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Goodbye to the NHK
Season 1, Episode 23-24 (Finale)
Air date 07/16/2011
Length 9:24
Created by CardboardLawyer
Written & Mixed by CardboardLawyer
Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuCkNEIrPLE
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Welcome to the Goodbye
welcome to the nhk episode final PART 2

Main Article[]

Welcome to the NHK Abridged (by CardboardLawyer)

CardboardLawyer's Episode Description[]

"Satou has reached the end of his journey, and now must face it like a man. He isn't entirely sure of how to do this, so we'll see how that goes. SPOILERS: It doesn't go well for anybody.

Bye everybody!"


"These people will see you out of the building..."

  • CardboardLawyer - Satou, extras
  • FlyingBandicoot - Misaki
  • WatanukiProductions - Professional Crowd Member 1
  • Cage500 - Professional Crowd Member 2
  • BossTrigger - Professional Crowd Member 3
  • Gnitmonger - Professional Crowd Member 4
  • ScooneySteve - Uncle
  • BlackSilkNinja - Trainlady
  • Cage500 - Ben Afflek
  • Adamwestslapdog - ENDER


  • Sato is late to stop Misaki from jumping off the cliff because it took 3 months to walk there…in an alternate timeline. In the main timeline he gets there 5 minutes after Misaki because he took the train.

Satou quotes:

  • ”I eventually ran out of garbage to eat and was forced to get a job”
  • ”The NHK…They are a shadow organization that spans across time and space, and they have manipulated misfortune since the birth of the wheel and fire”
  • ”When I’m gone, please grind my body into taco meat! It would make me very happy!”