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Colby Colbear's YU GI OH GX Parody Series
Run 02/26/18 - Present
Episodes 2
Link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7mYdLYnSnZXAKf-bIhSrnQ

Colby Colbear's YU GI OH GX Parody Series is an Abridged Series by Colby Colbear Under the YouTube Channel Colby's Parodies. It is a parody of the anime series YU GI OH GX. The Plot follows closely to the original series, but characters and scenarios are quite different from their cannon counterparts.


Ten years after the finale of the original Yu Gi Oh, the show follows fifteen year old Jaden Yuki and his friends exploits as they attend Dual Academy


The opening of the show is a condensed version of the Anime intro, played to Remake by ONE OK ROCK.

Written by Colby Colbear and Trueman Massat

Edited by Colby Colbear

The First Episode of the Show was completely made by Colby, the reason was as a pitch to his friends that the Idea could work.


Jaden Yuki- Jaden is a 15 year old boy and the main protagonist of the series, who is determined in becoming the next King of Games. In comparison to the Original canon character, Jaden is also mentally ill and breaks the fourth wall constantly. Jaden in the series has multiple mental disorders, and is taking many prescription pills to treat them. Some of the side effects of these pills have made Jaden fearless, overly optimistic, sleepy, and removed from concepts like death.

Syrus Truesdale- Syrus is a 15 year old boy, and roommates /best friends with Jaden. Syrus is petite in frame, and lacking in self confidence, similar to his canon counterpart. Syrus is also known to have broken the fourth wall as well, much like Jaden. The reason being that Syrus though he was the main character of the show, seeing how he has many similarities to Yugi Moto from the prior series. Counter to his canon counterpart, Syrus is of much lower intelligence, which leads to people having to explain every action happening in a duel to him. Syrus has a obvious crush on the romantic intrest of the series, Alexis Rhodes, and is described as a "Hound Dog".

Alexis Rhodes- Alexis is a 15 year old girl, and the Romantic interest of the series. She is one of the smartest girls in all of Duel academy. Alexis can be described as the "Straight Man" of the show, constantly pointing out the ridiculousness of other character's actions as well as the world around them. She does have her own quirks though, finding Jaden attractive because of his ability to beat a 40 year old man at a children's card game, and finding Syrus cute from his moments of being dumb.

Chazz Princeton-Chazz is a 15 year old boy, and as he describes himself "The Generic Bully Character of the Series". He is very arrogant, always calling people "Losers", and is the rival of Jaden. He hangs around with two henchman, who don't really serve any purpose to him other than to make him look better. He couldn't remember their names if he had to.

Chumley Huffington- Chumley is a 16 year old boy who had been held back due to poor grades, he is also Jaden and Syrus's roommate. Chumley is half Koala, and because of that sleeps for very long periods of time. He was confused by Jaden and Syrus as Danny DeVito when they first met.

Bastion Misawa- The 15 year old boy genius. Bastion is the smartest duelists that Duel Academy has ever seen, but because of his pompous and stuck up nature, he doesn't have any friends. The only friends that he has are Jaden and Syrus, and that's because they are willing to talk to him. Because of his pompous nature, he can be insensitive to other people disabilities.


Colby Colbear does all the voices on the show currently. For many characters like Bastion, Syrus and Alexis, he uses voice modulation to emulate their voices.


Episodes Air Date
Episode 1 Feb 26, 2018
Episode 2 March 9, 2018
Episode 3 TBD


  • A common running gag in the series is a "Bannana Cream Pie Incident" No one is fully sure what happened in the incident, but it seems to be the reason for many of the strict rules found in Duel Academy.


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