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Long ago, the shapeshifting demon Wuya was trapped inside a magical rubix-cube by a Xiaolin Warrior, who then scattered his magical whatcha-ma-hoosits called "shen gong wu" all over the world. When the demon is released and enlists boy genius Jack Spicer to help her regain power and take over the world, four children of indeterminate age: Omi (a Krillin look-alike), Raimundo (el Smartass), Kimiko (Spoiled Brat-san), and Clay(Americano) are recruited to collect the shen gong wu in order to stop her.


The promo for the series was first released on May 25th, 2008 and the first episode originally released in June of 2008. Episodes are scripted by KatKafka and both edited and hosted by Iartlife on his youtube channel.

The song at the opening sequence is Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny by Lemon Demon.


see Xiaolin Abridged Character List for more.

  • Iartlife: Master Fung, Dojo, Jermaine
  • KatKafka: Raimundo, Wuya, Tubbimura, Daddy Bailey
  • TinyGuido: Jack Spicer
  • Fh58k: Omi
  • RedRose4592: Kimiko
  • LiquidBlu: Clay, The Sapphire Dragon
  • Kavari: Katnappe


Episodes Air Date
Episode 1 - The Journey of 52 Episodes


Nov 4th, 2008
Episode 2 - No Kung-Fu for Old Men


Nov 8th, 2008
Episode 3 - Portal Kombat


Nov 22nd, 2008
Episode 4 - Katnappwnd


Nov 22nd, 2008
Episode 5 - Jackatsuki


Nov 22nd, 2008
Episode 6 - Kimitation Dec 28th, 2008
Episode 7&8 - Two and a Half Omis Mar 9th, 2009
Episode 9&10 - In America Jul 5th, 2009
Episode 11 - 4 Shen Gong Wu 1 Monk Feb 22nd, 2010

Common Themes[]

  • The similarities of the original show to Dragon Ball Z, mainly how Omi looks like Krillin and Dojo looks like Shenron.
  • The fact that the age of the four main characters is never established.
  • Other children's cartoons, especially those from Nickelodeon.