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YGXTAS 8 - Father Drunk-A-Ton

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX The Abridged Series

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Abridged Episode 8[]

Cast (in order of appearance): Jaden Yuki, Syrus Truesdale, Professor Banner, Chumley, Chumley's Father, Chancellor Sheppard, Narrator

Date: January 30 2009

Running time: 5:57

Episode Title: Father Drunk-A-Ton


(intro: Outside lying on the tree)

Jaden: man, it feels so relaxing to skip class. It's nothing like I need to learn anything, I win all duels anyway.

Syrus: HEEEEEEeeey, Jaden!!!

Jaden: Oh, God! What do you want?!

Syrus: *huff* *huff* Jaden, you got to hear this; Chumley's dad is here and he said he wants him to take him away from Duel Academy.

Jaden: Um... Question? Why should we care?

Syrus: cause he's our friend.


Syrus: Cause he own enough to buy a couple of jugs.


Syrus: Cause one day, he going to join Industrial Illusion, to give you a card to help you win a duel.


Syrus: Cause I'm kicking your ass if you don't!

Jaden: Good point, Syrus! Come on let's go save Chumley!

(Title Sequence, Jindou's "Rising Weather Hallelujah" plays)

Narrator: Meanwhile. In the... *sigh* You know what, I'm sick of this. it's a toolshed, we get it. I'm outta here, I'm not doing this anymore. I'm going back to my wife and kids. I'm going home!

(Walks away and slams a door)

Jaden: Alright, guys. Back away, main characters coming through.

Father: Ha! Ha! Ha!

Jaden: Wow, eavesdropping is cool.

Syrus: Yeah, it's almost is fun stealing mail.

Jaden: Word.

Syrus: What?

Jaden: Just chillin, homie.

Syrus: Jaden, stop talking like that.

Jaden: But I-

Syrus: No.

Jaden: But I-

Syrus: No.

Jaden: But I-

Syrus: No.

Jaden: But I... I just-

Syrus: Hey, Jaden.

Jaden: What?

Syrus: Shut up!

Father: So to summarize I want my son to come back to the family business with his father.

Banner: I see, and why would this be?

Father: We'll talk about that later. Say, are you a drinker?

Banner: Um... only um-

Father: Have you play, Nuts on the Table?

Banner: Um... I don't think-

Father: Then, we're gonna have fun tonight!

Jaden: Hey Chumley, are you okay? I heard tha- whoa! what's going on? why are you packing?

Chumley: *gruntly winning*

Jaden: Oh, don't tell me you're actually cry- Oh my God, you girl! Why don't look the other way? Maybe we should take this up with the Chancellor.

Caption: after 25 minutes of pointless bickering...

Syrus: After 25 minutes of pointless bickering!

Jaden: And that's why Chumley can't leave. His character hasn't been developed enough for us to give us a crap about him!

Father: Well, I haven't heard him complain once. Isn't that right Chumley?

Chumley: *winning*

Father: You see.

Jaden: Come on Chancellor, that's no fair!

Sheppard: I'm sorry Jaden, but unless Chumley says "No", there's nothing we can do.

Jaden: Well, what if... um... what's that, Chumley? You wanna duel your dad, and if you win you stay?

Chumley: *Grunt*?

Syrus: Jaden, I can't believe you just set that up.

Jaden: Oh, come on. Chumley will do just fine.

Banner: Oh, I wouldn't know about that.

Jaden: Reaction Shot!

Banner: Chumley's father has been the State Champion, three years in the row.

Jaden: Oh... HA! HA! HA! HA! Ah, dude I'm so sorry I have totally screwed you over, but good luck anyway.

Caption: Later that night...

Syrus: Later that night in... Jaden, Why am I doing this again?

Jaden: Because the guy freakin' walking on us, alright.

Banner: So I told my mother... I'm going out... I'm 43 I said... too old be living with you... and I left.

Father: Christ! You only had one drink. Anyway, Nuts on the Table!

Banner: Okay, so I put my nuts on the table, now what happens?

Father: Now I do this!

(Slammed Banner's nuts on the table)

Banner: Oh, My sweet mother of netherith!

Father: AH! You pasted out you gotta take a drink! Ba... Banner? Oh, I'm going out for a drink.

Jaden: King me!

Syrus: Jaden, We're playing Yahtzee.

Jaden: Oh okay, well I wanna buy Mayfair.

Syrus: What the hell are you talking about?

Jaden: Gold Fish!

Syrus: Did you get a caution while no one's looking?! By the way, Chumley could you stop laying cards around the toolshed?

Jaden: Yeah, if you can clean your plate up, you could clean up this room, you messy bastard!

Father: Wow, Banner. I'm surprised you're still standing after last night.

Banner: ~Yes, well...~ *Ahem* Yes, well I know never told to get drunk with you ever again.

Father: Funny? I recall Chumley's mom once saying that, HA! HA! HA!

Banner: Let the duel, begin!

Father: Chumley, you're such a disappointment. I still can't believe you've come to my Lloyd's. Your mother got rest her soul, died shortly after giving birth to your fat-ass. What would she think she saw you now? A failed fat duelist with the obsession of grilled cheese sandwiches, you're no son of mine!

Chumley: Screw you, Dad!

Jaden: WHAT THE-!!!

(cues massive explosions hearing the word "f*ck")

Jaden: Syrus, did you see that? Did you see that Chumley talked? Did you see that? Did yeah? Did yeah? Did yeah?

Syrus: Uh... Hi?

Jaden: Is it uncomfortable that I'm this closed to you?

Syrus: Jaden, get the hell away from me!

Jaden: What if I kiss you?

(Syrus Punched Jaden)

Jaden: Ugh! okay cross the line. Got it.

Chumley: Dad, What you don't realize is I made so many good friends here, who will always back me up and help me when I'm down.

(Jaden and Syrus are laughing at Chumley's voice)

Syrus: ...his voice was so stupid.

Father: Wow, You know Chumley. After seeing your friends support you and imitate favorite Internet References. I now see, You are a true duelist and a great man. I acknowledge you as my son.

Chumley: Does that mean you let me win?

(Chumley's Father was laughing at him)

Father: No.

(Cues explosions)

Jaden: Why do all duels end up with an explosion, Syrus?

Syrus: Why do you insist on getting so close to me!

(Punches Jaden again)

Jaden: Ugh! My pancreas!

Syrus: Take that, you freakin' loony!

(Syrus saying is conclusion speech)

Syrus: And so, after incredibly pointless duel, Chumley's Dad got wasted completely forgot why he came Duel Academy in the first place and left. Leaving with Chumley with nothing but a bill to all the while in order, and what happened to me and my friend? Well...

Jaden: Syrus, what the hell are you doing?

Syrus: I'm monologing.

Jaden: Why are you monologing?

Syrus: F**ck you, that's why!

Caption Ending: We like to refer to this as 'Jaden Ownage' Episode. Remember, never play 'Nuts on the table'. Professor Banner required 17 stitches. Syrus Has filed for a restraining order. His court case is in October.

Jaden: Thanks for the drinks Professor Banner, you're awesome.

Banner: It is a pleasure, Jaden.

Jaden: Hey, do you know any drinking games?

Banner: hmmm? Have you ever heard of Nuts on the Table?

Jaden: Uh... I don't think so.

Banner: Oooo, then this is going to be a lot of fun.