• Muzac from the Foo Fighters' "Learn To Fly" video
  • Naruto OST - Survival Examination
  • Beach Boys - Wipe Out
  • Naruto OST - Heavy Violence
  • Harry Potter Movie Theme
  • Disturbed - Violence Fetish
  • Double Dare Theme
  • Naruto OST - The Rising Fighting Spirit
  • Sifl & Olly - Ninja of the Night
  • Weird Al Yankovic - Pretty Fly for a Rabbi


  • "My Shen Gong Wu sense are tingling" is a parody of Spiderman's Spidersense.
  • Naruto
    • Akatsuki Cloak
    • Naruto Title Style
    • Dattateboya is Naruto's catch phrase in the original Japanese version. Because it has no real meaning in English, it was changed to "Believe it" by Viz. That is also mentioned in the episode.
    • Chojii is a fat ninja from Naruto, though not as fat as Tummy.
  • Naruto Abridged
    • Orochimaur is often called a petifile (Misspell).
  • The blanket of invisibility is very similar to the cloak of invisibility from Harry Potter.
  • "I'm the Juggernaunt, bitch" is from X-Men 3: Last Stand.

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