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YorozuyaGroup is a team of friends who abridge series like Samurai Champloo, Eden of the East and Honey & Clover.


YorozuyaGroup was founded by friends SkyYuyo and Mandos, who were fans of several abridged series that wanted to try making their own. During the time between the creation of the channel and the first abridged episode upload, they made a lot of short and random dubs of anime as a sort of practice and also for their own amusement.

Eventually Samurai Champloo was chosen as the series they would abridge. Both of them worked on the writing while Mandos was the editor. They recruited their friend Kitaru to voice the female characters, mainly Fuu, and got to work on their first episode. Two other friends, Sion and Kenshinex, joined the group to voice some minor characters.

After a few episodes, they decided to try doing a second series as a side project to see how well they could do a pilot. Eden of the East was chosen because it was a totally different genre and only 11 episodes. After episode 5 of SCA, it was decided that it would be the last episode and EotEA would take focus. They have also started an abridged version of Honey & Clover, with SkyYuyo being the editor and head writer.

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  • Sony Vegas Pro 8.0
  • Audacity
  • Photoshop CS5
  • DVDVideoSoft
  • AVS Video Converter 6
  • Wordpad
  • Microsoft Paint
  • A Slow Computer



  • The word "Yorozuya" comes from the anime Gintama, which they are fans of.