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Welcome to the Goofy Understanding of Macro Pantology
Season 1, Episode 6, 7, 8 and 9
Air date 04/01/2010
Length 4:06
Created by CardboardLawyer
Written & Mixed by CardboardLawyer
Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZkiftQ9VuQ
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Welcome to the Chickity China!
Welcome to the [Working Title]

This episode was originally titled "APRIL FOOLS DAY PRANK" and features a different opening song from usual.

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Welcome to the NHK Abridged (by CardboardLawyer)

CardboardLawyer's Episode and Cast Descriptions[]

"Satou, Satou Tatsuhiro is a simple man with little brain activity but good intentions. He struggles through adulthood with his best and only friend Yamazaki (and Misaki). His 'mama' teaches him the ways of life and HOW TO LAWL IN THE FACE OF A DYING WOMAN. Satou joins the army for service in Vietnam (It was SRS), finds new friends called Dan and Bubba (He totally met people by those names. You weren't paying attention hard enough), wins porn, starts a porn craze, creates a famous porning site, inspires people to unsubscribe, creates the unsubscribe, writes unsubscribe and unsubscribe, and met the president several times; But more importantly, he took several baths. However this is all irrelevant to Satou who can only think of his adulthood sweetheart Misaki, who has messed up her life by associating herself with him. Although in the end all he wants to prove is that anyone can love anyone (Except chairs. Goddamn heartless beasts them chairs are).

Cast (in credits order(except for Tom Hanks)):
Robin Wright Penn as Flyingbandicoot as Misaki
Gary Sinise as HBI2k as Nobody
Mykelti Williamson as ShamanStick as Yamazaki
Joe Alaskey as Wraith10 as Yamazaki's Girlfriend
Jenny the Boat as Adamwestslapdog as ENDER
Tom Hanks as Cardboardlawyer as Satou"


  • The Forest Gump parody episode
  • Yamazaki's family knew everything there is to know about the pornin' business. From "lesbian porn" to "Nazi porn" to "aborted fetus porn".

Tom Hanks quotes

  • "World War Vietnam",
  • "fictional-Japanese-Town, Japan",
  • "sex-u-a-ly transmited disease"