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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX The Abridged Series (sometimes referred to as YGXTAS) is a parody of the Yu-Gi-Oh! spin-off show "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX" that is running on YouTube.com channel of "DarkSideIncorporated." The account has been closed due to 4Kids! TV. All episodes can now be found on the YouTube channel of "DarkSideCorporated". YGXTAS is produced and created by Blake Swift, aka ShadyVox (previously known as Shastealer2) and Tom Livesey, aka xthedarkone. Together, they were known as the abridging team called "DarkSideIncorporated", now renamed to "DarkSideCorporated".

On an unknown day during November 2013, the account was terminated. If one were to go to their channel right now, he/she will see this message: "YouTube account DarkSideCorporated has been terminated because we received multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement from claimants including:  (株)日本アドシステムズ."

On September 24, 2015, xthedarkone began uploading episodes of the series on his side channel, "Digital Hat Productions", and has continued to upload new episodes since then.

They also make amusing music videos that look and act like AMV's but are sung by ShadyVox and xthedarkone as their characters.

Episode 1 Transcript


Yu-Gi-Oh! GX The Abridged Series, also most commonly known as "YGXTAS" was created in august 28 2009. The first episode, "I'm Jaden And I'm Flawless", was originally presented by Shastealer2 and Sabakyuugara, however due to having microphone issues shortly during production, Sabakyuugaara dropped out, leaving Shastealer2 to complete the episode on his own. However, it is still visible to this day that Sabakyuugaara is credited in the opening intro scene in the original dub of episode one.

When the first episode was completed, it was originally posted on Shastealer2's YouTube channel. However, this video was very different from his usual work of The Lion King dubs that Shastealer2 was more renowned for, the video didn't go very well with his subscribers, so as such - Shastealer quickly removed the video from the channel to stop the complaints

However Shastealer2 was determined to make this project work regardless of what the subscribers thought. To which, Shastealer2 created a sub-account of "DarkSideIncorporated" on YouTube to which it would host the video and hopefully more episodes to come to the series.

In the attempt to find constructive critism and ideas, Shastealer2 introduced the video to his friend "xthedarkone", who despite "feeling awkwardly disgusted" watching the video, offered to assist him in the making of episode two, to which he lent the voices of characters that he still roles as today; Syrus, Crowler, Chazz, Alexis and many more.

After the posting of Episode 2 "Chazz Jenkins" to the account of DarkSideIncorporated, the series was beginning to become noticed and mentioned among the abridging community. Shortly after, Shastealer2 offered an official position to xthedarkone as part of the DarkSideIncorporated to which he accepted.

Shastealer2 to ShadyVox[]

Back in March of 2010, member to the team of DarkSideIncorporated, ShadyVox was known as Shastealer2, this was simply to compliment his YouTube account. However, due to someone accessing his account and changing the password, Shastealer2 was forced to make a new YouTube account to continue his work and videos. He created the account of ShadyVox, to which he now titled and referred most commonly as to this day.

It was a big loss to Shady, as his account of Shastealer2 was a proud host to 2,500 subscribers which he had owned and updated regularly for almost two years. His account of Shastealer2 was mostly filled with fandubs to Disney's "The Lion King" which surprisingly, despite the adult content and material in the videos, became rather popular to the YouTube Population.

(From Episode 4 onwards, you will notice that the opening intro credits of Yu-Gi-Oh GX! The Abridged Series have been changed from "Created by Shastealer2 & xthedarkone" to "Created by ShadyVox & Xthedarkone")

This was slightly confusing to some fans of the series, some even debated in saying that "ShadyVox" must be a new addition to the team of DarkSideIncorporated. However, Shastealer2 explained all of this in the third episode of the running commentaries that DarkSideIncorporated host to their series.

In 2012, ShadyVox's account was terminated. Then a couple of weeks later, he got a new account..ShadyVoxYT.

Xthedarkone Out And In[]

Episode 2, "Chazz Jenkins", introduced the first official appearance of Xthedarkone (or X, as he often referred to) as the latest addition to the DarkSideIncorporated team. Generally, both Shady & xthedarkone would push things out of their way to get their episodes up as quickly as possible. Generally updating an episode once every few weeks. However around late December of 2008, at the beginning of production to Episode 5, "The Arrival of Susan", xthedarkone suddenly dropped out the series. ShadyVox confirmed to say that it was "due to a busy schedule."

(At the beginning of Episode 5 "The Arrival Of Susan", it is clearly noticeable that xthedarkone had recorded lines prior to leaving the series, as he voices a small segment of lines to Alexis and Syrus, however ShadyVox takes over the roles shortly into the episode to fill in for X.)

Soon after uploading and posting the fifth episode to the channel, Shady turned to the fans for help and support. Shady uploaded a video appealing that anyone who was interested could audition and role for the voices that xthedarkone positioned as in the series. The response was huge, sprouting over nearly 200 video auditions to the team. Shady was left to manage the series on his own.

Without the assitance of X, Shady found it very difficult to provide the series with an episode. In fact, Episode 6 "Tagging Tactics" wasn't finished until April 2009, 6 months since the update of the latest episode. Shady says "I had so many computer issues during the production of this episode. I would constantly keep losing the project files. I must have restarted from scratch perhaps four times. I was ready to give up."

Episode 6 "Tagging Tactics", featured Shady voicing for all the cast, including the roles that would naturally be done by X. Some of the fans stated that they enjoyed the change of voice and some even went on to say that Shady provided voice work to some of the characters that is normally performed by X. Regardless, the series was beginning to become even more popular and noticed, so much so that Shady was interviewed by YouTube user "Gregory78989".

Shady talked about in the interview the struggle he had making the episode without X and how essential he was the team. This interview was shortly followed by another interview but this one featured X himself. X told Gregory7898 how he "was never meant to be a permanent part of the team" and also mentioned how he "might make a possible return".

However, after the posting of Episode 7 "Sucks To Be You", it was official that xthedarkone had made a return to the series, to which he still stands to this day as the script writer and voice actor to the show. As in regards as to what is happening with the people who auditioned to become part of the DarkSideIncorporated team when X temporarily left, Shady has not made any recent comments. However there are rumors...

ShadyVox leaving[]

Xthedarkone announced in May 2011 that ShadyVox left the series. It was unknown why.

As of September 2011, ShadyVox has returned.

In January 2014, it was announced that ShadyVox left the show permenantly, to focus on music. He will be replaced by xJerry64x, from episode 18 on.

The threat of suspension[]

On December 11 2009, DSI uploaded "An importatant Annoucement" with ShadyVox to explain their recent removement of all previously uploaded videos. Due to YouTube's suspension of TeamFourStar, DSI feared the risk of following the same path. To be on the safe side, they removed all their videos and started considering back-up plans including re-uploading trailers of each episode with links to a different website. This website could be either a website similar to YouTube (Dailymotion, Veoh etc.) or potentially an official DarkSideIncorperated website to prevent the risk of the vidoes being banned by a different video host. The last option of course has the problems of demanding a huge amount of time, however, many fans of the series have supported this option willingly to wait the months it may take. In the video, Shady encouraged the fans to comment with suggestions to the solution of this threat. This encouragement lead to over 100 comments with suggestions. Meanwhile the user Cardgames4ever has uploaded Episode 1 to Episode 9 of YGXTAS in support of DSI and also in protest, the only difference is that they are in Spanish. The link is here. [1]. However, about a week later, DSI created a video that told their audience that they would re-upload each video once again in an effort to counter YouTube.


Along with ShadyVox leaving the series, X announced that he created a back-up account for DSI called Digitalhatproductions.

A bulletin made on the DarkSideCorporated page during September 2011 states, "The DigitalHatProduction channel was made when the original DarkSideIncorporated channel went down and ShadyVox temporarily left the team. xthedarkone made that account as his own back up. Now that ShadyVox has returned to the team and with no luck of getting DarkSideIncorporated back, xthedarkone and ShadyVox made a new group channel with a name that closely resembled the first."


DarkSideIncorporated was formed in February 2010 by both Shady and xthedarkone when they decided to work together and host the series and episodes of the abridged series. However the channel is home to more material than just the series itself, DarkSideIncorporated also provides songs and raps that are performed by Shady and/or X and even live action video clips of the team members playing practical pranks on each other.

At the beginning of the series production, it was very difficult for DarkSideIncorporated to get noticed for their work. This was partially due to the fact that neither Shady or X had taken on a project like an abridged series before, and also due to the fact that they were competing with about eight other YuGiOh GX Abridged Series on YouTube.com

There are still debates however as to which YuGiOh GX Abridged series is THE official one in the eyes of the viewers. It is creditable that every series has it's own unique style of taste, humour and material, however it seems common by collective opinion that the most popular, and ultimately the most "official" YuGiOh GX Abridged Series is that owned by DarkSideIncorporated. Also at Anime Milwaukee when LittleKuriboh was asked 'would he ever abridge GX' The Abridging legend answered that 'Darksideincorporated' had the series covered.


DarkSideIncorporated was taken down from YouTube during 2011, and when it became clear that the account would not be returned to the team, xthedarkone and ShadyVox created the new channel DarkSideCorporate, which has now been banned as of November 2013.

Positions In The Team[]

Both ShadyVox & xthedarkone share different positions and roles to offer to the series(but xthedarkone dons't carry the episodes on his youtube channel) , whether it be on the technical side or the voicing side. Here is a list of the jobs that both of them have provided to the show.


Voice roles - Jaden, Chumley, Chancellor Shepard, Zane, Professor Banner, Bastion, Winged Kurbioh, Chazz's Hencemen (Episode 1 & 4) GYM Teacher (First Voice Appearance of Episode 3) Navy Captain (Episode 4) Entire Cast (Episode 5 & 6) Para (Episode 9) Chazz's Brothers (Episode 10) Wheeler (Episode 11) Old Professor (Episode 11)

Position to the team - Mixer, Editor


Voice roles - Syrus, Crowler, Chazz, Alexis, Narrator, Duelist Officials (Episode 1 Re-dub), Helicopter Pilot (Episode 2) Jimmy The Transvestite (Episode 3) GYM Teacher (Second Voice Appearance of Episode 3) Navy Captain Assistant (Episode 4) Chumley's Father (Episode 8) Dox (Episode 9) Henchmen With Gun (Episode 11)

Position to the team - Script Writer

Blog TV[]

Occasionally, DarkSideIncorporated host live webcam shows on the popular broadcasting site of BlogTV.com. Usually the majority of these live broadcasts are hosted by Shady, but sometimes they are also partnered by X.

Before a show is broadcasted on BlogTV, there is often a video posted on the YouTube channel of DarkSideIncorporated, advertising the show. The video would give a description of what is to be expected during the broadcast, and also time and date. (Sometimes broadcasts will be advertised for a few days on the channel before they go live, however it is known that in some cases broadcasts have been advertised for the matter of hours)

Generally during a broadcast, DarkSideIncorporated follow a schedule of activites that happen orderly in the show. First of all, DarkSideIncorporated start with an introduction and talk to the viewers, often reciting lines from YGXTAS and performing voice requests using the voices from the show with lines suggested to them by the viewers themselves. This would be usually be followed by a session of "Q & A", giving everyone an equal opportunity to ask Shady and/or X anything they desired. (to a limit)

After such, there would be a live episode rendition which would be decided by a vote made by the viewers. Occasionally these renditions would be sloppy in comparison to the video version, often DarkSideIncorporated would take pauses, loose breath and forget lines entirely, which in itself just adds even more to watch. On the occasions where Shady performs the episode renditions and the broadcasts singularly, he would often voice on X's parts.

There is no set time line as for how long a show on BlogTV would run. Some broadcasts have been known to run for an excess of six hours. DarkSideIncorporated try to make a broadcast once every week if possible, but sometimes are unable to due to busy schedules. In some cases if either Shady/X cannot join the other in a broadcast due not having the time, one of them may go solo and have a broadcast on their own. Though it is more fun when both Shady & X are broadcasting.

In a video it was announced that neither X nor Shady had time to do the broadcasts anymore. Instead they have made official Twitter-accounts which will allow fans to ask questions more directly for daily updates.

Around the end of May 2011, xthedarkone announced in a video that shadyvox would not be part of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX the Abridged Series anymore and that xthedarkone would be continuing alone. Due to the change, xthedarkone made a new account, "Digitalhatproduction ", which had become the temporary new home of DarkSideIncoperated.

However, during September 2011, ShadyVox and xthedarkone released episode 13, and are continuing to work together on the project. Later that same month their account was banned. However, sometime around the new year they came back in a big way and released episode 14. Then sometime around July - August 2012, they released episode 15, titled The Big Steal. On February 10th 2013, DSC uploaded episode 16, dubbed Irritating Imitator, which had LittleKuriboh as a guest star.

Episode List[]

Episodes Air Date Episode Thumbnail
Episode 1 - I'm Jaden, And I'm Flawless Aug 28, 2009
Episode 2 - Chazz Jenkins Aug 30, 2009
Episode 3 - Syrus the Peeper Sep 2, 2009
Episode 4 – Money Money Money Sep 4, 2009
Episode 5 – The Arival Of Susan Sep 10, 2009
Episode 6 – Tagging Tactics Sep 22, 2009
Episode 7 – Sucks To Be You Oct 1, 2009
Episode 8 – Father DrunkATon Nov 19, 2009
Episode 9 – Brothers From The Hood Dec 27, 2009
Episode 10 – The Equationist Jan 1, 2010
Episode 11 – Like Talking To A Monkey Sepr 30, 2011
Episode 12 – ECTOPLASMA April 2 2012
Episode 13 – Serving Up Aug 29 2012
Episode 14 – The Big Steal Dec 31 2012
Episode 15 – Snack Attack Jan 13 2013
Episode 16 – Irritating Imitator Sep 18, 2013
Episode 17- The Blair Afffair April 30, 2014
Episode 18 - The Skewl Dewl March 22, 2015
Episode 19 - The Argument December 11, 2016
Episode 20 - Age of Chazz April 21, 2018


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