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Episode 5 The Arrival Of Susan-0

The Arrival of Susan


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Abridged Episode 5[]

Cast (in order of appearance): Jaden Yuki, Alexis Rhodes, Syrus Truesdale, Professor Banner, pharaoh, Professor Crowler, Maximillion Pegasus, Chumley, Bringer of Destruction and Chaos(Susan), Monster hand, Winged Kuriboh

Date: December 30, 2008

Running time: 9:33

Episode Title: The Arrival Of Susan


(intro in the woods at night)

Alexis: Syrus was supposed to meet me here for extreme making out hours ago, I wonder where he is?

Syrus: That really is the last time I take directions from the blind guy!! Huh, what's that in there? A Dark Magician! whoa, I'll take that and become the new main character and- wait what the hell?

Monster Hand: I'm a Syrus's Fan girl. Let's go play with you and Chumley. (laughing)

Syrus: Wait, what the hell?! NOOOOOOooooooo!!!

Jaden: And then what did you do?

Syrus: Huh? oh, and I got bored so I came here and on the way, I found some cards.

Jaden: What? You mean these?

Syrus: Yep.

Jaden Who the hell puts a "Sinister Serpent" in there deck?

Syrus: I don't know, probably some lowlife, stupid, ugly-

Banner: Ah! There are my cards. I have been looking everywhere for them.

Both: Professor Banner!

Pharaoh: Meow.

Syrus: Hey there, Pharaoh.

Jaden: Hey, I just realized, why did you have Pharaoh? I thought you weren't allowed to bring pets on Duel Academy.

Banner: No Jaden. Pharaoh is not my pet, he's my partner.

Syrus: What? You mean like married? (laughing)

Banner: Yes.

(Both are extremely shocked about hearing it)

Syrus: What?

Banner: Yes, Syrus. Me and Pharaoh are married.

Syrus: You... your serious?

Banner: Yes!

Syrus: You swear the God?

Banner: Yes Syrus, why do I lie? Do you think I'm a liar, Syrus?

Syrus: No! Nope! Not at all, I don't think you're a liar, Mr. Banner, sir.

Banner: Well, That's good Syrus. Because for a minute, I thought you had something against the man and the cat being together.

Syrus: No, no, no, no, I don't have anything against it, I mean I couldn't have because um... I'm gay! Yeah... with Jaden.

Jaden: Shut-up!

Banner: Good, Because I was kidding.

Syrus: You bastard.

(Title Sequence, Jindou's "Rising Weather Hallelujah" plays)

Jaden: You do realize that Alexis is still waiting for you.

(all looked quiet)

Jaden: No, you're right. She can make her own way back.

Banner: But anyway, the reason why I came here was to tell you not to go to "The Abandon Dorm."

Jaden: The... what?

Banner: "The Abandon Dorm," Jaden. it's the creepiest place at Duel Academy. Many have gone and never to return. You must never go there for if you do, you will be subjective to horrible tear us. Do you understand?

Both:(Cue Farting sound)

Jaden: Yes.

Banner: Well, it's getting late. Good night, boys.

Syrus: Man, that's scary.

Jaden: Hmmmm?

Syrus: Jaden, don't you even think about it. You'll just be another bad experience, remember that time you tried marijuana?

(At the toolshed at daytime)


Syrus: Oh God, it's happen again!

Jaden: Syrus, where are they?!

Syrus: I don't know, Jaden!

Jaden: Okay, your choice.

Syrus: No! Not the good China!

(cues broken glass)

Jaden: Give me my Cheetos, Syrus! if I don't have them, I'm gonna die!

Syrus: For the love of God, I don't have your Cheetos!

Jaden: LIAR!!!

(keep beating up Syrus)

Jaden: Give me my Cheetos, Syrus!

Syrus:(in pain) Ow! My face!

Jaden: Just give it to me, now!

Syrus:(still in pain) Ow! My hair!

Jaden: Give it me you shit, you son of a bitch!

Syrus:(still in more pain) Ow, my God. That's it!

(Syrus punched Jaden)

Jaden: Gyah!

Syrus: *Huff* *Huff* *Huff* F**cking Stoner!

(Back to nighttime)

Jaden: Yeah, that's great nobody cares. Let's go to the Dorm!

Syrus: My blue hair scenes danger!

To be continued at 4/24/14.