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Hezekiah Littlejohn




September 1992


California, USA

Specializes in:

Specialzes in: Bein a bawse, playing video games, editing movies, voice acting, being the most awesome guy you will ever know in the history of the world.

Started Abridging:



Hezekiah Littlejohn was born in September 1992 in southern California, where he has lived practically all of his life. he is currently in college attempting to earn his associates degree in psychology. when not learning about the mind and how it works, Hezekiah tries to balance abridging, friendships, video games and work.

So far, Hezekiah has been a part of four Abridging shows and is in the works of a fifth. Hezekiah has started his own abridge group called TheGoteiJusantai for Bleach Abridged, but due to lack of time and work load, he dropped the project. He was then Added to the DancingMonkeyPDTV abridge group by Curran Son. His voice range is close to a deep, low tone but can reach mid high range if needed. He is the new leader of the abridged group DancingmonkeyPDTV after its former leader Curran decided to step down from the role. He hopes to help the group become a more functioning unit and more successful abridging group after many setbacks within the group.


  • God is a major Influence to Hezekiah's life. one of Hezekiah's Phrases is "Heaven is my next destination" refering that he plans to go to heaven after his time has come
  • Music often influences Hezekiah in a sense of hype or calming. whenever he needs the energy to keep going after a long day or something soothing to help him think about his accomplishments and how much more successful he can be while he can.
  • His family and friends are the source of Hezekiah's pride and ego. without these important people that love him for who he is, Hezekiah may not be as determined as he is to become sombody that later on in life, the younger generation can look up to as an inspiration to become better.


  • Goteijusantai Bleach
  • Bamboo Blade Abridged (DancingmonkeyPDTV)
  • Claymore UNserious (DancingmonkeyPDTV)
  • Kill la Kill abridged (Kill la bridged)
  • Attack On Titan Abridged (DancingmonkeyPDTV)
  • Script writer/backup editor for DancingmonkeyPDTV


  • Did you know I'm a black guy?
  • Hezekiah is the youngest of Five brothers.
  • His most Common Phrase is "Discover your destiny, if not, then you have no reason to exist."
  • Started making amvs at age 15, which gave him the experience to edit Abridge episodes
  • Starting abridging in 2011.
  • Started a gaming channel called TheKingHezekiah