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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Abridged
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Created by RaymsCreator
Episodes 27
Link http://www.youtube.com/user/RaymsCreator


RaymsCreator got his start around 2008, which would be the year known as "the explosion of abridging". It wouldn't take long for other people that were very well known in the community to take interest in his series. The series got some serious views after it was referenced in Casius614's "Life & Abridged Countdown". His most well known catchphrase that was quoted on the series of videos was "One tiiiime, twice...", & "Oh my god, you can talk!?". It wasn't long before he would be interviewed by Chicknwings, which made it's premiere on June 28th, 2009. To this day, it's been the 6th most viewed video on the T.A.C. youtube account.

Raymscreator would only create 23 episodes of his Yu-Gi-Oh GX Abridged, & he did numerous one shots to pass time while working on his next episode.

Sudden End[]

With the death of RaymsCreator, the future of the series was soon canceled. Not long after his death, Youtube took down his channel due to 4kids copyright claim of using content that they owned without permission from the organization. Weeks later after his account was terminated, Zeromaster & Scourgmaster93 decided to open up a new channel online that would show respect for the abridger & posted up all of his original content, even the hard to find episodes that were also originally taken down before Raymscreator's account was terminated from youtube.

In honor of his passing, Chicknwings opened up his video to anyone that wanted to post their own message giving thanks to Raymscreator for all the work that he's done durring his time in the community. Names like Shadyvox, Flyingbandicoot, gdechert007, mattroks101, & even Chicknwings himself wrote on the video.

There was talks about an episode 28 of his Yugioh GX Abridged, but he never did release the episode. The episode would have cameo roles from Unwardil, Casius614, Chicknwings, & various other abridgers.