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The 2nd OVA of Violence Jack Abridged by Chiissu.



Chiissu wrote/edited/voiced it all at the same time and in sequence bit by bit until the whole thing is done. For voice parts played by other people, Chiissu recorded it alone to approximate the video timing and to get the lines without a script. Later, Chiissu replaced the recordings with the intended actors voice. It was recorded on a laptop mike and was


  • Ocean Dub DBZ episode title theme
  • Hokuto No Ken 2 OST Track 15
  • Hokuto No Ken OST Track 3
  • Hokuto No Ken OST Track 9
  • Hokuto No Ken 2 OST Track 4
  • Hokuto No Ken 2 OST Track 15(again)


to be filled in...


  • Despite the anime being titled "Violence Jack H*ll's Wind" Chiissu does not use the H word at any point in the abridged ova(not even in the tags)
  • This episode has more action and music since Chiissu was told by Thatwhiteguy123 that the last few abridged ova's weren't as interesting and needed more music and action(violence)
  • The gimmic for the biker gang is referencing horror movies including: The Last House on the Left, The Evil Dead, Clockwork Orange, The Hitcher,
  • The anime "Cool Devices" mentioned is a very explicit xxx anime with many scenes of... objectionable content.
  • Golan from the Hokuto No Ken anime/mamga is mentioned as it ran a town similar to Hope Town(peaceful in a wasteland) but with an oppressive violent reign.
  • The part about "making love down by the fire" is a reference to Chef from South Park who often makes love or at least sings about it.
  • Saburo's voice was attempted to be like a young Ed Elric.
  • Chiissu was originally unsure of including a "large male organ" joke in this as it would seem too much like the last episode.
  • In an unused idea, Chiissu considered having Dante(the biker gang leader with wrappings on his head) to be drunk as he is seen holding a liquer bottle in scenes edited out of the abridged ova.
    • The line "take off her clothes off with a knife" was unintended as one of the "off's" was a mistake on the part of Prezsama but kept in as Chiissu thought it was similar to a family guy line "to take off all my clothes off"
  • Many scenes in the abridged ova were removed from the UK version for being too objectionable such as the chainsaw scene and the taking off clothes with a knife scene.
  • Uyghur appearing to explain the logic was thought up by Chiissu to show the scenes while still having some comedy.
    • Chiissu is set to play Uyghur in Christop's upcoming Hokuto No Ken Abridged Movie.
  • The guy who got the Groin Grenade/Crotch Kamikaze was intended to be cameoed by the creator of Kikaider The Abridged Series but thought the lines were lame.
  • Jack's line about getting shot up references how in the manga he only takes several bullets but in the anime he is shot dozens of times.
  • The manga scan of Jun(the biker babe) with huge buns was Paintshopped by Chiissu to be more large and meant as a jab at Go Nagai chicks being bootylicious.
  • The "Bad Parenting Attack" was reused in Apocalypse Zero Abridged OVA 1 when the Dad hits his currently male son.
  • The line "Captain Buttwipes" is a reference to the 2nd ova where in the UK Dub Jack calls Mad Saulus Captian Buttwipe on two separate occasions and to make up for forgetting to add it in the previous OVA.
  • The lines about Jack fighting Sumo wrestlers, Demons, Samurai and another Biker Gang is a reference to later unanimated chapters of the Violence Jack manga.