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Williamdorf (A.K.A: Will0fD) is a Voice Actor/Script Writer/Video Editor in the Abridging Community. Most notable projects would be Digimon Tamers the Abridged Series in the YouTube account DragonDubStudios, and EastBlue Abridged in the YouTube account ShanksLikesShanking.


Williamdorf first started Abridging with the series, Nabari no Ou Abridged by RedDuskullAbridgers, as a Voice Actor/Video Editor (NOTE: He did not edit the Opening). Later on, he started to interact with other Abridgers, and left the people in RedDuskullAbridgers so he can start doing other projects. He later met Semisoma and MidnightDevont, who started an account called TrilogyPro where he was in Digimon Season 02 Abridged, Fruits Basket Abridged, and his own Grandline Abridged (Which was an Abridged Series of One Piece starting at Episode 62). However, each of these series had dropped due to personal reasons, so the account was later abandoned. As time went on, Williamdorf gained different roles for various other Abridged Series, but he didn't have his own series until Dragonball Abridged in the account Williamdorf. There were a total of seven people participating in this project, including MidnightDevont, Semisoma, RogueAbridger, Whip0fAlchemy, and Megami33. Once Dragonball Abridged was released, he later contacted Shallirica who was going to do another Dragonball Abridged. For personal reasons, both Dragonball Abridges were cancelled, but in it's place, Williamdorf and Shallirica teamed up with Dco257 and created Digimon Tamers Abridged in the account DradgonDubStudios, where Williamdorf Edited, Scripted along with the other team members, and voice acted. DragonDubStudios succesfully released 6 Episodes, but later on, they started to loose contact with one another, so Williamdorf finally decided to pick up One Piece again, and created his latest series, EastBlue Abridged which is now in the account ShanksLikesShanking.

Voice Roles[]

  • Eastblue Abridged by ShanksLikesShanking: Shanks, Yassopp, Beckmon, Bandits, Zoro, Axe-Hand Morgan, Marines
  • Digimon Tamers Abridged by Dragondubstudios''': Henry, Yamaki, Kazu, F Off Tacobell, Teacher, Takato's Dad, Impmon, Girl 1, Random Digimon
  • Nabari no Ou by RedDuskullAbridgers: Random Ninjas, Old Guy, Old Woman, No Name Narrator, Shinra, Raimei, Yukimi