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The 2nd OVA of Violence Jack Abridged by Chiissu.



Chiissu writes/records/edits all at the same time in sequence bit by bit until the whole thing is done (which took 1.6 months). It was done without script writing and a few jokes were planned out before hand so it was written pretty much on the fly. It was edited on Windows Movie Maker and was recorded on a laptop microphone. Prezsama's and Bliss's lines were recorded in Chiissu's voice first and later replaced by the voice actors rerecording them for the final edit so Chiissu would be able to set up the rest of the editing and footage and have them do the lines after most of the editing and "writing" was done.


  • Ocean Dub DBZ episode title theme
  • Diggin' (original song by Chiissu)
  • Wackety Sax: Benny Hill Show
  • Cell Transforms: DBZ Funimation OST
  • Ginyu Transformation: DBZ Funimation OST


to be filled in...


  • Kawamori's voice is based off of Tony Oliver's Lupin III voice as Chiissu wanted to use that voice as one of the characters for a while.
  • The crunch used through many scenes was actually Chiissu crunching a Ketchup rice crisp at the webcam mic.
  • Many of the references to Blue's "footlong" are real and based on the Violence Jack manga where (s)he has a macrophallus.
  • Chiissu took a long time getting the Violence Jack voice right by listening to the Manga UK dub.
  • The line "m'Droogs" was from "A Clockwork Orange".
  • Chiissu narrated some points (such as the kids getting shanked) so as to avoid coming up with voices for some of the minor characters.
  • Mad Saulus's line "heres something i learned from a violent anime" is taken from Devilman Abridged OVA 1 which was added in the "good version". It refers to Hokuto No Ken which is similar to Violence Jack in plot and setting.
  • Blue's line about her "alternate universe self" General Blue is a reference to the Dragon Ball character who also has Blonde hair Blue eyes, light skin and a large phallus.
    • The "Big Green Dub Reference" is a jab at the uk dub of dbz with really bad acting. It wasn't originaly meant to be in the episode but Chiissu added it after Prezsama sent in a really badly done line (the one in the episode) which Chiissu thought was too funny to keep out and worked it in.
  • Chiissu is set to play General Blue in the future video of Narutardted.
  • The Benny Hill music to sped up brutal killings is a reference to Hbi2k who said that you can put anything sped up to that music and its funny.
  • Prezsama was originaly against the line where Mad Saulus said he "took the bone out of the arm, put her footlong in there and added guts at toppings for a Bluedog" since he thought it would be too wrong.
  • Chiissu was thinking of using a super saiyan dbzost for Mad Saulus Transforming but went with Cell Transforming. Chiissu has said it works better since Mad Saulus Transformed by joining with another being (like cell) as opposed to using ones own power (like super saiyans)
  • Chiissu got the idea of using Ginyu Transformation for the final fight after hearing the DBZ OST outro in the light hawk force's Tenchi Muyo TAS.