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The Incredible Hobson

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September 16, 2010




Yami Yugi intorduces the "Jiggle-o-meter", a reader which measures the bounciness of the breasts of female character shown on screen, which remains on the upper-right corner of the screen throughout the episode.

Yugi runs through a virtual hallway, getting tired very fast because the only excercise he ever gets is lifting his deck before a card game. Yami scolds Yugi for his lack of excercise before Yugi complains that they were in the middle of a tournament before the virtual world story arc began, which Yami theorizes probably happened because the writers went on strike again. Yugi is surprised that the show has writers.

Tea follows the penguin that rescued her from the internet trolls on the previous episode, having a convenient dream sequence along the way which conveniently establishes that she is fond of the Dark Magician Girl card (despite never having mentioned the card in the whole series prior). The penguin leads her to a palace filled with penguins and ruled by Crumbs, another of the Big Five who uses the Nightmare Penguin duel monster as his body.

Elsewhere, Duke and Tristan manage to get out of the castle they were trapped in as Duke begins to become weak due to having gone too long without being exposed to half-naked girls. Serenity comes into the picture while being chased by a triceratops, which Tristan defeats by forcing it to run into a river. However, Serenity didn't notice this because she was too busy flashing Duke her breasts so he could recover his energy.

Crumbs tells Tea about his fascination (more accurately obsession) with penguins, saying he loves them "platonically...and physically". He challanges her to a duel, which she initially rejects but immediately accepts after Crumbs says that "friendship sucks".

Kaiba and Mokuba revisit a virtual projection of their life with Gozaburo, who forced Kaiba to constantly study and not be able to play children's card games, which is all Young Kaiba wants to do (as well as verbally abusing Gozaburo's deformed butler, Hobson).

Crumbs duels Tea, all the while explaining how during his youth he was neglected by his parents and only found comfort in seeing the penguins at the zoo, which naturally led him to grow up and want to become a teenage girl (a logical argument Tea finds idiotic). Crumbs gloats that he'll defeat Tea and claim her body to finally fulfill his fantasy, which Tea counters by saying that she can't lose because she has the power of friendship on her side. Tea reveals her master strategy by playing Graceful Charity in attack mode, only to be told that it's a spell card and she can't use it that way. After several attempts at playing traps and spells as monsters, Crumbs triggers his penguin missile and beats Tea.

A while later, Yugi arrives and finds Tea unconscious. After waking her up, she rubs her breasts against him (causing the Jiggle-o-meter to explode) and asks him, now with Crumbs' voice, if he likes penguins.


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