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Welcome to the Chickity China
Season 1, Episode 4 and 5
Air date 01/31/2010
Length 3:00
Created by CardboardLawyer
Written & Mixed by CardboardLawyer
Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6grv2BGxlw
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Main Article[]

Welcome to the NHK Abridged (by CardboardLawyer)

CardboardLawyer's Episode Description[]

"Welcome to the Chickity China
the Chinese chicken
Satou got a drumstick and his brain stopped tickin'
Watchin' this episode with no lights on
We're sans the tampon
I hope the REFRIGERATOR's in this one (He's not)
Like a Heroine Bear, he's getting frantic
Like Adamwestslapdog, He's tantric (about pillows)
Like last episode, guaranteed to satisfy (probably not but you know)
Like FlyingBandicoot, I make mad films
Okay, I don't make films (I really don't)
But if I did they'd have a Shamanstick
Gonna get a set a' Gnitmonger
Gonna find the kind with XaiyuChan
Just so my irons aren't always flying off the ScooneySteve
Gotta get in tune with Ezekieru (for the sweet opening)"


  • CardboardLawyer - Satou, extras
  • Flyingbandicoot - Misaki
  • ShamanStick - Yamazaki
  • Xaiyuchan - Senpai Girl (Hitomi)
  • Gnitmonger - Robonic Moe
  • ScooneySteve - Robonic Curly
  • Adamwestslapdog - ENDER


  • Anime-tan: the female representation of anime who looks half dead and retarded
  • "PANCAKE!!"
  • Dickorita: the phalic pokemon (on-screen for the ending credits)

Satou quote:

  • ”I dreamed about a Penis that Penised this other Penis while Penising Penis Penis PENIS! While having sex with my mother”