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Specializes In:

Voice Acting, Script Writing, Video Editing, Ranting, and music.

Years Active As Abridger:

2007 - 2012.

Years Active As Parody Artist Only:

2012 - Present.


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VegetaSasuke0 (not to be confused with Vegeta3986) also known as simply "VS0" is a former abridger, parody artist, voice actor, AMV maker, commentator, & interviewer who was known for such projects such as Gantz Sagas, Saiyuki Reload/Gunlock The Abridged Series, School Days The Abridged Series, & Dance In The Vampire Bund The Abridged Series. He is known as being one of the first generation abridgers, but simply did not get the praise, as he was overshadowed by many others at the time. His exit from the abridged series came when he & his friend HN5353 made a bunch of videos that detailed the decaying status of the community, which many considered "petty" rant videos, causing an uproar & hate from the community, ousting him from the community. He currently considers himself as a parody artist, voice actor, & abridged historian, as he hasn't done much commentating, AMV making or interviewing in recent years.


VegetaSasuke0 started as a member of the abridged community in 2007 simply by being a fan of some of the first abridged series' (the earliest remaining active online record is November 26th, 2008, though it is not entirely accurate to his start date). His early influences sited were Gozar, LittleKuriboh, Whiteash (FroLegend), Hbi2k, & Borinyukami . Starting out, he began editing his projects on a Compaq laptop with a bad built in microphone & Windows Movie Maker like most abridgers at the time did, shortly after he began dealing with copyright claims over his own parodies, one that was most known as DBZAR, thus losing his original account known as RockLee5000, then again as RockLee5001 & RockLee5002, then going through the process of other different accounts before finally settling upon his current username on January 25th, 2009. When creating the VegetaSasuke0 account, he settled upon a Saiyuki Reload & Gunlock abridged series since Whiteash (FroLegend) had vanished from youtube & there was no other Saiyuki Reload abridged series, this series spanned for three episodes, & while that series wasn't a very good fit for him. In 2009, VegetaSasuke0 decided to branch out & meet some of the abridgers that he admired, seeking out TwilightWolf183, FlameAlchemist35, Chromegloss55, the late EdricODoom, MidnightDevont, Semisoma1, & even Nowacking, that is how he met IAmKitsumi & SoulReaperHikuru, through various friends.

He then decided to open another side channel under the title of "AnimeParodiesInc" which was going to be for parodies & abridged series' that did not fit his main channel or any of his backup accounts. By 2010 he decided on doing a parody series, using a term called "Sagas", & started abridging School Days with girlfriend at the time, Kikyo228. He decided on putting his School Days abridged on the AnimeParodiesInc channel because he had felt that the channel needed some content, due to his lack of production on any of his one shot parodies, that series somehow became quite a hit with fans. Later on VegetaSasuke0 decided to get into contact with GrimReaperSakura, & do a Dance In The Vampire Bund Abridged, with Kikyo228 voicing one of the characters. By the first half of 2011, with six episodes spanning School Days TAS, Kikyo228 decided to go separate with VegetaSasuke0, forcing VegetaSasuke0 to cancel his series, as well as almost cancel his Dance In The Vampire Bund series, though fortunate enough to find a replacement for Kikyo228, the series lasted two more episodes before VegetaSasuke0 decided to leave the community out of fear of abridging being "dead". When he left the abridged community, he was deemed as "the abridging anti-christ" by himself, as well as other members of the abridged community. Though despite all of this drama, VegetaSasuke0 met a few friends from his drama, one being a young up in coming abridger by the username of Zerosigner, who at the time was a very big fan of his work, & wanted to be a School Days Abridger much like him, another would be UnforgivenRonin, who agreed with what VegetaSasuke0 had to say. Though with much gains, comes some losses as GrimReaperSakura refused to work with him from that point forward out of fear that her projects, as well as herself would be attacked for being aligned with him, although VegetaSasuke0 mentioned that she had an attitude issue, along with that she was a creative control freak & he was glad to move on from working with her because of those issues, but stated that if she worked on those issues, that he would be interested with getting into contact with her again in the future, simply put "The ball is in her court".

On December 18th, 2017, after a conversation about Star Wars, LittleKuriboh brought up his hatred for The Sagas Council (yet not denying that he stole the term of "abridging is Dead" for his episode of Ninjabridge), lashing out at VegetaSasuke0, blocking him in the process despite VS0 giving his apology, making LittleKuriboh the 2nd member of Team Four Star to block him (3rd member if you consider Nowacking a member now). LittleKuriboh would hide behind the blocking by claiming it was justified, simply for the accusation that he was defending his friends "Team Four Star" (despite only one member prior had blocked VegetaSasuke0, which was KaiserNeko at the time).

In December 2022, VegetaSasuske0 & UnforgivenRonin co-created "Animassacre Entertainment" with the intent on parodying Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. VegetaSasuke0 stated that the group was a group of "abridged idiots", as they felt they were abridged outcasts who felt like they were their own breed of content creators. VegetaSasuke0 came up with the name, taking inspiration of "Manga Entertainment", as well as "Cinemassacre".

As of this writing, the only thing that VegetaSasuke0 works on now is an occasional episode of Gantz Sagas, as well as the revival of his School Days Abridged (which is close to being completed), but he is thinking about getting back into making more videos after his long hiatus from the parody scene. He has stated that he wanted to do something different with his channel, something like top 10 videos, or reviews, but he has yet to get too deep into either of those projects because he has a busy schedule. Though despite his "retirement" at the time, VegetaSasuke0 never stopped watching abridged series', & still enjoys some despite his responses to the community.

VegetaSasuke0 has various backup channels, with every backup he adds a zero to his name, the backups are VegetaSasuke00, VegetaSasuke000, & TheVegetasasuke0. Much like Zeromaster, VegetaSasuke0 also has separate channels for his own projects, such as VS0Dubs, VS0Commentaries, sv0amv, & amvsvs0. His twitter handle is @vegetasasuke0, in case you want to see his ramblings. He also had a Voice Acting Alliance page in case you wanted to contact him for scouting (VAA has been officially retired, but he now has a Casting Call Club page).

Twitter Blockings[]

VegetaSasuke0 has a history of being what some consider "ignorant" on Twitter, so due to this he has gained quite a list of Abridgers who have blocked him, the list is as follows:

Abridger Affiliation Reason for blocking Block Date
LittleKuriboh TeamFourStar During a discussion about Star Wars (Mon Mothma specifically), LittleKuriboh demanded an apology for the "Abridging is Dead video" Dec 18th, 2017
KaiserNeko TeamFourStar Accused TeamFourStar of stealing jokes from Gozar, as well as overusing jokes that were being ran into the ground. Nov 3rd, 2016
Takahata101 TeamFourStar Called Takahata101 out for his bitter behavior towards wrestling fans, as well as his inability to back up his arguments, all while he clout chases. Apr 28th, 2024
Krosecz TeamFourStar Stating that TeamFourStar members have few online personalities, siting politics as one of the only things TeamFourStar members tend to do. May 4th, 2024
1KidsEntertainment Elite3 Stated that 1KidsEntertainment wasn't funny, as well as mentioning that Edric0Doom had cut contact with him. Sep 14th, 2013
Nowacking TeamFourStar/Elite3 Stated that 1KidsEntertainment wasn't funny. 2012
GrimReaperSakura No major affiliation GrimReaperSakura no longer wanted to be associated over the "Abridging is Dead" video. 2012
MsDBZbabe No major affiliation Mentioned that EdricODoom cut contact with her. Sep 13th, 2013
PikaCheeks No major affiliation Accusations were made of plagiarism over Rurouni Kenshin The Anti-Dub although the series was scripted to episode 10 before PikaCheeks' episode 1 of Rurouni Kenshin Abridged was even made public. Dec 20th, 2023


For a short period in 2009 to 2010, VegetaSasuke0 had done interviews with various abridgers in the community. These abridgers were TwilightWolf183, Midnight Devont, Chromegloss55, Nowacking, HokageTitan, Borinyukami, Acearius, & MegaLagann. Most of these interviews were hosted on the original channel for The Sagas Council, but since the channel was suspended, the interviews with HokageTitan, Nowacking, Acearius & MegaLagann were lost. One of the most noticeable moments from his interview series was actually an off the record conversation with Nowacking, where she explained in detail about her relationship at the time with Semisoma1 (aka TheAzureCrow), explaining that she "Did everything but sex" with him, which responded with VS0's longtime friend & fellow Sagas Council member HN5353 bluntly reacting with "So you sucked him off but he got pissed off because you wouldn't f**k him", in which she responded with a simple "Yes".

Prank Calls[]

Around the same time as his interviewing, VegetaSasuke0 had done a fair share of prank calls, pioneering prank calls for the abridged community with guest appearances from different abridgers & parody artists. Guest appearances include TwilightWolf183, FlameAlchemist35, Acearius, HN5353, Kikyo228, EdricODoom, Chromegloss55, & HokageTitan. He later opened up a separate channel for his prank calls called simply VS0Pranks.

The Sagas Council[]

In 2009, VegetaSasuke0 auditioned for HN5353's next big parody series known as "Dragon Ball GT Sagas", although it never became of anything, it did pave the way for future projects with the term "Sagas". Some time around 2010, VegetaSasuke0 started a group for the parody term known as "Sagas" with a group of people (one being HN5353), though at this time the only three remaining are himself, HN5353, & SoulReaperHikuru. The Sagas Council was going to include various other projects (like possibly Let's Plays, commentaries, as well as interviews), but instead resulted into nothing but ranting, despite the various other "Sagas" projects that they had going for them. Every so often they do a video or two, but the fanbase has since died out. The rant videos had started in late 2011, or early 2012 with a video called "We Hate The State Of The Abridged Community" which explained why the group hated what was going on, smaller abridgers being harder to find because of them being filtered out by the top abridgers like members of Team Four Star, as well as people like Nowacking & 1KidsEntertainment. When the video "Abridging Is Dead" came out, it resulted in the entire community turning their backs on the group, mostly because of some jokes that were taken a bit too serious, & more or less taken on as a rant. After the "Abridging Is Dead" video, The Sagas Council decided to continue with what the community thought they were already doing, & do more ranting. VegetaSasuke0 & HN5353 have gone as far as to dedicate multiple channels, as well as multiple series' to ranting, such as their famous "Alphabet Soup With The Sagas Council", which was them pulling names from a hat in order to figure out who to rant about next.

Due to The Sagas Council, VegetaSasuke0 has garnered a lot of hate over the years. Noticeable hate is by 1KidsEntertainment, who hates VegetaSasuke0 his quote for his Pokemon abridged, stating that 1kids' humor "Sucks balls". Another noticeable moment between VegetaSasuke0 & 1KidsEntertainment was an exchange over twitter when VegetaSasuke0's close friend EdricODoom passed away, VegetaSasuke0 called 1Kids out for trying to "profit" over Edric's passing. Another person with a long history of hating on The Sagas Council is TsubasaNoAMVPro, who even went out of his way to dedicate a video to them, calling them his "biggest fans". Rumor has it that Skoringo Mr.Skoringo was behind the suspension of the original Sagas Council youtube channel. Violetishot (aka VioletStar/TheFallenStar143) who happened to be TwilightWolf's girlfriend at the time, was noted once for stating that she would "Blow VegetaSasuke0 away with a shotgun" if she had the chance. The Sagas Council have received such bad reputation that they even have an Encyclopedia Dramatica page, archiving their rise & fall. The Sagas Council also have a website for their history of videos.

On January 16th, 2017 VegetaSasuke0 returned to making discussion/rant videos with a video spoofing Donald Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again!", & replacing it with term "Make Abridging Great Again!", though the matters at hand are very serious, it is very different than the typical rant video, replaced with less of a raging tone, & more of an adult look on the matters at hand. He sent the video to ProfKranc (who does his own type of podcast where he & fellow abridged community members discuss the state of abridging), he mentioned how he was glad that someone else brought up the matter & that it needed to be made, stating that there are a lot of things in it that people need to hear.


On November 12th 2009, VegetaSasuke0 opened up another channel called "AnimeParodiesInc", based on inspiration from an old account that had been opened by his friend HN5353 a very long time ago. This channel would be where both of them would post a bunch of Dragon Ball Z parodies, as well as VegetaSasuke0's School Days Abridged, because it didn't seam to fit on his own channel at the time, along with the fact that he didn't want it to be overshadowed by any of the other content that he had on his personal channel at the time.

This channel was also going to be the home of one of his other projects, a Beck Mongolian Chop Squad Abridged Series that was due for release sometime in 2011, which was in the editing stage before the footage & lines were lost, though the script still remains in some form. VegetaSasuke0 has stated that he would also be interested at continuing this series at some point as well, but seems highly unlikely.

Comedic Style[]

VegetaSasuke0, as well as the rest of The Sagas Council have a specific style that doesn't seam to be replicated very often. Their style feels at first like Family Guy in the sense of random references, along with a lot of jump cuts. They also tend to use a lot of black humor, noticeable moments include cropping black faces onto characters, along with cropping Katt Williams or James Brown into some of their scenes. They used to compare their style to Kevin Smith with "penis & fart" jokes, but have since been trying to evolve past that. A lot of viewers tend to find VegetaSasuke0, as well as the rest of The Sagas Council to have a very racial form of humor, which is very much frowned upon, yet they claim to make their videos for themselves & friends, so they refuse to care about what people tend to think.


VegetaSasuke0's philosophy has gotten him into quite a bit of trouble over the years. He believes that all communities in some way are out for themselves, while still being willing to help each other in some cases, the belief is to watch out for yourself, use what you know to get yourself to the # 1 spot in whatever community you are part of. Being part of a community is considered very stressful (as he stated). He credits the pressure of the abridged fanbase variety for one of the reasons of his departure for years, as it caused emotional trauma to him, as well as his peers.


VegetaSasuke0 edits with Sony Vegas Pro (now known as MAGIX Vegas Pro), records with Audacity & Adobe Audition. On occasion he will also use things like Adobe Premiere. He started using Vegas 8, then would switch his version every 2 releases, but since the release of Vegas 13, he always claimed to enjoy using 10 because it actually crashes less for him than 13. He currently uses Vegas 19 in an attempt at using GPU encoding since it prioritizes speed, which everyone could surely benefit from, & has started to take a liking to Openshot. He rips & converts his video footage using Format Factory (mainly because of lack of finding other good converting programs that are either free or are able to do what he needs), but on occasion he will use such programs such as AoA DVD Ripper, or Handbrake. He records using a Blue Yeti Microphone, though his environment is not the best for recording, he hopes that one day he will have a room or a home studio set up for both his music & recording purposes.

During the creation of his original parodies, VegetaSasuke0 used Windows Movie Maker much like any other starting out abridger, though he believed that all abridgers at the time recorded while watching a mute clip of the footage, in which doing so himself until he found a better method of doing things. One of the most noted things about VegetaSasuke0's editing style is his use of sound effects, one being the "woosh" sound, it is a staple of his that he uses throughout almost all of his projects & feels that it just fits his style & adds a comedic effect to it.

In 2011, VegetaSasuke0 took to Twitter to give fellow abridged editor KaiserNeko advice on how to convert MKV to AVI files due to Kaiser's lack of research.

Projects & Appearances[]

Main Solo Projects[]

  • Dance In The Vampire Bund The Abridged Series - Script Writer, Editor, Akira Kaburagi, floating Terry Crews' Head (Episode 3), & Alphonse Medici Borgiani.
  • Saiyuki Reload/Gunlock The Abridged Series - Script Writer, Editor, Genjyo Sanzo, Sha Gojyo, Cho Hakkai, Son Goku, Suika, Lirin, Dokugakuji, generic filler girls (Episode 1), & generic filler male (Episode 2, Part 1).
  • Yu Yu Hakusho Abridged One Shot - Script Writer, Editor, Yusuke Urameshi, Botan, Keiko Yukimura, Kazuma Kuwabara, Atsuko Urameshi (Yusuke's mother), & Unnamed Paramedics.
  • VegetaSasuke0 Interview Series - Himself.
  • VegetaSasuke0 Prank Calls Series - Himself.

Projects By The Sagas Council[]

Active Projects by The Sagas Council[]

  • Gantz Sagas - Script Writer, Script Supervisor, Editor, Masaru Kato, Kei Kishimoto [episodes 5 - 6], Joichiro Nishi, Masanobu Hojo, Tetsuo Nemoto, Sei Sakuraoka, Kato's Brother, Male Teacher, Goro Suzuki (Old Man) [episode 2], Bookstore Owner, The Dicks Alien (Green Alien), & Gantz Ball.

Discontinued/Hiatus'd Projects by The Sagas Council[]

  • DBZAR (Early Dragon Ball Z Parody By The Sagas Council) - Chi-Chi, Master Roshi, Gohan, Vegeta, & Yamcha.
  • Rurouni Kenshin Sagas - Sanosuke Sagara, Makoto Shishio, Goten (Cameo), & Script Writer.
  • Samurai X Sagas - Script Writer, Editor.
  • Inuyasha Sagas - Script Writer, Editor, Himself, Miroku, Koga, Seshomaru, Naraku, & Byakuya.
  • Samurai Deeper Kyo Sagas - Demon Eyes Kyo, Yukimora Sanada, Toro Satsui, Script Writer, & Editor.
  • Gurren Lagann Sagas - Script Writer, Editor, Simon The Digger, Viral, & extra's.
  • Naruto Sagas - Script Writer, Editor, Sasuke Uchiha, Rock Lee, Orochimaru, Shikamaru Nara, Kankuro, Kakashi Hatake, Itachi Uchiha, Might Guy, Sakon, Kidomaru, Baki, Gamatatsu, Hayatte Geko & Genma (both third exam prompters), Ebisu, Zaku, Dosu, Oboro, & Sai.
  • Chuuni Sagas - Script Writer, Editor.
  • Dragon Ball GT Sagas - Script Supervisor.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Cell Sagas - Script Writer.
  • Pokemon Johto Sagas - Extra's.
  • The Sagas Council Rants - Himself.

Projects By AnimeParodiesInc[]

Active AnimeParodiesInc Projects[]

AnimeParodiesInc One-Shots[]

  • Dragon Ball Z Parody: Vegeta Hates The State Of The Abridged Community - Editor.
  • Dragon Ball Z Parody: Nappa Spanks - Vegeta, Script Writer, Editor.
  • Dragon Ball Z Parody: Pimp Vegeta, Pimp Of All Saiyans - Script Supervisor, & Editor.
  • Dragon Ball Z Parody: Vegeta & Nappa Discuss Dragon Ball Super - Vegeta, Script Supervisor, & Editor.
  • Dragon Ball Z Parody: Happy Birthday Vegeta (Remaster) - Editor.
  • Ben 10 Parody - Secondary Editor.

AnimeParodiesInc Projects on Hiatus/Limbo[]

  • Code Gayass: Ballsack Of The Rebellion - Script Writer, Editor.
  • Rurouni Kenshin The Anti-Dub - Script Writer, Editor.
  • Beck Mongolian Chop Squad The Abridged Series - Script Writer, Editor, Tanabe, Ryusuke "Ray" Minami.
  • Higurashi High: When They Cry - Script Writer, & Editor.

Projects by Animassacre Entertainment[]

Active Animassacre Entertainment Projects[]

  • Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie Parody - Ken Masters, M. Bison, & Fei Long.
  • Rurouni Kenshin - The Anti-Dub - Co-Writer, Editor, Kenshin Himura, Gohei Hiruma, Nishiwaki, & Extras.

Discontinued/Hiatus'd Animassacre Entertainment Projects[]

Other Appearances[]

Reccuring Roles[]

Discontinued Projects[]

Friends & Acquaintances[]

Despite his actions, VegetaSasuke0 has quite a few friends & acquaintances whether they are a part of the Abridged Community or not. The public list is as follows.


Former Friends[]

IAmKitsumi tried taking control of the "Sagas" branding when it was not his to control, going as far as to take control of the Naruto Sagas original YouTube channel, but VegetaSasuke0 regained control of the account, deleting it in the process so neither of them could have the account. Effectively ending their working relationship, as well as their friendship.

Zerosigner (aka NovaZero) was considered VegetaSasuke0's protege for a short period of time, willing to hand over the reigns of being the top School Days abridger. Unfortunately Zerosigner turned his back on VegetaSasuke0 due to backlash from the abridged community over the "Abridging is Dead" video in 2012. Years later they would reconcile, but accusations of Zerosigner's alleged grooming/pedophilia caused VegetaSasuke0 to terminate association.

Kikyo228 is the ex-girlfriend of VegetaSasuke0. The two created School Days Abridged together, but the breakup caused the series to go into limbo for many years. The two are not on speaking terms.

  • Nitemaric

Nitemaric was someone that was like a brother to VegetaSasuke0, but made up lies about him, to which VegetaSasuke0 wants nothing to do with Nitemaric.

HokageTitan was a voice actor that VegetaSasuke0 really admired, but simply lost contact with. Allegations of grooming were brought up which makes VegetaSasuke0 not want to have any association with.



Here is a noted list of enemies that VegetaSasuke0 has made from 2012 onward (mostly due to the video "Abridging Is Dead"). This list is set up as people who hate him, not people who he hates.


  • VegetaSasuke0 has expressed a distaste for Canada & it's people, yet he has close friends that are from canadian origin (in most cases using a "hate" for Canada as a joke among his friends while not truly hating Canada).
  • Is left handed.
  • Like most people, VegetaSasuke0 edits with Vegas Pro (he has stated he hates anything past 10 due to having a lot of crashing issues, in which he claims that 11 - 13 tend to crash more than Windows Movie Maker, but due to incompatibility of the newer Windows operating systems he is forced to edit with 13 onwards), & records with Audacity & Adobe Audition.
  • His first video that was edited in Sony Vegas 8 was his Rurouni Kenshin - I Don't Wanna Stop AMV.
  • VegetaSasuke0 takes pride in his current editing skill, stating that "It is an improvement from the point where the lip flaps wouldn't match up, it was so bad".
  • He is not a fan of Adobe Premiere or Adobe After Effects (doesn't mind Photoshop but refuses to properly use it).
  • He draws occasionally, but doesn't think about making it a profession, however he does have a DeviantArt account which he sparingly uses.
  • He records with a Blue Yeti, previously he switched between recording with a laptop microphone & a headset microphone, though due to his house having lack of noise cancellation it doesn't sound very different.
  • People call him "the abridging anti-christ", the "Eric Bischoff of abridging", & the "Jar Jar Binks of abridging", yet he sees himself more as "the George Lucas" of abridging, claiming that he is hated for doing something that needed to be done, along with creating something different in the community & that people should appreciate it, but he loves joking about these nicknames & embraces them to spite those who do call him by them.
  • He does not have any real hatred for abridging, he hated the condition of the abridged community back in 2012 & only wishes to help restore balance.
  • When not doing parodies, VegetaSasuke0 works on his music projects, as well as his gaming as he is a very big fan of first person shooters (like Killing Floor 1/2, & Payday 2, Dirty Bomb), the Donkey Kong Country games, & Super Smash Brothers Melee, Brawl, & Sm4sh (he is aiming to be a future competitive Smash player but unlikely to ever happen). He also is a big fan of Resident Evil, but despite a lot of hate on Resident Evil 6, he is a very big supporter of the game, claiming it to be one of his favorite games in the series.
  • VegetaSasuke0's favorite movie genre is horror.
  • Loves listening to occasional creepy pastas in his spare time.
  • He enjoys wrestling, with some of his favorite wrestlers being AJ Styles, Sting, Chris Benoit, Edge, Chris Jericho, Drew Galloway (McIntire), Kane, Jeff Hardy, & James Storm.
  • VegetaSasuke0's favorite genre of anime is horror as well, one of his favorite anime being Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni: When They Cry, while another being the classic anime Dragon Ball Z, hence his username.
  • His abridging influences varies from people such as Borinyukami , Chromegloss55, EdricODoom, ManicWednesdayVA, TwilightWolf183, FlameAlchemist35, Acearius, Midnight Devont, Gozar, LittleKuriboh, Whiteash (FroLegend), Hbi2k, TeamDattebayo, Semisoma1 (TheAzureCrow), FullMetalChao, WeeklyTubeShow, The LightHawk Force (RABToons), ChimeraYuri, SamTheGreek, & Lanipator.
  • Asides from the normal abridging influence, VegetaSasuke0 has gone out of his way to state that his comedic influences include Chris Rock, Katt Williams, Redd Foxx, Cheech & Chong, Kevin Smith, Mike Myers, Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) of The Evil Dead franchise, Trevor Moore, The Cinema Snob (Brad Jones), MakeMeBad35, Shane Dawson (mostly for his earlier work), & Count Jackula.
  • Some of his abridging voice acting influences varies, his female voice acting influences ranges from Midnight Devont, xbubblemunkyx , Nowacking, & AngelElric.
  • VegetaSasuke0's Username is not in reference to Vegeta3986, who abridges Naruto (though it can be understood as to why people would think such is a reference).
  • Avoids drinking alcohol, doing drugs, & eating candy (despite what most people believe).
  • His favorite holiday is Halloween.
  • He is very proud of the font collection he has acquired over the years.