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Youkuro started off no more than an entertainer on youtube.com. After making AMVs and going to Anime conventions, Youkuro wanted to make life as an Otaku more fun and exciting. So he began a web reality show called "Re-Anime"; a reality show for Anime fans. By giving tutorials of Otaku life, videos of Anime conventions, and stunts to entertain the young adults, the show had great expectations. The web show has 3 seasons on Youkuro's youtube accounts, Youkuro2007, Youkuro2008, and YoukuroKageStudios. A 4th season of "Re-Anime" has not yet been confirmed due to schedule issues.

During the last 2 seasons, Youkuro did run into the people responsible for not only creating the Anime abridging phenomenon but who had inspired Youkuro to become an abridger himself. Meeting with Vegeta3686, Borinyukami, and Megami33 at the same convention, AnimeNEXT, Youkuro had been fascinated with the idea enough to begin searching for the next abridged series.

After watching about 5 versions before his own, Youkuro decided to go ahead with his plan and create Kingdom Hearts: The Abridged Series. Despite the number of episodes done already and popularity varied, Youkuro thought to himself quote-"I have to stike the iron while it's hot."-unquote; realizing how poorly executed the series was made before him. With the knowledge of the abridged series viewed the most, Youkuro followed the format, as he calls it, and made an original version of the series' 1st episode. That of which sticks to most of the original dialogue from the video game but adding a few elements other users failed to execute, such as yaoi, drugs, sex, etc..

Although its not really an Anime series, using Kingdom Hearts because of it's popularity among Anime fans is the satisfaction. See also Avatar, Metal Gear Solid, Majora's Mask, etc..


"Re-Anime: A Reality Show For Anime Fans" 2007-2009 3 Seasons (more may be on the way)

Kingdom Hearts: The Abridged Series

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