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Carolynne "Carrie" Mary Eva Johnston

(Formerly known as Carrie Johnston-DiMascio)


Born 1989 (about 34)


Glasgow, Scotland

Specializes In:

Voice Actor, Writer, Editor






xbubblemunkyx is a Scottish abridger, editor, & voice actress. She is known for co-creating High School of the Dead Kinda, along with being the voice of Asuna Yuki in Sword Art Online Abridged, as well as voicing several characters from different abridged series.



  • High School of the Dead Kinda: creator, writer, editor

Voice Roles[]

  • Sword Art Online Abridged by Something Witty Entertainment - Asuna (ep. 5+)
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged by Team Four Star - Piza (episode 57) and May McStand (Plan to Eradicate Christmas)
  • Hellsing Ultimate Abridged by Team Four Star - Becky (ep. 10)
  • Akame ga Kill! Abridged! by The Schmuck Squad - Leone
  • The Seven Deadly Schmucks by The Schmuck Squad - Jericho
  • Food MENT by The Schmuck Squad - Frittata Girl 1, Frittata Girl 2, Dead Girl (Ep 7)
  • MAGI: The Abridged Series of Magic by The Schmuck Squad - Ja'far
  • My Dumb Academia by The Schmuck Squad - Inko Midoriya
  • Hunter x Dumber by The Schmuck Squad - Kikyo
  • Fate Stay Night (Unlimited Blade Works) Abridged by Project Mouthwash - Sakura Matou
  • Bleach (S) Abridged by Project Mouthwash - Nel, Haribel
  • Digimon Adventure Abridged by Project Mouthwash - BirDramon
  • Darker Than Black - Hyperabridged by Eagle8burger - Colleen
  • Dumb Piece by Eagle8burger - Miria
  • Fairy Tail Abridged Parody by Dizzasta - Sherry
  • The Devil is in a MENT! by Grimmjack69 - Yusa Emi
  • Taishou BaseMENT Gurls! One-Shot by Grimmjack69 - Mother
  • Danganronpa 3 Abridged Thing by Faulerro - Ibuki Mioda
  • How To Be An Adventurer by Yaro Shien - Lili (Ep 1-4)
  • Mekaku City Actors:TAS by Yaro Shien - Hibiya
  • Abridged+Vampire by Yaro Shien - Silver Moka
  • A Fairy Tail Abridged by Yaro Shien - Erza
  • Medaka MENT (Medaka Box Abridged) by Runawayturist - Onigase Harugane
  • #ButKonosuba (A Konosuba Parody) by Coffinjockey - Aqua
  • Re:Zero Abridged by TheDastails - Rem
  • Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Abridged Works by Hawk Abridging - Caster
  • Omni Bleach Abridged by ThroneofCipher - Yoruichi
  • Denpa Onna Abridged by Xcaliborg - Yoshiro
  • The Prince & The Pussy by Xcaliborg - Valley Girl 2
  • Darker Than Buttcrack by Xcaliborg - Purple Eyed Woman
  • Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Abridged by Xcaliborg - Hawkeye
  • Eden Abridged by Pandoraherself - Juiz
  • The Documenting of Haruhi Suzumiya by Pandoraherself - Yuki
  • Rosario Vampire Abridged by BloodYokaiStudios - Mizore
  • Nyan Koi Abridged One Shot by BloodYokaiStudios - Kanako
  • Kill La Kill Abridged Short by BloodYokaiStudios - Satsuki
  • Nana Abridged Short by BloodYokaiStudios - Hachi
  • Nisekoi Abridged by BloodYokaiStudios - Teacher, Seishiro
  • Kotoura-san Abridged by Scourgemaster - Moritani
  • Yugioh! Zero Abridged One-Shot by Deadlymuffins - Tea
  • The YuYu Haku Show by Deadlymuffins - Ruka
  • Birdy the Mighty Abridged by Birdy the Abridgy - Birdy
  • ToraDora! Randomness by Mike Dillon - Generic Student
  • No Parody No Life by Mike Dillon - Generic Student
  • Supernatural The Animation Abridged by TheWINChestersInc - Wife, Girl, Catherine, Molly, Madison, Ryan, & Little Scottish Girl
  • Soul Eater Abridged One-Shot by TheDBGTAbridged - Maka
  • Soul Eater One Shot by Transformingmorpher - Blair
  • Discordgear by Runawaytourist - Kanade Amou


  • Is dating BuddyVA
  • Was in a prior marriage to voice actor Anthony DiMascio, which was later revealed as a toxic & abusive relationship.