Busted Rhymes
Season 1, Episode 13
Air date October 23, 2006
Length 0:05:54
Created by LittleKuriboh
Link TeamFourStar


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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series


Episode Synopsis[edit | edit source]

This episode shows the gang find their way through the cave into a giant room, where the tag-team duel between Yugi and Joey vs. the rhyming Paradox Brothers, Para and Dox takes place. Also we see Kaiba travelling towards Pegasus's castle, as well as being tricked into a trap and finally finding Mokuba, only for Pegasus to steal Mokuba's soul. Pegasus tells Kaiba that, in order to get Mokuba's soul back, Kaiba must defeat Yugi in a duel.

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