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Picture form Episode 1

Working!! Abridged!! Episode 1 is titled "I Require Assisstance!!" and is an introduction of the abridging done by the DukeofMurk. Cast

  • Takanashi: DukeofMurk
  • Taneshima: "Tegru"
  • Narrator/ Souma: Markbros1
  • Satou: "Sunflower"
  • Manager Kyoko: "Umbral Unicorn"
  • Yachiyo: "Megu"
  • Inami: Captain Falcon
  • "Taco" guy: "ishNugget"
  • Guy #1: DukeofMurk
  • Guy #2: Markbros1
  • Fat Lady: "Angel"

"Hate is Illegal" -Jared Milton[]

To explain this shortly, this reference was towards Jared Milton, a most-likely troll that believes hate is illegal, Loves Justin Beiber, and will hack all of us using his "connections" he has. True story bro.