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Abridged Episode # 4[]

Cast (in order of appearance): Jaden, Navy Soliders, Navy Captian, Narrator, Syrus Truesdale, Chazz Princeton, Crowler, Lunch Lady (old lady), Card Selling Lady, Oblisk Blue Students, Computer, Banner, Chancellor Sheppard, Bastion, Winged Kuriboh, Alexis, Clayman, Slifer Red Students, Ra Yellow Students, VWXYZ Dragon Catapult Magazord.

Date: December 28 2008


(intro: Navy ships headed to Duel academy)

Navy Solider# 1: Okay, so we've assembled all the world military. Now please tell us what this mission is?

Navy Captian: Okay men, prepare yourself. We're headed to deliver is small case of cards in that island.

Navy Soliders: WHAT THE F****CK!!!

Narrator: *with background singers, singing a cappella* Meanwhile, Meanwhile, Meanwhile!! In the toolshed!!

Jaden: *asleep* Snore, snore, snore

Syrus: *Jaden' snores can be heard in the background* Dear Slifer, Thanks for granted my wish and making Alexis my girlfriend, but I got another wish; Kill Jaden! He hit me yesterday and he said he gonna do it again today. In fact, oh no, I gonna wake him up now! Jaden, come on, it's time for class.

Jaden: (cue hitting sounds and hit syrus) F**K class!

Syrus: Oh the pain! Man, this is even more disrespectful than when Jaden refused to help out that old lady.

Lunch lady: *pushing a van up a hill* Excuse me, can you help me with this van?

Jaden: (cue zooming and ran past the old lady) No, can't see, bye!

(Title Sequence, Jindou's "Rising Weather Hallelujah"  plays)

Syrus: Damn it! Things couldn't get any worse, I'm late for exam day and I got bitchslaped by Jaden. What else go to wrong- (syrus fell) *says quickly* Ah crap!) *facefull of concrete from falling* No one say a f**cking word.

Computer: A necessarily large security measures have been made to ensure that these children's card games are safely delivered.

Navy Solider# 1: You're kidding, right? 

Navy Solider# 2: We're the Navy, Bob. We've got nothing better to do.

Slifer Red Student: Oh my God, this test is hard!

Oblisk Blue Student: Yeah, that's what she said.

(Everyone cheering on that joke)

Syrus: So, Alexis, your skirt is so low. Let me fix that for you.

Jaden: (waking up Syrus) A-hem!

Syrus: *startled awake* Ahh! Jaden!

Jaden: And your scores are gonna be the same if you don't pay attention, Syrus.

Syrus: I know.

Chazz: Hey, Shut up you non-rich people! Rather than learn anything useful, some of us trying to learn how to be good at card games!

Jaden: Get bent Chazz! You no good money hogging, card loving, big headed, egocentric, small tempered, Ojama humping, butt-munching, asshole. Even I haven't started my exams yet and there isn't a lot of time to-

Banner: Your test is now, over.

Jaden: (yelling far away) God damn it!

Chancellor Sheppard: Hello my students, your Chancellor here! Just to let you know some new cards have arrived at the school. That is all.


Chancellor Sheppard: Also on another note, DarkSide Incorperated had made a new video.

(Everyone Charging)

Syrus: NYAH! Man, what a racket. Jaden, wake up!

Jaden: *sleepily* Oh, what is it Syrus?

Bastion: You blokes just missed a premiere of DarkSide Incorperated's video.

Jaden: (cue banging on the head on the desk) You're kidding?

Bastion: No, I'm not.

(Jaden bangs his head on the desk again)

Everyone: (banging at the door trying to get in) GIVE US NEW CARDS!! COME ON!!! LET US IN!!!!

(Navy Soliders charging to the to the Students)

Navy Soldiers: Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut!


Navy Captian: The Navy, that's who! Here's your cards!

(Everyone cheering the Navy)

Navy Captian: There are might even be a naked Dark Magician Girl in here!

Everyone: *GASP*!!!!!

Slifer Red Student: Hey, where are all the cards?

Cardselling Lady: I'm sorry, but this Generic hooded man took them all.

Oblisk Blue Student: What, you mean Crowler?

Crowler: I'm not Crowler, my name is Joe. Joe Everyman, yes.

Jaden: Are you ready Syrus? 

Syrus: I don't think so.

Jaden: Well, we gotta do this. On the count of three.

Syrus: One!

Jaden: Two!

Jaden and Syrus: Three! Reaction shot!

Syrus: Oh my god, this place is deserted.

Jaden: Well done, do you want to point anything else obvious?

Syrus: You're a dick!

Jaden: What?

Syrus: Nothing!

Jaden: Hey, do you have any of those really rare cards left?

Cardselling Lady: I'm sorry, all we have left the plot device cards now.

Syrus: Jaden, you may as well take these. You always use these kind of cards at the end of a duel.

Jaden: (whispered to Syrus) Shut up, that's a secret.

Chazz: (singing to himself) Money, Money Money!

Oblisk Blue Student# 1: Hey Chazz...

Chazz: Money?

Oblisk Blue Student# 1: We tried to get you those cards, we really did.

Crowler: But I have them now!

Oblisk Blue Student# 2: Hey, who's that?

Chazz: Money?! Oh, it's just Crowler.

Corwler No it's not!

Chazz: Yes it is.

Crowler: I'm not Crowler!

Chazz: Oh, come on. How many more feminine weirdos are there on this Island.

(Turning to Syrus)

Syrus: The the F**ck are you looking at?! My hair is always blue!

(turning back to Chazz's gang and Crowler)

Crowler: Hmm. Fair enough. (removes his hoody and reveal to them) A-ha! I want you to duel Jaden in the exams with some new cards.

Chazz: Uhh.. okay.

Crowler: That's right, and you can finally have your revenge.

Chazz: Actually, I was planning to avoid Jaden this.


Chazz: Okay, okay!

Crowler: Say it like you mean it!

Chazz: *ugh* I gotta take my revenge.

Crowler: Good.

Jaden: Whoa, what's going on here?

Crowler: Chazz is going to beat you, Jaden. And finally get his revenge.

Jaden: I- wait what?

Chazz: *sigh* It's Crowler, Jaden. just not go along with it.

Jaden: oh, okay.

Chazz and Jaden: Duel!!

Crowler: Aaaah!

Jaden: I'll go first, draw! Oh ,Winged Kuriboh. What a surprise. I summon; Elemental Hero Clayman in the Defence mode.

Chazz: Huh?

Everyone: *gasp*!

Jaden: What does everybody gasping at?

Chazz: That's the same moves you start every duel of with. Seriously, I've sent more richinality than Whiches two video.

Jaden: That was low.

Chazz: My move, and I play Magical Mallet! All of the cards I don't want, I put back in my deck, then I shuffle and redraw again. However, I can also put my Magical Mallet back in my deck.

Jaden: Uh Chazz, I dont' think you're quite allowed to-

Chazz: Too late, I'm doing it. Ha ha ha! Oh look, I drew Magical Mallet! I think I'll Shuffle that again an-

Jaden: Stop it!

Chazz: Okay, instead I summon VW Wing Catapult! Now watch my Brilliant Taunting strategy! Hey Clayman, you're in Defence Mode. You're the wuss of the Elemental Hero World! Come on, go to the Attack Mode, Stop being such a pussy!

Clayman: What did you say?!

Chazz: I said, You're Dead!

(sfx: Explosion) 

(Lifepoints dropped to 2900)

Jaden: Damn it!

Crowler: Did you see that Chancellor, Did yea, did yea, did yea, did yea, did yea, did yea?!

Chazz: Did you see that Jaden, Did yea, did yea, did yea-

Jaden: I'm Dueling you, you fruitcake!

Chazz: well, there's no need for that. I guess you need a lesson in manners...

(The Mighty RAW's "Power Rangers" Theme song)

Chazz: ...And this is the card to do it. The VWXYZ Dragon catapult Magazord!

Jaden: Holy Crap! I'm in trouble!

VWXYZ Dragon Catapult Magazord: Magazord, Activated!

Chazz: I summon one of the most powerful monsters in the game. And there's nothing, Nothing to do to stop me, Jaden!

Jaden: I summon Winged Kuriboh!

Chazz: E- but.. you.. F***ck you, Jaden!

Jaden: And now, I use the plot device card; Transcenting wings! If I secrifice my Winged Kuriboh, I win.

Chazz: What?! Where did you get that card that powerful?!

Jaden: At your local gamming store!

Chazz: Yeah, buy cards today!

Syrus: Jaden won like he always does.

Chancellor Sheppard: Congraduation, Jaden. You won the Duel. You're going to be promoted to Raw Yellow!

Jaden: Sweet, I'm gonna move in right now.

(turned to the toolshed)

Jaden: Hey guys!

Syrus: Back already? *Gasp*! You came back for me!

Jaden: No, they kicked me out because I kept saying "Get your game on."

Syrus: (crying with tears of joy) OH!! You came back for Me!!

Jaden: Sure I did, Syrus. Ha Ha Ha!

Syrus: Good, I'm moving out!

(Ending: "Power Rangers" by The Might Raw plays)

CAPTION: Next episode in five months... Kidding!


Crowler: Did you like that episode? Did yea? Did yea? Did yea? Did yea? Did yea? Did yea? Did yea? Did yea? Did yea? Did yea? Did yea?