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An abridging of the 3 OVA of Violence Jack in order of Japanese release. It is done by Chiissu and is slightly similar to Devilman Abridged as Violence Jack is a sequal to Devilman in the manga.

Violence Jack Abridged
Violence Jack TAS Title
Created by Chiissu
Run August 23 2009-December 20 2009
Episodes 3


The humor is often poking fun at the bad plot while making references to other media(such as Riki-oh). There is no profanity in this (or any of Chiissu's series). There are often references to the original manga with comic intentions. There are also some analogies on society and youtube at times.


Music is hardly used in the first episode but in the second more music is used (even an original song by Chiissu). The music often fits the mood for comic effect(such as the adult film sounding track of Hokuto no Ken ost for the yuri scene) or fits the characters(such as the Cell transformation music from the dbz funimation ost for Mad Saulus turning into a freak for OVA 2). By the 3rd episode, Chiissu was using a large amount of music, mostly from the Hokuto No Ken OST's, as filler for parts without dialouge.


Chiissu uses windows movie maker and records on a laptop microphone. The editing is often looping a scene so it looks like the person talking is talking for longer than the original scene. Also there are times where the clips speed is increased to fit the 10-ish minute youtube limit and to fit the diagouge better or decreased to fit the dialouge length. At times there are anime girls paintshopped to be plus sized(often used to act as a "substitute image" for scenes not allowed on youtube (nudity) or for time saving).


Chiissu does all the voices in the first OVA and does not use any voice changing programs as Chiissu wants to be able to do all the voices in real life. In OVA 2, PrezSama (one of Chiissu's yugioh buddies) guest voices Mad Saulus and his futanari(femaleman) love interest Blue and Chiissu's high schoolfriend Bliss played Aila Mu. For the 3rd OVA, Prezsama returned to voice the sexy sensei Keiko and a classroom boy that talks about making love in an expanded South Park line. The voices are often based on other voices (such as Harem Bomber sounding like Souther/Ultra Magnus) but others are based on their real dub voice from the Manga UK dub. The voice used for Rose is originally the voice Chiissu wanted for Blue but after Prezsama volenteered to be Blue, Chiissu used the Blue voice(sexy lesbian) for Rose.