Violetishot (TheFallenStar143)
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Samantha "Samii" Rasberry



Specializes In:

Voice Acting, Script Writing, & Video Editing.


Violetishot, also known as TheFallenStar143 is an abridger & voice actress, mostly known for her roles as Black Star & Maka in TheSEATeam's Soul Eater Abridged.

History[edit | edit source]

Violetishot started in voice acting by simply being a fan, much like everyone else, meeting future boyfriend TwilightWolf183. The two then started dating & started doing parodies together, with her providing the voices for TwilightWolf's female characters in Trinity Blood Abridged, his Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Abridged, & later their Soul Eater Abridged. According to numerous sources, she has had to fight with fellow member FlameAlchemist35 over control of TheSEATeam's account multiple times.

So far she has quit abridging two times, only the second time she had decided to distance herself & break up with TwilightWolf in order to "find herself", letting her have more freedom to do as she pleased. She has since been replaced in TheSEATeam.

Projects & Roles[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She has a real dislike for The Sagas Council.
  • Was TwilightWolf183's girlfriend for a number of years.
  • She is considered a loudmouth by her abridging peers.
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