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DuelTube Link http://dueltube.org/S2E16.htm

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April 10, 2009



Episode Synopsis[]



  • Beginning: Spoof to what the 5 in 5ds means
  • (0:05) Yugi comments on the neverending cutscenes of Metal Gear Solid 4
  • (0:45) Joey does what any other gawky member of a good movie does: repeat movie referances, drool
  • (1:40) The infamous Sexyback is back
  • (2:33) Mai's warrior is Xena from the mid 90's TV show "Xena The Warrior Princess".
  • (2:34) Jean's warriors from left to right
    • Grey Fox
    • Sub Zero
    • Naruto
    • Michelangelo from Teenage mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • (2:39) Is a reference to NTAS where occasionally during an episode Yami pops up and says "Why is everybody on this show a fucking ninja?".
  • (3:24) Rufus the Naked Mole Rat from the show Kim Possible
  • (3:52) Xenu vs. Xena: fake religions
  • (4:16) Is making fun of the "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" which is their advertising slogan Tristan actually says it later on.
  • (4:38) Oprah is a show about a hilarious African-American known as Oprah. Tom Crusie once acted like Jean said on that show.
  • (4:44) Joey copies the infamous 'I see your underpants' song.
  • (5:06) Toy getting crushed sound
  • (5:36) Naruto cameo again a reference to NTAS tho this time it's making fun of the Yami cameo with Naruto saying "Why is everybody on this show a fucking duelist?".
  • (5:38) The Naked Mole Rap (Kim Possible again)

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