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"Vampire Knight The Abridged Series" is another creation in the Crazyboutcena54 Empire. The co-producer (or the Vice President of Production) is Crazy's good friend, Firephoenix00. The series first aired in May 2009 after two months of decision making, script writing, and a week of voice actor auditions. Crazy acknowledged the fact that there was already a sucessful Vampire Knight Abridged, so little advertisement was put into this effort.  As of October 30, 2009, there have been 6 episodes produced and one deleted scene.

On October 2nd, 2010, Crazyboutcena54's Vampire Knight Abridged was removed from YouTube due to copyright grounds with the original licensor. Therefore, she resolved to a website: http://vampireknightabridged.webs.com/, to upload Vampire Knight Abridged episodes. All the episodes (except the deleated scene) that were made so far are uploaded through Veoh (with the exception of the first episode, which was uploaded through flowplayer).

Common Themes[]

Crazy uses a few common themes in her jokes to emphasize the fact that Humans are idiots, and Vampire are either 100% straight, or 100% homosexual. She commonly makes fun of the Twilight fandom and reflects the crazed fangirls into the main character. Yuuki Cross; who constantly calls Zero Kiryuu "Edward" and sometimes refferes to Kaname as "Emmett". She also plays along with Aidou Hanabusa as been a full blown Homosexual who has feelings for Zero and has a vendetta out for Yuuki. She protrays some of the other male vampires as being "closet" homosexuals, especially Shiki Senri and Kaname Kuran. 


  • Aizuaka Zero Kiryu
  • gdechert007 -- Kaname Kuran, Kain Akatsuki
  • crazyboutcena54 -- Yuki Cross, Shizuka Hio, Maria Kurenai
  • sonicring123 Aidou Hanabusa, Ichiru Kiryu, Ichio Asato, Yagari Toga, Toya Rima, Shiki Senri
  • Mustbedreaming06 -- Ichijou Takuma
  • Skyline7073 -- Shiki Senri (Episodes 1 and 2)
  • Tabloidshipping -- Headmaster Cross   (Episodes 1 and 2)
  • Firephoenix00 -- Souen Ruka, Headmaster Cross


Produced in Windows Movie Maker.  Logo made in photoshop.


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