi with a children's card game. Whenever Marik uses the F-word, instead of bleeping it out, a voice yells "EFF!" instead, similar to Perfect Hair Forever. Marik also believes there are no female characters in Yu-Gi-Oh and only girly looking men (he believes himself to be the girliest), and appears to have a relationship with Bakura, mentioned in the Serenity commentary special. Though despite many gay references to himself he once offered to strip for the fangirls on one occasion

In the Zorc and Pals episode Marik claims to be Zorc's wife.

He introduces himself to Yami in episode 28, where he claims that he is in charge of the most feared anime organization known to man, the Rare Hunters (though Yami believes that honor goes to the Samurai Pizza Cats). In the episode, he claims that his goal is to steal Yami's screen time and to destroy him "a little", though Yami originally believed that Marik was out to kill him and steal his Millennium Puzzle. This is likely a reference to the unusual difference between Marik's motives for finding the Pharaoh in the 4Kids and Japanese versions of the anime. In the 4Kids version Marik seeks the Pharaoh's power, while in the Japanese version Marik wants to free his family from their role as tomb keeper and take revenge for the Pharaoh's spirit killing his father as he was meant to believe.

Marik's Millennium Rod, like in the original series, has the power to control whoever he wants, like forcing them to break dance against their will, though in the second "Marik's Evil Council of Doom", it is revealed it only works on people with the name Steve. So far, he controlled Bandit Keith (whose middle name in this series is revealed to be Steve); the Rare Hunter who stole Joey's Red Eyes Black Dragon (revealed to be named Steve); and Arkana (whose full name is revealed to be Steve Arkana). He also claims to have "an army of celebrity Steves" at his disposal, including "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Steve Jobs, Steve Guttenberg and Steve Buscemi. His latest mind slave was Steve The Mime, someone Marik called pretty "f-ed up" for having piercing tattoos. He lost when Yugi was able to take advantage of a glaring flaw in the Duel Monsters rulebook and Yugi Took Slifer the Executive Producer as Marik promised the Rare Hunter would take his friends as he road into the city on a motorbike (something that not even Boston would help look cool according to LittleKuriboh). Later on he met Bakura, who claimed to have found in him the gay signal he was feeling lately. Marik replies that he likes women, but Bakura does not believe him and ironically pointed out that he dresses like one. After talking they decided to work together to defeat Yugi and possibly kill him (Since Marik himself said his plan was evil but not well thought out) and also share beauty tips. In the following episode he tries to trick Joey and Téa like in the original series by helping Bakura and pretending to be a nice guy, but he fails. First he can't think of a fake name and out of random thinking he says Malik (A reference to the Japanese spelling of his name) instead of Namu like in the official anime. After that he says accidentally out loud all his evil plans. When Joey points it out, he decides to take them by force with the Steves. Later on the pier, where Joey is trapped he is tricked into signing a contract in exchange for his freedom, but the contract was a legal paper that changed his name from Joey Wheeler to "Steve" Wheeler so Marik is able to control him. In episode 39, he contemplates a fake name of "Malik Blishtar", and is annoyed when Odion (who everyone believes to be Marik) insults himself (Thus insulting Marik instead). He also continues to yell his evil plans out loud, and tells Joey that he will kill him last (Joey takes this as a joke).

At the end of episode 27, the first time you actually see Marik talking without his hood, he mentions ordering 'Pornographic comic books'. Also, at the very end of the same episode, after the end of the episode joke (Featuring Weevil saying "I love the powerglove, its so bad..." instantly followed by Rebecca shouting "HE TOUCHED MY BREAST!"), it shows a crudely drawn Marik holding a book with the word "Porno" on it. He says, "This pornography is really quite good..." and then is attacked by Dr. Octogonapus, though why is unknown, the Lazer is mentioned a few other times, mostly earlier in the episode, when Steve summons Exodia, in which, instead of the normal animation, it is stopped half way though the summoning process in order to shout "BWAAAAHHHH!!!!" and have the Shoop da Whoop face: red open lips and two eyes pointing in random directions, and "firing a lazer".

He seems to like motorcycles since he was seen riding one and seen pretending to ride one as a kid.

In the 2008 Holiday Special, he held another meeting of his Evil Council but only Yami Bakura shows up. The Pharaoh sent them a Christmas present, which turned out to be a time bomb, which kills them.


Melvin is Marik's sadistic alter-ego, brought on by years of abuse and live-action Disney movies. Marik created him out of sheer loneliness, and first surfaced after Marik found that his father had whipped Odion. Melvin uses the Millenium Rod's powers (Hank describes it as the "yellow squiggly lights")to trap Hank Ishtar before stabbing him to death. As of episode 42 he is in control of Marik's body.

Melvin is the more serious and deadly persona of the two, as shown upon revealing he suspended TeamFourStar from YouTube. He is shown to have a lightsaber in the Millenium Rod, which he keeps "clasped firmly between my buttocks". His appearance is forewarned in episode 33 were Marik blurts "Now the mind-raping shall commence" while talking to Bakura. Marik calmly admits this often happens. After defeating Bakura and Marik in a card game he delivers the blimp to 4Kids, who Bakura reveals Melvin to working for. As of episode 53 he is trapped in the loading dock with the blimp, Hans, and Gruber (Melvin is implied to have killed the Germans)as he cannot think of a password to open the security door beyond violent words and random number combinations. He eventually solves the lock for the door, then declaring himself the Master of Unlocking, before a secondary door is shown with a whole new necessary password. After the second door is revealed Melvin swears to hunt down and murder all doors into extinction.

LittleKuriboh had voiced Melvin before he became a regular character in episode 42, and most fans see the previous voice-overs of Melvin as off and unusual in comparison to LittleKuriboh's current work with the character.

His biggest appearance outside the series is the fourth Evil Council video, where he kills the Moonisteves, Weevil, and finally Yugi himself before he becomes Bakura's new boyfriend. This later revealed to be a dream of Bakura's, which visibly saddens him upon realizing this.


Odion first appeared for a short time by the end of episode 23, making a gag with the classic "Pinky and the Brain" dialogue, taking Pinky's voice and personality. This voice was not used in later appearances in favor of a more gruff, deep voice and serious personality. He is Marik's second-in-command and perhaps one of the only male characters and villains not implied to be gay. According to Marik, Odion is the expert at being "bland and one-dimensional".

He like the Gummi Bears to the point of an obsession; he prays for them before sleeping, has Gummi Bears Monster Cards, and woke up from being attacked by Marik's father after they were mentioned within earshot.

4Kids Entertainment[]

One of the main themes that the series makes fun of. Throughout the series the characters believe 4Kids to be the censeror of all things good. One thing that they censor are guns, which cause some characters to think they are using magical invisible guns. Some of the characters such as Marik believe it to be the most feared organization known to man. In Cr@psule Monsters they want to capture Yami for usage in a "crappy spin-off show". In episode 37, Marik talks about a prophecy that refers to 4Kids and that they will cause the end of the world. At the end of the episode, it is shown that 4Kids is aware of this prophecy, and that the downfall of YouTube.com is somehow crucial to their plans...

Other characters[]

Seto Kaiba[]

As in the original series, Kaiba is sarcastic, offensive, and all around not very nice, and this was just for Episode 1 (In Episode 24 he does admit he's an asshole, just like his past self). He evidently likes to "screw the rules" due to his large fortune (one of his most popular phrases from the series is "Screw the rules, I have money!"). He is unable or unwilling to help the protagonists, such as calling an ambulance in Episode 1 or fighting Anubis in the Abridged Movie. He explains this by "being obscenely rich, and can't be expected to do it [himself]". Also, in episode 60, he told Yugi's friends that he has no like or respect for them, calling them losers (he doesn't mean that in an endearing way) and stating "It f***ing hurts me that I have to interact with you so much," and then listing off the reasons he hates Duke, Joey, and Tristan (Who believed this to be a sign that he was now friends with Kaiba).

The spot in his heart for Mokuba seems to be gone, for whenever his brother talks he replies "Shut up Mokuba". However, this might be due more to his abridged personality more than anything, as Kaiba never seems more annoyed then usual at the more irritating bits of his brother's antics. As in the original series, the card he wears is an over-sized locket, with a picture of Mokuba inside. It seems that Kaiba has two motivations in life: money, and his little brother. But money does come first.

Also he admitted that he flags YouTube to compensate for small penis size, but this remark was most likely a jab from LittleKuriboh to the people who flagged his videos on YouTube, resulting in his ban.

He disappears for several episodes due the fact he was written out of the show, but returns to help Yugi defeat his "ghost" in Episode 7 (although unlike the original, he isn’t much help at all). He may also be addicted to drugs that affect his memory; in Episode 11 he thinks he used to have green hair when he first dueled Yugi (using clips from the first Japanese series. His catchphrase appears here as "Screw the rules, I have green hair!"). He also styles himself as a "l337 hax0r", apparently having learned all his hacking skills from watching old episodes of Star Trek(as his computer comments on his typing the same keys repeatedly). He also stated that the "Blue Screen of Death" was his immortal enemy in the same episode.

Abridged Kaiba also has an even more distinct obsession with dragons than his counterpart. He claims that, while he plays chess, the game bores him because it doesn't include expensive holograms or dragons. He also has become aroused by anything relating to the Egyptian God cards.He was once even told by Yami that he has a dragon fetish. He also mentions having a hard on for technology and once got a boner before riding on a helicopter (this may have been because a God Card was picked up on hi scanners). He also ranks Reign of Fire as one of his all-time disappointments in life. He is apparently easily impressed by giant rocks. He also holds the ability to frequently break the fourth wall without any explanation and does so more than most characters. He also disregards anything involving Yu-Gi-Oh GX! and is appalled by the idea that he only appears in 3 episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh GX! (said by Bakura to be one episode). He also is highly skeptical of Ishizu Ishtar's prediction that in 10 years during Yu-Gi-Oh GX! he will have opened a duelist academy and not have aged a day.

Also like in the series Kaiba seems to be against the magical powers some of the cast has. In episode 6 he thought his duel disks could defeat Yugi's magical powers and in 24 he mentions he's the most skeptical person on earth. He does seem more accepting of the magic then the actual Kaiba, even though he still believes Ishizu's powers to see the future are lame and full of crap.

Recently, Kaiba has attempted to play Duel Monsters with a training program, claiming that actually learning how to play the game would help him defeat Yugi since, as a main character, he is immune to defeat. However, the training program claimed the game was so ridiculously complicated that it has decided to take Kaiba's policy and "screw the rules". Throughout episode 26, he has been advertising Kaiba Corp. products, specifically the new DUEL DISK SYSTEM, which is accompanied by a jingle and an echo. Through this episode, after he advertises products, he says the word, "Trademark." He has also announced the coming of the Battle City tournament, which will follow the real Duel Monsters rules, something which Yami believes is the first real plot twist in the series. Episode 26 ends with him losing a finger. He is terrified of Dark Zebra (which he describes as an evil zebra-unicorn), and had Obelisk the Tormentor kill it for him but mentioned how Dark Zebra would haunt his nightmares forever. He is quick to have he finger replaced by a replica, he is also horrified to find out that Mokuba thinks he is a Pokemon and even Kaiba got confused about it when he called him Charmander. He has also started a harem of robot women so he can get them to fall in love with him only for him to later shun them with his cold heart. He has acknowledged that he is like the anime version of Scrooge McDuck, except less fluffy. He also reveals that he prefers window seats on all vehicles.

In the other Abridged Movie, he is shown spying Yugi with cameras installed all over Japan (Since he is rich he can never be too paranoid) in order to always be one step ahead, even in private moments like the shower (Yami is confused when Kaiba mentions that he won't be watching him shower). He starts a tournament to defeat Yugi again and to do so, he orders Kemo and an anime version of Ving Rhames to kidnap Gary and force him to enter. Before facing Yugi in the tournament, he defeats Rex Raptor who then goes to dye his hair and causes the announcer to become infatuated with him. During the duel against Yugi, he summons three Blue Eyes White Dragon in one turn again. When Yugi asks him in the same fashion as in the episode one about what he did, Kaiba tells him to stop asking about it. After losing, he decides to sue the people who made Eye of Judgment for the PlayStation 3 (stating that it's an obvious rip off of Duel Monsters) and asking where Mokuba is.

Lately, he's been informed by Mokuba in "Seto Kaiba's Real Father" that he has a real father via blackmail letter (with the writer demanding his share of KaibaCorp's money) Some suggestions in the video have included the likes of Tony Stark from Iron Man, Brock from Pokemon, The King From The Zelda CDI Games, King Dedede from the Kirby video games, HeavyDDR and Big Boss from metal gear but in the end it is revealed he is a robot created by aliens to build pyramids, to which then he says no wonder he has such a strong urge to build pyramids, and that he always wonder why his birth mark had looked a lot like a brand reading "Made In Egypt."

In the Season Zero abridged series Kaiba is almost disturbingly friendly, often using the word 'wonderful' to describe most scenarios. This visibly bothers Yami Yugi to the point where he banishes Kaiba away during a duel (Kaiba exclaims that Yugi cannot defeat the power of friendship as he is being banished). This backwards interpretation is made even stronger at the end of the episode, where Mokuba is shown to be the leader of the two brothers and literally uses Kaiba's catchphrase of "Shut up, Seto". His hair is green in the Season Zero series, and his appearance in this series has been commented to by similar to Noah by the "normal" abridged Seto Kaiba.

Mokuba Kaiba[]

According to Kaiba, Mokuba tends to be kidnapped on a weekly basis (a recent montage of these kidnappings brought the total up to 2,042). So frequent are his kidnappings, that Kaiba doesn't run to his rescue anymore, preferring to just walk briskly. To this end, he feels he should consider to put a leash on him. Most of the characters who know Mokuba just assume that seeing he’s been kidnapped so many times he’s just used to it, quite to the contrary (Mokuba: "It feels like I’m dying inside!"). Mokuba loves his brother very much but Kaiba doesn't seem to show the same affection (Younger Mokuba: I love you, big brother! / Younger Seto: 'K thanks). In Episode 21, upon encountering Princess Edina, he says that it is the most traumatizing event in his life. He apparently knows how to drive some vehicles and acts as Kaiba's chauffeur, but lacks skill. This was shown at the end of Episode 24 where he crashes Kaiba's limo and Episode 26 where his helicopter flying causes Kaiba to lose a finger. In Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Movie, Mokuba says to every one he meets "...Can I be in the movie too?" and they all reply "Shut up Mokuba!", even when that's not what he said. Mokuba also admits to being a fan of Zorc & Pals as well as Sponge Bob Square Pants (saying his favorite character is Patrick) and is actually very fast when stealing things (something he feels his brother endorses). His absence in the "Other Abridged movie" is noted by Kaiba after Yugi beats him in a duel, possibly implying that he may have been kidnapped again. In episode 28 Kaiba's doctor, after running some tests, concluded that Mokuba is going through "Japanese puberty", in which, Mokuba thinks he is a Pokémon but seems uncertain about which one as he is constantly changing his cry from Bulbasaur to Charmander to Mr Mime. In 'Who's That Mokémon?' Mokuba also had Buneary's cry and shown him with Buneary ears. By episode 29, he is back to normal. In episode 30, he replies to Yugi's Grandpa (who says to shut up)"No! You shut up!" Ironically; Tea and Solomon state how rude Mokuba was, even though several characters tell Mokuba to shut up countless times. He has also always wanted a pet rabbit but his brother never buys him one. Kaiba finally did buy him a scorpion even though he said he was going to buy Mokuba a tarantula. Kaiba also pointed out the reason Mokuba never had any friends in Episode 32 is because of they always need to be rescued which may be a reason he had bullies pick on Mokuba when he was younger in episode 29. Mokuba is more independent in season 2 as he uses an "Epic Mokuba Maneuver" to stop the Roba brothers in episode 29, and he rescues himself from being kidnapped by Marik's Steve Squad which results for the first time in Seto actually being proud to call him his little brother.

He also thinks that babies come from a store just like everything else, a fact that his brother has been quick to confirm every time he's asked.

He makes a brief cameo in the second episode of the Season Zero abridged series. Unlike the regular version this Mokuba is the leader of the two brothers, and proves so by using Kaiba's catchphrase "Shut up, Seto".

Solomon Muto[]

Yugi's grandfather owns the card shop he and Yugi live in, and suffers from bouts of senility, frequently forgetting where he is and what is going on. He apparently lives in the basement of his own card shop and is often treated quite badly by Yugi. He frequently ponders his own death, calling the people in the obituary 'lucky bastards'. Solomon's body however, simply refuses to die. To date, Solomon has survived multiple assaults (Episodes 1, Abridged Movie) having his soul sucked from his body and placed in a coma-like state for an extended period (Episodes 2 to 19), extended periods of dehydration and exposure (referenced in Episode 20), constant animosity from his own grandson and assorted friends, and a harpoon injury from Mako Tsunami (Episode 33). Solomon has fought back on occasion though. After claiming that "Santa" should go to hell for always giving him trading cards (when that's what Grandpa always gives him for Christmas), Solomon threatens Yugi that he'll kill him in his sleep, freaking out Yugi some.

In the past Solomon seems to have been a highly experienced Egyptologist, duelist, and general adventurer type. In Cr@psule Monsters 2, he's alive and well, exploring somewhere between Japan and India (and definitely not the scenery from Duelist Kingdom in season 1). It could be assumed that his bouts of memory loss, eccentricity, and general stupidity may be attributed to one too many head wounds, some sort of exotic disease, or an Egyptian curse.

Solomon has similarly colored eyes as Yugi, is short, and in Cr@p2, his hair seems to naturally spike up in an absurd fashion. In the second Christmas Special it is hinted that he is most likely Yugi's grandfather from his father's side of the family.

Solomon has a rather strained relationship with Yugi, having to deal with Yugi's constant insults, and strange behavior, such as his fascination with card games, leather pants, and his 'Invisible boyfriend' (Yami). On the other hand, Yugi has to put up with a partially senile caretaker who is constantly complaining about either kids today, his bladder, card games, or how he wants to die. Solomon did however give Yugi the Millennium Puzzle to solve, and is often helping with Yugi and his friends dueling pursuits, such as training Joey, giving very vague advice, and lending his own strange form of moral support at duels he happens to be conscious for. Solomon thinks that every monster is the most powerful card in the game, which includes Jeff Goldblum.

Solomon apparently has an affair with a Black Luster Soldier poster in his shop, describing it as a forbidden love.

d===Mai Valentine=== She has a voice of a drag queen and cleavage that appears to be the focus of much of the male members of the cast, especially Joey Wheeler; even she seems to be obsessed with them, as she cries out "My breasts are in danger!" when she is attacked. Her large breasts also seem to have the power to confuse others, similar to the Jedi Mind Trick from Star Wars, this was used on Kemo. Mai and Téa also have a running rivalry, since currently they are the only two female cast members that are regularly shown. She has terrible handwriting. In Episode 17, she is mocked for being a terrible duelist as she had lost to Joey and Panik and surrendered to Téa. This is cemented when she surrenders to Yugi, even though it is clear that her Harpie's Pet Dragon could easily destroy Yugi's Kuriboh. This became a running gag as Mai admitted to be surprised Kaiba let her in the Battle City Tournament in episode 28 even though she never won any card games. Joey even claimed she slept with Kaiba when she got 4 locator cards in episode 31. In one episode Mai claims that Yugi is quite cute, to which Téa replied in a deep voice "Back off bitch, he's mine,". After Yugi lost to Kaiba, Mai had heard that Yugi had lost his will to live, and apparently rushed to the site. She proclaimed that she "just loves broken men". Mai flirted with Yugi in Episode 21 (after Yugi found out that Téa only likes Yami and not him) in a Graduate parody.

In Season 2 Mai had not been seen since Episode 26 until Kaiba announces the start of the Battle City Tournament. "Did somebody say 'old characters'?". Mai confirms she is competing in the tournament although she questions why Kaiba would let her in even though she keeps losing. She wins her first duel onscreen against Jean-Claude Magnum. During the Battle City tournament she faces Melvin and loses again. Melvin takes Mai's soul, trapping her in a world were everyone's breasts are bigger than hers, especially Tristan's breasts. In season three Johnson of the Big 5 disguises himself as Mai to lure Joey into his trap. The trap works, though Joey is still attracted to Johnson after he uses his regular voice disguised as Mai and after he returned to his real form. Yugi make several lewd comments abut Mai in episode 54, which everyone else finds inappropriate because she's in a coma.

Mai did not appear but once in the Abridged Movie, claiming "my breasts are too big for this movie." However, she does appear in the credits, saying that she posed for Playboy, and it was the "hottest selling issue ever."

There are many statements referring to her breasts and her flirtatious attitude, particularly from Joey, Tea, Yugi, Mai and the generic henchmen.

Little Kuriboh voices Mai untill Season 2, Mainly because 4 Kids changed the Voice Actor in their Dub as well as her personality... Also Subscribe to Ayden Tv he does Pokemon Abridged and is starting to do a Yugioh GX Avridged series.. Promos on his Youtube Channel Now!!!


The most seen of Pegasus’s henchmen. Although he is known as "The Nameless Henchman Kemo" in the series, for writing purposes his original dubbed name is used. Kemo has a tendency to yell "Attention Duelists!" every time he starts a conversation, even if there’s only one other person with him or if he's not addressing duelists. When Kaiba asked why he does this, he replied angrily it's simply what he does. He is often referred to as 'The Hair Guy' and "Franky Jr." by other characters and himself, and is listed in the end credits in episode 47 as such.

Another of Kemo's traits is referring to his hair in some form or another, usually related to what he is actually doing. For example, in Episode 6, when attacking a duelist he shouts: "Attention Duelists! My hair is assaulting you!"and other things such as "My hair is being assaulted!" In the same episode, he also claimed that his hair gives him the power to defy gravity. And in another episode he told Kaiba that "My hair is definitely not leading you into a trap!" Kaiba then threatened to shave his hair off. Kemo then set an alarm and claimed "That's for threatening my hair!" His 'hair' has a crush on Mai Valentine.

Kemo has also apparently taken child-grabbing classes, and on occasion he refers to them, such as in Episode 13, he attempts to attack Kaiba, but Kaiba notices him, and stops the attack. Kemo then said that his child-grabbing classes were a waste of money. He is also the long lost father of Tristan due to the fact that they have a similar hair style as well as the fact that they both refer to their "hair" and "voice" as people.

According to LittleKuriboh's LiveJournal, he was emailed by one of the people running the UK tournament, asking him to come and announce the tournament, claiming they really needed someone capable of saying "Attention Duelists!".

Kemo was eventually written out of the show after episode 21, where he called his mother (addressing her with "Attention Mother!") and asked to move in with her, saying "My hair is crying! I don't have anywhere else to go.".

He returns in Yu-Gi-Oh: The Other Abridged Movie, where he is once again using what he learned from his "child-grabbing" classes to kidnap Gary, only to be stopped by Joey, apparently arousing his hair. For reasons he himself doesn't really know, he's working for Kaiba instead of Pegasus and he lost his hair, though he still makes references to it. He also appears in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Opening of Episode 32 as Worf, losing against the borg and crying out about his hair.

In episode 35 he appears in the mass flash-backs, referencing his popularity with "Attention Duelists! My hair is an internet phenomenon!" He also appears in a flashback in episode 50.

Serenity Wheeler[]

Serenity has a high pitched-sounding voice, similar to Guilmon from Digimon. In Episode 3, the doctors have spent so much time trying to figure out what was wrong with her voice, that they forgot to treat her eyesight.

In all the flashbacks, she gets called a "dumb broad" by Joey.

She sometimes thinks that Joey cares more about card games than her, and although she's right, she figured she "was just being silly".

Even though she loves her brother, she did feel a pang of hatred towards Joey after he told her he spent all the prize money on trading cards, saying that she would never forgive him.

While Tristan is in the hospital with her, Serenity didn't seem to realize that he was trying to seduce her. "Don't worry about me, I'm just extremely gullible and naive." She also believed all the lies he told her that she told Joey on the phone. She eventually realizes this after Tristan left her during a conversation and loudly returns from the bathroom saying as much. She shows aggression towards Tristan until Tristan dies for her in episode 51. She is also implied to have slept with Duke Devlin, but we all know it happened... twice

While Joey is having his first match she talks about being in love with Tristan as he is always there for her, only this goes out the window with Tristan coming in the room having gone to the toilet, after this she goes silent. She is also proposed to by Tristan over the Internet only for her to call him a "lonely-deranged freak". By the time of episode 34 she clearly appears to be sick of Tristan. She also had to deal with a kid who had a seizure and thought he was Ash from Pokemon in Episode 31, thinking that she was Misty. Serenity lied to him about having cancer to shut him up.

Serenity's biggest appearance in the Abridged series was in her own comment special. There, she needed people to help her read the comments (still blind with bandages covering her eyes), and shooed away Tristan and Yugi away when it suggested to her that they were trying to hit on her, although one of the comments stated that she ought to go out with Yugi. She hints at fancying Yami Bakura due to his "hot accent". But is disappointed to find that he had dinner plans with Marik.

Despite the fact the operation intended to heal her eyesight failed, in episode 34 it is revealed that her blindness was only going to be temporary, and she was pleased to learn the writers wanted her to become a main character. She removes her bandages and regains her eyesight in Episode 36, finally traveling with Yugi and his friends from that episode onwards.

Mako Tsunami[]

Mako doesn't appear too often in the series, but he's known for his willingness to let people eat his fish ("Don't worry my friends, there's plenty more where that came from.",) and an odd attachment to the ocean, going as far as marrying it in episode 17. Also in episode 17, he denies losing to Yugi, claiming to have used his giant squid monster to swallow Yugi's Dark Magician, "like the end of Pirates of the Caribbean 2, except it was satisfying!". To Yugi and his friends, he is a "Freaky Fish Guy" as he tried to stop Yugi by lobbing his spear at him, which causes Mako to scream out "I am not a freaky fish guy!". In his interview in episode 17, his screen caption reads 'Mako Tsunami/Freaky Fish Guy'. He later married the ocean.

Mako returned in Episode 28 to choke Weevil Underwood. This led to him explaining to Weevil that nobody should play in the ocean 'unless they wish to drown'. He also revealed that he and his wife, the ocean, have a mutual understanding which allows him to date other large bodies of water, but the ocean is his one true love. This led to Underwood say: "Dude, you scored with the ocean? What a freaky fish guy," which provoked Mako into strangling Weevil and threatening to murder his entire family for making such a remark.

In episode 33, it was revealed that he divorced the ocean and was now dating the Domino Aquarium. He blamed Joey for his failed marriage due to the fact that Joey called him a "freaky fish guy" who throws harpoons at people, prompting everyone he met afterward to point out such. After Joey realizes that Mako offers more than what other minor characters from season one have to give, he is also told he is not "a freaky fish guy" but "the freaky fish guy" while giving them a catchphrase, the two come to an understanding, prompting Mako to give his rarest card and locator cards to Joey (without even dueling). He also gets back together with the ocean.

Mako has an odd habit to lob harpoons at anyone. So far he has lobed a harpoon at 3 people (including Yugi's Grandpa).

Mako Tsunami also made a cameo appearance in Naruto: The Abridged Series as Inari's step-father, allowing Inari to eat his fish just like in Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series, although he is quick to say that he learned his lesson and won't lob his spear like last time. Originally, Tazuna claimed that Mako was killed, but after Naruto proved that the story was fake (parodying Phoenix Wright), Tazuna said that he ran away because Inari's mother is a horrible wife.

Zombie Boy[]

First appeared in Episode 12 with his friends Sid and Zygor when they were spying on Yugi and his friends. They were helping Bandit Keith to lead the gang into a trap, in which Zombie Boy had to duel Joey in a graveyard themed duel arena. He was called a goth when he scared Joey for the first time. During the duel he appeared to in the lead while Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' was playing while devastating Joey's life points. But then he was told to sing the national anthem "In America!", which Yugi and friends showed up straight after that and ultimately lost to Joey.

He revealed that he dropped out of zombie school which is later revealed to be the Cambridge School for Zombies and was taught by Bandit Keith to become a duelist. He doesn't say anything except "BRAAAINS", but it is subtitled to be normal dialogue, which might be how the other characters can understand him. (The mummies in The Abridged Movie also had the same voice). In episode 37 it is revealed that in fact he can talk, only saying the word "brains" because that was the only line he got on the script. He's considered to have "the voice of a zombie angel" by Zygor and reckoned that Joey did a cool dance.

He later appeared in Marik's Evil Council of Doom (wanting the free tacos Marik had promised, but later found out they were a lie), and tried to come up with an evil plan that involved eating peoples' brains, but was shot down by Yami Bakura before he could explain. During the evil role call, he made a reference to the "I like turtles" YouTube meme.

In Marik's Evil Council of Doom #2, he thinks that Yami Bakura's favourite movie of all time is gross. Throughout the meeting, he was told by Marik to transcribe everything said. But Marik declared that he be fired for writing the word Brains repeatedly. Although Zombie Boy says he did transcribe what they said but was angry to be fired and decided to quit.

Zombie Boy returns in episode 37 apparently hiding in a graveyard were he, Sid and Zygor are stealing locater cards by dressing up as zombies(even though he already is one)and walking to anybody coming by very very slowly. He gets into a duel with Yami Bakura and convinced that he will win because Bakura is not a main character, after Bakura took them to Silent Hill Zombie Boy summons his Nemesis from the Resident Evil series only for the creature to fall in love with Bakura's monster. After this he surprisingly enough says he quits in English. Zombie Boy somewhat snaps and declares his making a stand (complete with an American flag behind him) about zombies no longer being a threat but before he can finish his speech Bakura shoots him in the head with a invisible gun.


Thus far, he has only appeared in Episode 19, 41 and 45. His voice and personality are based upon Borat. He frequently greets people with "Jagshamesh! my name a Shadi!", and has self stated quite frequently that he is a ghost. He claims that in his home country of Egypt, "we no longer use slave to build pyramid. Now we make women do it instead!". He is the keeper of the Millennium Items, and tells Pegasus in a flashback in Episode 19 that his chamber in which he keeps the Items is constantly invaded by Jewish people who are trying to steal them, and he gives Pegasus the Millennium Eye since he is not Jewish. He also perceives Yugi as being a Jew after sensing the theft of Pegasus' Eye by Yami Bakura. He probes Yugi's mind using his Millennium Key, and thinks if Yugi lived in Egypt, he would be stoned to death for keeping such an untidy soul-room. He has also never seen the movie Labyrinth(dance magic,dance magic), and is confused with the randomly placed staircases and alcoves and nearly killed on several occasions by various traps set in Yami Yugi's section of Yugi's mind. When Yugi saves him from the Dark Magician, he realises that Yugi may be the 'chosen one,' proclaiming him to be "not as Jewish" as he first thought. He apologises for 'screwing with his head' and leaves Yugi alone and disappears, uttering "Dzienque" as a farewell. He also says "Whawhawhiwha" whenever he shows astonishment.

In episode 41 Shadi appears again in the Battle City Finals on Kaiba's blimp in Yugi's room, during this time he seems to have adopted a new catchphrase which is "High five" while holding up his Millenium Key. Yugi was in the middle of talking to his trading cards and was about to make out with Dark Magician Girl before he is startled by the sudden realisation that Shadi is standing in the doorway. Yugi asks Shadi if all he did was "Appear at the end of every season to explain the plot?". Shadi answers by saying that he had many roles, one of which was to provide back stories, however his "foremost task is to protect the fourth wall." When Yugi asks about the fourth wall he explains that "Without the fourth wall, the balance of the universe would be turned upside down. Man would become like the animal; animal would become like the dirt; and dirt would become like the Jew." Ironically though several characters have broken the fourth wall before or acknowledged that they're characters in a show. He then tells in a flashback how Pegasus "came dangerously close to breaking the fourth wall". Pegasus was visiting Egypt in search of the Pharaoh's tomb, which Shadi describes as being similar to "movie-film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, made by deceitful Jewish filmmaker Steven Soielberg, only not quite so disappoint." Shadi later approaches Pegasus and offers to lead him to the Pharaoh's tomb given that he promised "to rid my homeland of the Jew." Once Pegasus was led to the Pharaoh's tomb he was very delighted, which Shadi described as being just like "a woman after being given shiny new cage." Pegasus decided to turn the pictures on the tomb walls into trading cards, but later disaster struck when everyone involved in the production of the Egyptian God Cards was killed, especially Chad from Accounting. So Pegasus decided to design the God Cards himself which Pegasus thought was like stealing from the Egyptian God Cards deviantART account, but that night while he was painting the God Cards he was plagued by nightmares of a burning landscape, with Pegasus floating above it. Shadi appears next him and explains that he is seeing what will happen should the God Cards fall into the wrong hands. When Pegasus asks him if he knew this would happen why he led him to the Pharaoh's tomb, Shadi answers by saying "I am, how you say, kind of a dick!" Pegasus awakens horrified by this and hides the God Cards with the help of Ishizu Ishtar, before they are later stolen by Marik and the rare hunters. Ending the flashback Shadi tells Yugi that "you alone as the chosen one must possess the God Cards so that the fourth wall will forever standing" Yugi disbelievingly asks why Pegasus couldn't have just destroyed the God Cards, Shadi explains that the cards were to powerful to be destroyed. Yugi then says "Riiiight, so the power of the Egyptian Gods prevented a guy from tearing up a few pieces of paper that he painted himself." He also confirms with Shadi that according to this show only the "hokey Ancient Egyptian religion was right" and that all other religions were wrong. During this time Tristan and Duke were hanging off the edge of the Kaiba's blimp, and both are rescued by Shadi. This leads Tristan to believe that Shadi is his fairy god mother who looks like Piccolo, and Duke believing 'she' is a MILF.

Shadi appears again in Episode 45 in a flashback Ishizu is telling when she and Marik are still living in Egypt as children. Here Shadi plays the role of warning Marik and Ishizu of impending danger, but always arrives just after it already happened. He warns them that something bad will happen if they disobey their father and go to the surface when they already went to the surface, and also warns them that their father will be killed after Marik turns into Melvin (Yami Marik) and stabs him to death. He refers to the Ishtar family as gypsies.

Yugi doesn't appear to like Shadi; in the Abridged Movie, Yugi travels into the Millenium Puzzle, and notes he met a "extremely racist caricature" (Shadi) there before. In Cr@psule Monsters, he sarcastically mentions he's excited about seeing Shadi again.

Duke Devlin[]

Duke appeared in Episode 22. His voice is based on Snake from "The Simpsons", and almost every time he is speaking onscreen "SexyBack" by Justin Timberlake plays in the background. Yugi says they can be friends if he gets rid of "that annoying theme music," to which Duke replied with "What theme music?", suggesting that he either can't hear the music or that the music has always followed him around so he thinks it's normal. In later episodes he is aware of his theme music, and even challenges Nezbitt to a theme music battle which he loses at the cost of his 'sweet ass'. He likes to talk about how sexy he is, and tries to convince people that Dungeon Dice Monsters is not like Duel Monsters, despite the similar rules and exact same monsters. When asked why it's different, he simply responds, "My game uses dice,". In the end, everybody tells him that they hate his game (they consider it more boring than Duel Monsters). Pegasus funds Dungeon Dice Monsters apparently because it would make his card game "look exciting by comparison". Tristan thinks he's a witch, having seen him perform magic tricks, and can be heard constantly saying, "Burn the witch!" like in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Duke reappears in Episode 36, still having "SexyBack" play whenever he speaks, or is around. He saves Tristan and Serenity from a mob of Steves, throwing a dice at one, prompting him to say that it "barely hurt". Tristan leaves Serenity with him to beat the Steves up. He comes across Mai, who scolds him for not seeing the red light, to which he replies "I thought it was just because I am surrounded by hos", leaving Mai in awe. Tristan still refers to him as a witch at this point, asking him if he brought his broomstick with him while escaping the Steves. Men apparently propose to him all the time, (although Tristan claims that he was kidding). He later develops a crush on Serenity Wheeler and is implied to have slept with her as of episode 51.

He appears in Episode 38 onwards, still having "SexyBack" play whenever he speaks, or is around.

Rebecca Hawkins[]

Rebecca wants Grandpa's Blue-Eyes White Dragon, not only because she thinks he stole it, but also so that she can sell it on eBay. Just like the original, she's a really good duelist (to which Joey replied, "That's impossible. Only grownups are allowed to play children’s card games!"). Also, just like the original, she talks to her teddy bear; however, in the Abridged Series, the teddy appears to be demon-possessed, at one point saying, "Hail, Satan!" and "Your mother plays card games in hell!" (a reference to The Exorcist), as well as having the music from the film and from Psycho play near the end. She also listens to the "voices inside her head", implying that she may be mentally unstable, or also possessed. But overall her character is very similar to the original - at least in that point of the series - stubborn and hot tempered. At the end of episode 20, her grandfather claimed that Yugi could've won the duel and therefore won even though he actually surrendered, confusing her. Yugi gave her the card he won on Duelist Kingdom, saying he didn't want it. When she asks if she has become the King of Card Games due to obtaining the card, Yugi replies, "Hell no.".

In Marik's Evil Council 2, she is invited because of her teddy bear. There, she nicknames Yami Bakura "Kitty" which Marik begins using as well.

Unlike most other characters, she is not voiced by LittleKuriboh. Instead, she is voiced by LittleKuriboh's ex-wife, Safty.

Ishizu Ishtar[]

Ishizu first appears in episode 24. She claims her Millennium Necklace gives her the power to predict the future and to break the fourth wall, despite the fact it is blatantly obvious every character has this ability. She rather carelessly gets the Egyptian God Cards stolen from her by her brother. She also lends Obelisk the Tormentor to Kaiba without considering that he would just keep the card rather than giving it back. Kaiba finally decides that she's not good at predicting the future when she predicts that in ten years Kaiba will open a dueling school and look exactly the same as he does now. In episode 26, she explains to Yami about his destiny, apparently "spoiling all of season 2" in the process, but it's not enough to please Yami, who wanted a flashback. However, the flashbacks she shows him turn out to be nothing more than two moments in his life where Yami was crying for a nipple; as a baby and as the pharaoh during the Thief King's raid, although Ishizu admitted the latter was just her "screwing with him". She also appears in Episode 32, claiming the giant rock is the only one that understands her and goes off and hides when she hears Bakura coming, not wanting to get involved in the actual plot. There might a be a possibility that she's gay, according to Bakura's gaydar until its batteries ran out. She is featured in the Battle City tournament, but somehow loses to Seto Kaiba despite her psychic powers, and she has been completely absent from the Virtual World filler arc.


Was on the 'evil role call' In Marik's Evil Council of Doom, and Marik is unable to pronounce his name. So he decides Bob is sufficient. Since Bob only mumbles in the same manner he's not taken seriously. For reasons unknown, Bob does not reappear in the second meeting of the evil council. In the fourth council video Yami Bakura mentions that he was fairly certain that Bob had been killed at some point off screen after episode one.


First appeared in Episode 9 when Yami Bakura stated his intentions of turning Yu-Gi-Oh! into "Zorc & Pals". Zorc is obsessed with destroying the world (a laugh track plays every time he states this. He is aware of this, as he noted its absence in Marik's Evil Council of Doom). He has an enormous dragon-esque being protruding from his crotch, which he reveals is his "willy". He and Yami Bakura live together and are the parents of an adopted daughter. Apparently in the Abridged Movie, Zorc managed to finally destroy the world. From there he went to Disney World, but didn't destroy it despite his original plan to do so, as he had a fun time there. Instead, he destroyed EuroDisney.

He also appeared for a short while on television in the Abridged Christmas Special and in Episode 17, he and his adopted daughter were suffering from a terminal disease, as one of the special Zorc and Pals episodes.

In Marik's Evil Council 2, when Rebecca and her teddy bear first appeared, he thinks the teddy bear is cute and wants to hug him (Which immediately caused the teddy bear to reply saying "Touch me and die, unclean one!")

In the Zorc and Pals bonus video (titled "The One with Confusing Circumstances") he is visited by his mother who wanted him to become a lawyer so he lies about it with the help of Bakura, making her mother believe he is his wife. In the conversation it is revealed that he is 5 million years old and he was married once, but he destroyed his wife (Though this may have been a lie). At the end of the episode Bakura gets tired of the lie and tells that he is not Zorc's wife, in that moment Marik appears and claims to be Zorc's wife, surprising everybody. Upon this, Zorc is reminded that he did in fact get married, but forgot all about it.

After some time, Bakura decided to leave Zorc because he was tired of seeing Zorc blow up the world countless times. Zorc promptly takes his anger out on the studio audience.

In Episode 37, Bakura claims that Zorc destroyed the world over 12 times now. He finally stops destroying the world and destroys the Studio Audience. And Bakura decides to cancel Zorc & Pals. In Episode 46, it is revealed that Zorc & Pals is indeed cancelled and that Zorc is on a new show, "The Suite Life of Zorc & Cody".

Alex Brisbane[]

Alex Brisbane only appears in Cr*psule Monsters. He tries to convince the others that he is not a villain by saying multiple times that he is not a villain. He tricks the gang to step on the capsule monsters map by telling them that there is candy in the map. He only appears in the "previously on Cr@p" segment of Cr@psule Monsters 2, giving away some dull exposition.


Dartz hates Marik for not inviting him and his 'evil motorcycle-riding henchmen' to the Evil Council of Doom and decides to hold his own evil council to be 'much better' serving pizza rather than tacos. In his revenge he planned on spamming Marik's YouTube account, which apparently did not work. In his second attempt, he tried the "is your refrigerator running?" prank call, which spectacularly failed as Marik told him he didn't even have a refrigerator (although Marik hadn't realized it was a joke until Dartz hung up).

He also hates the habit of his henchmen for riding motorbikes, because when they do it they don't pay attention to him.

Dartz and the others also apparently play Dungeons & Dragons, according to the spam comments on Marik's YouTube account.

In Marik's Evil Council of Doom #3, he has a Cajun accent. His hair also changes color in every scene he appears in, He is voiced by Takahata101. Whenever Dartz says the f-word, he is censored by a loud "EFF!" sound, much like Marik and Melvin are.

As seen in Marik's Evil Council #'s 3 and 4, Dartz's accent confuses his 'henchmen' greatly when he gives them orders. When he first orders them to "Do Marik" (when he possibly means 'duel') and to take Yugi's "dick" (when he means his 'deck'). After a failed attempt to ask Dartz if he is trying to say 'do' or 'duel' (in which he replies "Deeeeeeewwwwwwww!!!!!), the henchmen just decide they are better off not knowing what he means.


Appeared in Marik's Evil Council of Doom and Marik's Evil Council of Doom #2. He thinks that "Marik is so mean" and was happy to hear that Dartz wanted to set up his own evil council. After Dartz failed to successfully prank call Marik, he tells him '"We can't hear you boss! We're too busy riding our motorcycles!"' He speaks in an extremely high and childish voice similar to the Squeaky Voiced Teen from The Simpsons.


Valon has thus far appeared in Marik's Evil Council of Doom and Marik's Evil Council of Doom #2, in which he was deemed "a dork" to attend the meeting. He speaks entirely in complete non-sequiters composed of stereotypical Australian slang in the first episode of the meeting. In the second he is only seen riding his motorbike with Alister and Rafael.


Raphael has appeared in Marik's Evil Council of Doom and Marik's Evil Council of Doom #2, in which he was deemed "a dork" to attend the meeting. The only thing he ever says is "ZUG ZUG!", a phrase used by Orc grunts in Blizzard's Warcraft series. Once again he says that phrase just after Dartz curses his henchmen, as Raphael was also riding his motorbike.