Welcome to the Hell Hole!
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 09/27/2009
Length 4:05
Created by CardboardLawyer
Written & Mixed by CardboardLawyer
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Welcome to the Belated Welcome!

Main Article Edit

Welcome to the NHK Abridged (by CardboardLawyer)

CardboardLawyer's Episode Description Edit

"It was twenty years ago today.... okay more like one.... and not this exact day per say but I do nay say that something did happen here today! As to what that has to do with anything, your guess is as good as mine! I guess it stands for the Dinosaur Metropolis of Steveshire! But as all things must do, some silly things happen in a silly manner!"

Cast Edit

  • CardboardLawyer - Satou, extras
  • Naruhodominuki - Misaki
  • Xaiyuchan - Senpai
  • Samthegreek - Mexican Toaster
  • Adamwestslapdog - ENDER

Highlights Edit

Satou quotes:

  • ”Arg! The bastards multiply with smoke!”
  • ”If they shut off my electricity I’ll have to worship the candle-gods again”
  • ”I’ve decided to kill this woman for trying to give me child pornography. I’m not into that. Not yet.”
  • ”Wait, you’re increasingly old. YOU WOULDN’T TASTE GOOD!!”
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