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If we cantaloupe, lettuce Abridge (A Koufuku Graffiti Short)

A short of Koufuku Graffiti, showcasing Yoshino's scripting style.

YoshinoVA is a Voice Actor, Abridger, Producer, and Writer from Western Washington. She has mainly voiced in Abridged Series, although also does fandubs of Lilo & Stitch, and Kingdom Hearts. Her Main Series is Date-A-Live Abridged and Yuru Yaoi.

During November of 2013, DinosaurcardsFTW officially changed her channel name to YoshinoVA in order to prevent any caused confusion.


- Date-A-Live Abridged

- Yuru Yaoi

- Selector Infected Abridged

- Re-Kan! Abridged!

- Tower of Druaga: Aegis of Abridged