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Abridged Episode 6[]

Cast (in order of appearance): Jaden Yuki, Chumley, Syrus Truesdale, Professor Crowler, Chancellor Sheppard, Disciplinary actions squat #1, Disciplinary actions squat #2, Disciplinary actions squat #3, Zane Truesdale, generic school bully

Date: January 2 2009

Running Time: 7:36

Episode Title: Taggin' Tactics


(Intro: OO7: James Spawn Theme)

Disciplinary actions squad #1: Bill, for the fifth freakin' time turn that crap off!

Disciplinary actions squad #2: Oh shut up, at least I don't listen to Hannah Montana.

Disciplinary actions squad #1: Oh, you can just go straight to hell.

Jaden: *Snoring* x2

Syrus: *grunts* x2

Disciplinary actions squad #2: *Ahem* (knocking on the door) Pizza Delivery!

Disciplinary actions squad #3: *Pssst* That's not gonna work.

Disciplinary actions squad #2: Oh, okay. Open up or I'll break the f**ck it out!

Jaden: Look, if you're gonna rush me, I'm just gonna go even slower.

Disciplinary actions squad #2: We have candy!

Jaden: What Candy! No way give me some!

Disciplinary actions squat #2: Are you Jaden Yuki?

Jaden: Whhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy, Yes I am!

Disciplinary actions squat #2: Well, you're gonna have to come with us then, Jaden. And Syrus will have to as well.

Syrus: *muffled* (Closed the damn door, you're letting the cool air out.)

Jaden: Wait a minute, just who the hell are you?!

Disciplinary actions squad #2: The Disciplinary actions squad.

Jaden: Yeah, that doesn't sound lame at all.

(Title Sequence, Jindou's "Rising Weather Hallelujah" plays)

Both: Reaction Shot!

Disciplinary actions squad #2: I think you both should be suspended.

Jaden: I think you should shut the hell up.

Crowler: Now, Now, Now, Let's not argue. Jesus wouldn't make card games if didn't wonder to use them, especially the situations like this. I say, we should arrange a tag team duel instead of suspending them.

Jaden: Um... why?

Crowler: I... don't really know, but if you do accept you can choose any partner you wish to help you.

Jaden: Alright, well it's definitely not Syrus.

Crowler: Good suggestion! Syrus it is.

Jaden: No! I don't want him!

Syrus: You sounded like my mother.

Crowler: Chancellor, I believe they have accepted the terms.

Sheppard: Very well, than. A tag duel it is.

Syrus: Jaden! This is going to be worse than that time I have to dissect a worm from my Science Project and then fainted because of all the blood. And then I was rushed to the hospital where I realized that they didn't even have to dissect at all. Hell, I didn't even go to school I was just really, really bored that summer, plus it was a gummy worm.

Crowler: ...Why the hell did we accept you?

Syrus: F**ck you, that's why!

(At the toolshed)

Jaden: For the last time Syrus, I don't want to hear about it.

Syrus: But Jaden!

Jaden: No!

Syrus: But Jaden!

Jaden: No, Syrus! Go bother someone else.

Syrus: Fine, but Chumley!

Jaden: No, don't bring Chumley into this. He doesn't even talk.

Syrus: Oh yeah, I forgot sorry Chumley.

Chumley: *grunts*

Jaden: Look Syrus, everything's gonna be fine just believe in yourself.

Syrus: believing myself, you gotta be kidding. I can't even tie my shoelaces you seen me try.

Jaden: Yo homie, just chillin'.

Syrus: What?

Jaden: Word.

Syrus: Could you at least give me a couple a good cards I could use?

Jaden: No.

Syrus: one good card?

Jaden: No.

Syrus: Could you teach me some moves?

Jaden: No.

Syrus: Well, could you maybe-

Jaden: Hey, Syrus.

Syrus: What?

Jaden: Shut up! Seriously, you're being more annoying than when you made card game rap and Jesus did that thing sucks. But if you truly believe that you need training, I guess we can have a friendly fair duel. One on one, you and me.

Syrus: But Jaden, you're clearly meant to be the best duelist in this entire seaso-

Jaden: Yep, a friendly fair duel.

Syrus: oh, for the love of God.

Chumley: *snorting*

Jaden: Chumley if you spit at me, I swear to God I will come up there and pop you, you little prick!

Syrus: Jaden, do we have to so this?

Jaden: Yes. Yes we do because that's what friends do. We take advantage of your weakness and then exploit it make ourselves feel better and then we have the self-satisfaction to say "Hey Syrus, I'm better than you." You see buddy, it's all good and besides I'm sure that you have a awesome deck.

Syrus: Yeah, my deck are... totally the stuff. Jaden, just please go easy on me.

Jaden: Don't worry, Syrus. You have my word.

Syrus: But Jaden, I can't- wait what did you say?

Jaden: I said... you're dead!

(Cue Explosion)

Syrus: Ah! God damn it to hell! Wow, that was a good move. Can we go inside now?

Jaden: Oh, Come on Syrus, you just need a strategy. Every good Duelist knows that in order to win in a duel, y- what the hell are you doing?

Syrus: Well, I'm here. I can go around here and sneak behind him and maybe cut his throat.

Jaden: Ah hello, Papa Smurf! what are you doing?

Syrus: I'm taking your advice and I'm making a strategy.

Jaden: Oh... is it good?

Syrus: You know what, I believe it is.

Jaden: Awesome, now would you please playing in the dirt and just duel me.

Syrus: I just don't have the confidence, Jaden. I never have... not since that traumatizing day. So many years ago, back in those days everything seem to have a hit the baring.

Bully: I'm a generic school bully, if I like to pick on you for a reason that's never explained. Rather than beating the ever living crap outta you with my obesity, I have decided to challenge you into a card game.

Syrus: My blue hair senses my victory.

Bully: Oh, snap!

Syrus: I will now play card with no fear of my move being stopped. Yah!

Zane: Stop your move!

Syrus: Somehow, I have lost my footing.

Zane: Take this card and go. We don't want your fat kind around here.

Bully: Awesome, I'm gonna sell this and get some Nachos.

Syrus: But big brother, I was just about to win, why did you stop my move?

Zane: No, you was not about to win, he had this card face-down.

Syrus: Oh my God, it's a Japanese Spell Binding Circle!

Zane: Yes, he would've made up unbelievable amounts of crap about its effect and you would not be able to translate to make sure it was true. a foolish mistake, Syrus. I cannot accept a failure in my family. You are no longer my brother, if I ever see you again, I will give you a million purple nurples. Do you understand me?

Syrus: And that's about the time I became traumatized.

Jaden: ...Wow. That's sucks. that makes me glad I don't have any mention family. I mean, because if I had your brother as my brother... Wow. That was suck, but yeah. I'm gonna beat you.

(Cue Explosions)

Syrus: Ah! My Spline! God, you're such a hard ass.

Jaden: Yeah I am, but hey who knows. One day you might just thank me.

Syrus: Thank you?! For what?

Jaden: I don't know, but you just thank me one day. By the way, can I have a look at your cards?

Syrus: Uh...

Jaden: Really? Awesome. Cool. *Gasp* you been using Japanese cards?! Oh, I am so telling everybody.

Syrus: No, there not mine! There... someone put them in there. I mean, uh... I'm holding it for a friend uh.. Jaden, why don't you mind your own business?! *sob* You don't know anything about me, I hate you! I wish, I wasn't ever born. (Crying and runs away)

Jaden: Wow... That was gay.

Caption Ending: Finally... sorry about that delay... Thanks Jeff for the animation! Syrus is currently undergoing therapy.

Disciplinary actions squad #1: So... *Ahem* uh... Does everyone likes Hannah Montana?

(Cues Punching)

Disciplinary actions squad #1: Gyah! Yeah, I was getting that answer.