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Yu-Gi-Oh! FD!s is an abridged series of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's by azurada23. the title is an abbreviated version of "Five 'Duh!s'".

The Series Overall[]

The first two episodes started by borrowing elements from Sephirex's series, but has since deviated starting with episode 3. As of this point the plot is rarely , if a tall, touched on, even though in the actual anime it takes few episodes to get the main plot going. The series' main apathetic protagonist is Yusei Fudo, proficient in several computer programs, D-Wheel maintenance, and extensive, yet unexplored, use of Action Replay to cheat his way through his matches.

The other characters are as follows, and are voiced by azurada23 unelss stated otherwise:

  • Blitz, Nerve,and Taka, the three older guys in Yusei's hideout. They have nothing better to do than to watch TV and occasionally violate the warranty on their offscreen TiVo. They like Metallica, which Yusei apparently hates.
  • Rally, the younger boy in Yusei's hideout. He steals a chip for Yusei and inadvertently draws attention of Security by uttering one of LittleKuriboh's catchphrases. Yusei begrudginly draws the Security away, He gets bored frequently and tries to relieve himself of his boredom by placing the laptop in a microwave and pushing randoms settings and times. This causes catastrophic events to occur in random places in the world*
  • Jack Atlas, the pompous one who deserts the Satellite to become the King. He made off with Yusei's first D-Wheel model and left the others to deal with the motorbike's insurance bills. He's rude to everyone, to the point of telling Rex Godwin to piss off in episode 5
  • Rex Godwin, the Director-General of Neo Domino City. He has a rather silly accent and tries to be optimistic, though with the rejects serving under him, that tends to be difficult. It is heavily implied in episode 6 that he forced his secretary, Sagiri into something "non-priestly".
  • Jaeger, one of Godwin's subordinates. An effeminate male midget that has asomewhat demonic voice. When he's not serving under Godwin he runs a side business that sells dsicount Rape Faces to villains of the Yu-Gi-Oh! universe, Godwin being one of his customers.
  • Mikage Sagiri, the secretary. She's been stalking Jack since Jack became the King, and was keeping herself abstinent long enough to score with Jack. This backfired when Rex.... you get the idea by now.
  • Jin Himuro, an ex-Pro Duelist. His living as the top dog prisoner in the prison was utterly trashed by Yusei's defeating him using Yanagi's deck. This is reflected in the fact that the only badass thing Himuro ever does in the series afterwards is bust down a lcoked door. Himuro is voiced by kirtro in the series.
  • Lua and Luca, the twins. They have a shared niche for sacrificing people's souls. Lua is the more active of the two, while Luca is the more passive. Luca is voiced by FrickNinja
  • Tetsu Ushio, the Cop. He's a part of the 70% of the police that have the knowledge of the internet F---wad, though since dueling Yusei's he's managed to gain some form of intellect. This is hindered because of Ushio's desire to put Yusei away in prison for life. His voice is Eastern European, and always replaces most of his first-person pronouns with "This Ushio" due to his transition for a horridly subbed Season Zero episode. He's taken a random liking to pomegranate since getting his scar from the events of episode 3. He honestly prefers Sephirex more than LittleKuriboh, due to the more lenient fanbase, which implies, Ushio's conflicted about being what's he's assigned to be in the police force
  • Saiga, friend of Himuro's. He gets yanked into Yusei's ever-growing camaraderie by having his "Reasons Not to be an Assisting Character" card torn up. we never get to see what those reasons are.
  • Yanagi, a creepy old man who Yusei meets in prison. He's convinced he is an expert in anime and it's laws.
  • unimportant extras include the security chief who Ushio serves under, the bartender at Bootleg, and and many of the Securites 70%

(* This hasn't been shown in the actual series yet, just in the short)

Recurring Jokes and Themes[]

  • Ushio chasing after Yusei
  • Himuro without his manhood
  • 70% of the Security being LittleKuriboh purists who don't believe other abridged series should even exist.
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