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Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL The Abridged Series (also referred to as YZXLTAS) is a parody of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime series, it is running on the Youtube.com channel "4thGenStudios." All episodes can be found there as well. YZXLTAS is created by rezinator01, OJ Loui, TintedShadows (former member, also formerly known as MMWiROCK), and now KnightPiggu.


Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL The Abridged Series, also known as "YZXLTAS" was created in January 2013, so not a whole lot is known at the moment. The first episode titled "YZXLTAS 1 - Pilot", it was never going to really happen until one day rezinator01, OJ Loui, and TintedShadows met up and were going to make a real life Yu-Gi-OH! series. They had the whole first episode filmed until rezinator01 decided he wanted to scrap the idea, still wanting to make videos, he decided he wanted to make an abridged series.

With in a week rezinator had the entire episode 1 script written, but there was one problem... the microphone and other equipment/software. OJ Loui had boughten the first mic they ever used. The audio was clear enough to be heard, but the quality of the voice actors wasn't up to par. Soon they got new mics and new software, and they're voice acting got a bit better.

Positions in Team[]

All members of 4thGenStudios have different roles and positions.


Voice Roles: Yuma, Astral, Grandma Tsukumo, Kari, Caswell, other background voices

Postion on team: Voice actor, Writer, Editor

OJ Loui:

Voice Roles: Shark, Trashbots, The Door, Bronc, other background voices

Position on team: Voice actor, writer

TintedShadows (former):

Voice Roles: Tori, Caswell, Bronc, other background voices

(Former) Position on team: Voice actor, writer


Voice Roles: ?

Position on team: ?