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Well ABRIDGE Me, Princess!
Well Abridge Me Princess logo
Created by Charley Marlowe
Easy Snake Oven
Cast Charley Marlowe
Shelby Sessler
Miles Kitts
Giancarlo Danubio
Anjo Deheve
Sean Concannon
Kyle Carrozza
David Ganssle
Run November 4, 2022 - present
Episodes 7
Link Tumblr

Well Abridge Me, Princess! (abbreviated as WAMP!, stylized as Well ABRIDGE Me, Princess!) is an abridged series based on the 1989 animated The Legend of Zelda segments within The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. The series was created by Charley Marlowe and developed with Easy Snake Oven and CoinKid Inc.


The series began on November 4, 2022 with a same-day premiere on Tumblr and Twitter.

On February 3, 2023, a tie-in livestream debuted with a Vtuber model of the show's version of Link.


Before production begins, the cast and crew come together and dub the original episodes in real-time in a Discord livestream. The best parts of the "Real-Time Fandub" are tied together into a script.


Main Cast[]

  • Charley Marlowe as Link and Princess Zelda
  • Shelby Sessler as Princess Spryte Pepsi
  • Millie the Sillie as King Harkinian
  • Giancarlo Danubio as Ganon
  • Anjo Deheve as The Triforce of Wisdom
  • Sean Concannon as The Triforce of Power
  • Kyle Carrozza as Castellaneta Moblin
  • David Ganssle as Castiglione Moblin

Additional Cast[]

  • Jesse Nowack as Prince Dick Mauve
  • Anjo Deheve as Roctopussy
  • Jex as A Knight, Foreman Mutoh, and Skeletons
  • Cooper C. Sposito as Gil, Skeletons, and Other Fishmen
  • Easy Snake Oven as Eel, Cursed Water Sliders and Shirinka Dinkserpent
  • Shelby Sessler as Angel Spryte
  • Pearl.Point as Devil Spryte
  • Charley Marlowe as Theatre Dragon Head
  • Ella Cesari as Stand-Up Dragon Head, and Fishmen
  • Millie the Sillie as Nonsense Dragon Head
  • NotEasyBeinWheezy as “Maiden”/Mummy Mommy
  • Irish Ian as The Great Deku Tree
  • Mathilde “Mathee” Bruhn as The Witch of Walls
  • JJB Marlowe as King Harkinian (pre-cursed)
  • The Devil’s Advocado

Episode list[]

Thumbnail Episodes Air Date
WAMP Episode 1 logo Sleeping With The Fishes November 4, 2022
WAMP Episode 2 logo The YouTube Poop Curse November 12, 2022
WAMP Episode 3 logo Meanwhile Moblins February 4, 2023
WAMP Episode 4 logo Now You're Cosplaying With Power March 16, 2023
WAMP Episode 5 logo Well EXCUUUUSE Me, Princess and the Frog May 7, 2023
Do the Spryte Thing May 11, 2023
The Reign of Ganon March 15, 2024


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