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UTAS (Utena the Abridged Series) was Whip0fAlchemy's adaption of 少女革命ウテナ (Shōjo Kakumei Utena) or "Revolutionary Girl Utena." Megami33 was his co-writer. Together, they wrote episodes 1-8 (combining episodes and skipping episode 7 of the series). The series was a bit on the mature side, due to the nature of the anime and the lack of censorship on language. It features voices of Whip0fAlchemy himself (as Anthy and Tsuwabuki) and his friends Megami33 (as Utena, Chuchu, and Miki), Krisrix (as Saionji and Juri), GerbilsMayCry & her sister (as Nanami and Keiko), KaiserNeko (as Touga), Takahata101 (as Dios), and his fiance LordQuadros as various characters.

The series was centered around Utena's development in what seemed like to be a magical world full of confusion. Because of episodes that were abridged, there was a lot of focus on Nanami. Various TV Tropes , as well as Whip0fAlchemy's interpretation were used to abridge the actual show.

The show as well as Whip0fAlchemy's channel, unfortunately, was removed due to YouTube's usual failure to recognize Fair Use Parody Act, even though he constantly claimed he did not own the series, purchased it legally, and advertised the official release on DVD.

Unfortunately, the abridgement of this show has come to an end, due to Youtube's guidelines, even though Whip0fAlchemy has a new account. He stated in a video before his account was taken down, that he had "Much planned for the series." Whip0fAlchemy continues to voice act in various parody shows today.