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Arron Pleitner

Known works

Mekaku City Actors: TAS, Fate/Cero (FateTAS), How To Be An Adventurer

Associated acts (Bands)

StarPool, The Maxies, The Squeege, Checkerboard Oddesy (Current)


Fate TAS

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May 9, 1994


Lake Elsinore, CA


Voice actor, audio engineer, sound editor, musician

Arron (AKA YaroShien) is a Southern Californian amateur voice actor. Getting into voice acting at 2009, his first voice role is was regrettable and will never be known. 2011 he came out with Abridged+Vampire and through many trials and tribulations is the main writer of Mekaku City Actors - The Abridged Series, Co-Writer and SFX editor of Fate/Cero along with OmniBeneficial. Arron has taken numerous voice over training from Crispin Freeman. At this time, he has completed all the classes. 

As a Sound Editor/Designer, he does design for animators as well as abridge series and has posted projects on his channel to show off his prowess. 

Aside from voice over work, Arron is a musician, playing in multiple DCI bands and SKA bands since early high school and late middle school. But has since worked to become an audio engineer for both studio and live recordings.

As an editor he works with Sony Vegas and ProTools for softwear. Hardware is a M-Box, CAD GXL2200, Audio Tecnica AT2020 USB, Studio Project SP C1 Microphone, Sennheiser MK-4, Rode NT-1 A.

Abridged Roles[]

  • Tsukune Aono & Extras - Abridged+Vampire
  • Shintaro, Snake of Clearing Eyes (Snake) - Mekaku City Actors: The Abridged Series
  • Kanith, Assassin, Old Man 2&3, Unfortunate Kid, Ryunosuke, Cathulu -FateTAS (Co-Writer & SFX Editor)
  • Bell Cranel, Arnya, Monsters, Extras - How To Be An Adventurer (DanMachi:TAS)
  • Dad - Hibiya's Little Adventures
  • FrMENT Basket- Kyo

  • Uryu / Two Big Guys - Omni Bleach Abridged 11 Knockin On Heavens Door By OmniBeneficial
  • Persona4 The Abridged Animation - Yu, Igor
    Yaroshien Transformed

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  • Kanda, Komui, Tikki - D.Gray-man Abridged by DEEsidia97
  • Simon, Thymilph, Chief - Epicly Abridging Guren Lagan Encore By Anime Lawyers
  • FBI Agent Joe - Stored Art Online by xvxBlo0dxvx
  • Yu - Persona4 Shorts by DEEsidia97 (Episode 1)
  • Death - Soul Eater Abridged One-Shot: Assassination for Dummies by Alifluro
  • Sousuke - Full Metal Panic Abridged By FlameAbridged
  • Haru - Free Style Parody written by Yaro (EP.1) JadeTheFireFox (Ep 2-Onwards)
  • Guy1 - Kotoura-san Abridged Episode 03 By Scourgemaster
  • Mail Man - Barbie and the Talkers [PARODY] by MoonDreamofA (Duchess)
  • Jirou - School Rumble Ruined By TehRumblePack
  • Lancer, Satan - Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Abridged Works: Pilot! by Hawk Abridging
  • Phoenix Wright - Objection Abridged
  • Natsu - A Fairy Tail Abridged - (Co-Written with xvxBlo0dxvx, Editor)
  • Police Dude - Monster Abridged Episode 9 - Kristmas with the Krazies by FoulFangedFiend
  • Spike / Ein - Man Hunter Boop Boop (Cowboy Bebop Parody One-shot)
  • Vincent - The Chronicles of Pokémon: The Raikou, The B**ch and The Wardrobe by FoulFangedFiend
  • Jubei - Blazblue: Another Memory by DEEsidia97
  • Sharkman - T.EXE's MegaMan Abridged Warrior
  • Random Student 1 - Toradora Randomness Episode 11 by xVxBlo0dxVx
  • Grell - Chasing Jacks (Black Butler One Shot)
  • Guard 2 - Akame ga Kill! Abridged! by TheSchmuckSquad

Non-Abridged Roles[]

TV Head Man

Project Canti art by ZeroFist and current Avatar

  • Monsters and Extras(uncredited) - Amnisia: A Machine for Pigs
  • Balthezar A. Zalzaio, Dr. Nero - Dystopia Rising: The Road to El Dorado By Doctor Maze
  • Emaru Diamondhart - Iridescent: Destination Tournament by Blaze Manga
  • Diadara - Aussie Tobi By RandomYori (Episode 1)
  • Digimon XrosWars- Omegashoutmon By DemonGorceryStore as Tactimon
  • Yoshitake - The Daily Lives of High School Boys by GForce
  • Erin - [SSP-FD] Attack On Titan Episode 3 - Second Aptitude Test
  • Alba (Ep. 8-13) - Senyu Fandub by JustKyleDavid
  • TV Head Man - Project Canti (aka PC)
  • The Voice of Sins - Anime Sins
  • Tōru Yukimura - Aoharu X Machinegun 5
  • Burning Humans in Pokemon Center - The Forest King - Starter Squad (Ep.6)

Sound Editor/Designer[]

  • Rebb by GregzillaGT
  • Fate/Cero by FateTAS
  • Shion by Kaminari Entertainment (as of Episode 8 - Onward)
  • Starter Squad by Shippiddge (As of Episode 6 - Onward)
  • Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Abridged Works by Hawk Abridging
  • Saber & Son: A Fate/Stay Night Parody Short by Hawk Abridging
  • Epicly Abridging Guren Lagan Encore By Anime Lawyers
  • Yuushibu Shorts By xvXBlo0dXvx
  • Kill La Kill Abridged Parody Episode 4 (Scene 1 & 3 only) By PSNYomi133
  • Iridescent: Destination Tournament By Blaze Manga

Things About Yaro[]

  • Arron is respectively a ordained minister of the Universal Life Church
  • Previously a college Student at RCCD
  • Loves hot Cheetos fries
  • Loves to cook
  • JadeTheFirefox is his actual sister
  • Is currently the front man of his own online SKA Band
  • The name Yaro comes from a old elementary school character that Arron drew himself, Shien comes from his favorite Yu-Gi-Oh card "Great Shogun Shien"
  • Arron has also been in student films before